CvS2: Chun Li everything



CvS2: Chunli Everything!

Lets keep this thread going as long as possible with all the Chunli strats and combos!


It’s a bit old, but better than nothing.



how about a discussion on character specific anti-airs? we already know that crouching strong can take out sagat. who else does this work with? what do you use to counter other characters?



c.Jab, s.Fierce (close), Fierce Kikoken

c.Jab x2, c.Strong (link) XX Rush super

c.Jab, s.Strong works as well into super or Fierce Kikoken. I normally use that as a poke combo though.

Cross up = j.Short
Air-to-Air = j.Forward

I prefer Chun in a groove where she can have a lvl 3 handy (C, N, P), she can becomes a greater threat (not that she never was ^_^)

Gandido, told you, shit didn’t go to waste meign.


OK, people are already getting this thread back together. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

I’m going to do a small run-through about most (or maybe all?) of Chun’s anti-air options, because she has quite an arsenal.

Crouching roundhouse is your main anti-air. It beats a lot of shit in the game flat out, and if you trade, you still get the knockdown, which is always a big plus. And remember, you can cancel it out to a Kikoshou, which is another anti-air by itself. Also, if anyone can test this, can Chun-Li activate her CC after a traded crouching roundhouse anti air? If it works, it could really alter my whole game plan.

Crouching strong and crouching forward work as anti-airs because of something called tripguard. Basically, if someone throws an attack that either Chun’s animation goes under it in the air, or they threw it too early in the air, tripguard is thus disabled (tripguard is always in effect in a jump to avoid getting sweeped when you come down. Attacking disables it). Use crouching forward when the attack is too far and when you don’t have meter. Use crouching strong when you have meter and when the attack is closer. Also, crouching strong is a GREAT normal. I use it a whole lot more than standing strong. Integrate it into your game, and you will see why.

Standing strong should be used to stuff low jumps while their animation is starting, and when their attack is a high-hitter. Standing forward should be used at a closer distance and when the attack aims lower.

If you are far away, and you predict a low jump, try using her towards + forward, which has decent priority. If it whiffs, remember that if you DID hit it, it links into a crouching strong, so it cancels out pretty quick.

Also from afar, you have another list for options. If the guy you are playing with is the type that loves to do jump in with nothing, then throw, your best bet is to out-throw him with Chun-Li’s airthrow. If you predict the jump, run/dash under them, and do standing roundhouse. Since you can superjump cancel it, you can set a mindgame right after, since you can do:
a) early/late headstomp. Timing of your choice determines the side you land
b) double fierce. Early landing for them, setting distance for footsies.
c) 2-hit air roundhouse. Send them straight up, keep them guessing.
d) (Character dependent) jump and do nothing (jumping towards them obviously). It lets you land right next to them for a throw, and on some smaller characters, it sets you up for a crossup afterwards.

Those are all of the anti-airs that Chun-Li has that I use mainly. I’ll think about some other stuff later.



Some quick notes I thought should be important to post:

When you do the SBK trap, make sure that after you recover you ALWAYS use close fierce to keep them pinned down. The reason for this is that if you use a crouching jab, people can either roll or throw you during the SBK startup animation. If you use crouching strong, they can only roll out, but it’s still a momentum switch. Close fierce is the only one that keeps you safe because of the blockstun it causes.

Flip kick goes over people in the corner when you do a knockdown. You can set up your own little mind games from there.

Towards + roundhouse is a great move. It’s good against moves that slide forward or hit too low (Blanka’s slide, King’s slide, Athena crouching fierce) because it goes over them completely.

You can play a pretty decent mindgame with Chun-Li’s advancing forward, especially on characters that can’t crouch it. For example, do advancing forward, they block, expecting something more, walk up, throw. Advancing forward, then c.strong for a low hit, or towards + roundhouse if you anticipate a low-hitting move.



