CVS2 Custom Mix

For the love of god, someone please help me.

I am really In need of some help. I have no problem burning anything MVC related, but I’ve recently been trying to burn a custom mix for CVS2 and I am running into a problem. I did see and attemptcombo mashers tutorial and am still having an issue. When I attempt to play the copy, i make It recognizes it, it gets to the SEGA screen, goes to the next black screen and it holds for a few seconds, then pops back to the Dreamcast Menu, everytime and I have went through his tutorial completely, I’ve attempted to burn it the MVC way(which I explain what I’m doing below) Someone, for the love of god–help me before I throw my dreamcast(and then go pick it back up and weep) out of my window.

So I decided to use the MVC method and I run into the same problem. Basically I have the DDR mix and using that as my base for the data( I also tried and used the Accurate mix, only differance is the dummy 0.0 file is 0.dat in the accurate) I extract the data --> replace the songs in the proper method(mp3–>wav–>adx–>bin) no problems, so good, so far.

Then I get a little confused because the extracted data does not contain an IP.BIN file so there is none to replace, thus I use the IP.BIN file from the MVC tutorial. I replace the 1st_read.bin file(I have also tried burning a copy without replacing it and using original). I delete the dummy 0.0 file(which is not named dummy.bin like in the MVC mix, I have also attempted to use the original 0.0 dummy file as opposed to replacing it with a dummy.bin, same problem) I use CDRWIN create an ISO–> Rename it .bin --> use Bin2b --> CDI is created. I’ve attempted burning with Disc juggler with the correct options also used Alc 120% to burn, no dice. Also tried converting it to .NRG and burning through nero, no dice, same problem. I was thinking it may have to do something with the 1st_read.bin file or the IP.BIN but I have no idea. If anyone has files they can send me, ANYTHING i can download, I would be greatly appreciative.

So if anyone can PLEASE help me, uhmm…please do so?

why did you make a separate thread

To be fair, I’ll put it like this.

THIS THREAD should be used for all “custom” MvC2 and CvS2 questions. They’ve been doing this shit for a long time so all the shit you’ll need should be in there. The fact that it was already on the first page when you posted means you honestly didn’t try searching.