CvS2: Crouching Fierce denied

Someone asked way back when how you could beat the c. fierce with Bison. If you’ve been playing Bison for at least five minutes you should have already realized that his forward stuffs everything.


(c. fierce)
c. fierce --wrappings
->WIFF punishment: s. jab, s. strong, s. fierce, s. roundhouse, c. strong, c. roundhouse.

(s. fierce)
s. fierce --half screen, where his sword will barely wiff. haohmaru leans into the swing, lowering his hitbox. Sagat’s fierce goes right over.
c. jab --just outside of standing range
c. strong --same
c. fierce --wrappings
c. roundhouse --outside of range
->WIFF punishment: s. jab (close), s. strong, s. roundhouse

(s. forward)
s. fierce --from WAY far away, not even practicle.
->WIFF punishment: s. jab, s. strong, c. short, c. strong (you can hit sagat’s knee as he recoils from the kick)

APOC: Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way. The idea is to throw out the appropriate poke at the right range to keep sagat from poking, therefore elimnating his options, giving you more chances to score damage. So, I’d play by using one move to beat his s. forward, if he tries to poke it gets beat, after a few of those he won’t try to poke it. Then you move in and start beating his next poke, C. fierce. Then, your on his ass and breaking gaurd. I feel that if he doesn’t poke, then attack his body and forget about his limbs. I haven’t seen anyone else try this type of playstyle, what do you think?

BTW, c. fierce beats cammy’s cannon drill. So does shoto’s c. strong and ALOT of other c. attacks.

It’s a worthwhile strategy when you have the opponent scared and unsure of himself. This isn’t safe because their move has to run into yours. Unless you are sure when the opponent will hit his move(and WHICH move), random poking will leave you wide open, especially if they have a level 3 super. This is worthwhile but it’s not going to work for everyone. To do that well and with accuracy even against players from other areas with different timings, it’s very advanced. That’s why most simply wait for the whiff and counter it. It’s much safer so it can be applied more liberally. Reflexes have a lot to do with that part of the game. The person who punishes the whiff faster will win usually. I play this way. That’s what I did to Japan A-Sim with A-Rog. But the only way to win that match is to catch the opponents timing. Most don’t apply that to their game well unless they play in their own area only. You can adjust to the timing in your own area naturally. Take that timing to a national and wonder why you lost to a character you beat all day long. Punishing the whiff imo, is the #1 best way to handle an overprioritized move. Just don’t run into it, bait him into sticking it out, punish him for doing it. Doing that makes priority useless:)