“When you do the SBK trap, make sure that after you recover you ALWAYS use close fierce to keep them pinned down.”

hm… most of the time, not always
u can super after that if u think they will tech the throw

u mean mash forward + fierce, not just fierce right?


I don’t mash it, because you should have the timing down for each SBK version that you use. And no, not towards + fierce because I wouldn’t be charging for more. And I meant being thrown DURING the SBK animation startup, not after the SBK ended. I usually do that trick for setting up CC’s.


do u mean your trap is
s.fp into SBK?

is it really that much worse than say, my 3 options which i usually do which are

  1. mash towards and fierce
  2. super right after the SBK, yes to do this i do have the timing down for each SBK
  3. c.wp x 2,, SBK

let’s discuss this.
your s.fp into SBK can be thrown by opp. i think right after…

also supered as a counter

and if u hold the charge for another like that, chances are you will be supered after easier too, by the position u hold joystick i think


how does her ducking med punch beat Sagat?

what is the sbk trap?



ZNZF: The point is, people can ROLL out of the trap if you link c.strong into SBK. The only true “trapping” normals (causing the most blockstun when blocked) are her close roundhouse, and her crouching fierce, but crouching fierce isn’t bufferable into specials, only into supers, so I use close fierce instead, also because it has more priority. Doing supers after a SBK is good, but if you get too predictable, they will just hit you out (no one tries to get out of a SBK trap when Chun-Li has a level 3 handy). If you mash on towards + fierce, you still get the close fierce, but you never recovered your charge time, so you lose the trap.

Bmorechun: Look for me in IRC.

Next post: List of characters that are vulnerable to SBK trap.

EDIT: Also ZNZF, if I just hit fierce, they can’t throw me, because it’s fierce. It would cause a tech hit.


Characters vulnerable to traps with SBK:
This list is coming right off the top of my head, so don’t expect it to be 100% accurate, especially at this hour (1:27AM over here).

US Names are in use, just so you guys know. ? after a name means that I’m not specifically sure about it. I’ll clear this up tomorrow though for sure.

Capcom Side:

Sagat, Blanka, Bison, Balrog. Guile, Dhalsim?, Zangief, Kyosuke, Honda, Eagle?, Maki?, Morrigan?, and the Shotos? (including Dan)

SNK Side:

Chang, Raiden, Todo, Kyo, Yamazaki, Rugal, Benimaru, Haohmaru, Rock?, Terry?, Geese, Joe?, Ryo?, Kim?

Those are the only ones I can thing of right now. I’ll do the full testing tomorrow for you guys.



Gandido asked me to post to say I am alive, so…

I am alive. >:)

Anyways, I still have trouble dealing with Sagat’s low jump roundhouse using Chun Li’s crouching strong. Is there a specific timing for that?


using’ chun’s low strong vs sagat’s round house.
basically you use them when they jump at you and time it regardless of what their attack is to down + think of the timing as right when u think the roundhouse will hit u. also only do it at the range where he can’t c.short kick you i think? well that’s the only time i do it anyways ./

basically you do it when u think he can press it at the last second, and your will show a split second later and u hit. takes practice.


I dont think some of the guys on your list are vulnerable to the trap because i know hoahmaru isnt for sure they just crouch under it


Hey B-more chun I’ll teach ya chunny:D oh well how bout your whole team j/k




Let’s not forget that…

*You can get a free close fierce hit when you land a crouching weak jab…good for a SBK combo, or just as a Super setup.



can someone plz tell me how c-groove chun has any chance vs n-groove ryu

be specific plz … i don’t do too well vs shoto’s in particular but i do especially bad vs n-ryu but i’m not quite sure what i’m doing wrong. these kind of ryu’s don’t roll like crazy but does it occasionally and plays like a good k-groove ryu ./ hope that makes it more understandable

vs shoto’s i mix up my poking more

but since shoto’s usually stay on the ground unless for crossup u can’t anticipate their jump and jump too to intercept

any advice is appreciated -_-


i just started using k groove and chunli do you think that will work? and what should a begginer for chun li know about her?