CVS2 Chun Combo Question- links and cancels off of legs


I’ve seen videos where someone will do a jump in, lk legs, and then a poke after. um how is this done? ive tried lk legs then low lp and it doesn’t work for me.

also, I’ve seen straight up super off of legs. is this even possible outside of eo?


I think its RC HK Legs that links into super. Don’t quote me on that though.

As for straight off super off the legs, impossible without EO.


It must be done with HK Legs. HK Legs gives enough frame advantage to link normals afterwards. Most common is c.LP, c.MP xx Super or cl.HP xx Super.

The HK Legs must be done without mashing for more hits (minimum hits only). Whether or not the legs are RC does not affect the combo.

From a successful jump-in, you should be using c.LPx2, c.MP xx Super anyway.

There are two reasons why HK Legs are used:
-RC HK Legs is safe and very dangerous at close range. If it hits, you could hit confirm into c.LP, c.MP xx Super.
-If you attack during a small jump, you have a lengthy recovery upon landing which can only be canceled with a special or super. Unfortunately, both of Chun Li’s supers are too slow to combo directly from a small jump LK. However, HK Legs comes out quick enough and leads a super if you can pull it off. The complete combo is: small jump j.LK, land xx HK Legs, c.LP, c.MP xx Super.


Thanks. I saw blanka’s rc input. So for chun it would be piano fierce, med, light kick, roll, fierce kick correct?

I guess I can get some use outta the stuck for this game after all. Picking it up isn’t really very difficult, it’s mostly a poke-y mind-games type of game. I find certain characters a little difficult-Chun is one of those, with the Shotos and non a-groove bison being the easiest.
But she’s soooo beastly in this XD. Too bad she’s got some nerfed 3s normals though.
For a “challenge” I can try it on pad.


I’m pretty sure if you start with heavy kick, it will be too slow to make the window needed for five inputs (it is for Blanka’s RC electricity, anyway). So either do light to heavy, roll, heavy, or use a standing jab or something to buffer as a buffer and do heavy to light, roll, heavy.


I agree. Also, it’s very hard to go HK, MK, LK, LP+LK, HK. Hitting the same button twice consecutively makes it nearly impossible to pull off. I would recommend learning: LK, MK, HK, LP+LK, HK. Because of your finger positions, it will feel very awkward on your fingers, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. I’d even recommend learning RC Electricity or RC Hands before learning RC Legs, just so you understand the motion and timing, and commit it to muscle memory before learning the awkward difficult Kick version.

Chun-Li is pretty damn good in this game. She has some aspects that make her a beginner-friendly character and other aspects with a very high degree of difficulty like RC Legs into super and Small Jump into Legs into Super.