CVS2 - Dan/Yamazaki Mirror Matches for $$$

Yup you heard it right… name your price:angel:

$10/game, 10 game minimum, after that you’re free to quit me at any time. Deal?

–Jay Snyder

20 sounds good for me then every match after that deminishes by 5 dollars… so the next would be 15,10,5… either person can quit at anytime, sound good for you?

Hmmm…strange terms, but whatever. Your call. I accept.

–Jay Snyder

PS2 or DC ver?

Does this mean a ratio 4 mirror match or do both players pick a Dan/Yamazaki team?

If it’s the latter then do they both have to be ratio 2 or can you go 3/1?

i’ll bet on jal beating you if he doesn’t want to bet

PS2 ill bring the game and the console if needs be … are tv’s going to be suppiled at evo this year???

Scamp- Its either one or the other but if you want a Yamazaki and dan mirror match :rofl: bring that shit… should be fun :angel:

Who’s NEXT

Funny I don’t remember quiting hmmm wow wasn’t it you who just walked off :arazz: :lol:

I was hoping you post up a gg or something but since you didn’t I gotta post now.
thx for the sushi viscant tasted good nothing like a spicy salmon handroll but then again nothing like my rollin yamazaki :lovin: until you switched up your game then i had to play a little bit more serious…

AiRiC R4 Yama vs Viscant R4 Yama = AiRiC 2 zip

btw my homie mike ross recorded the whole match should be fun to watch later.

I’m still excepting the same money matchs if anyone wants to donate to my sushi resturant bill plz seek me at evo finals in vegas.:angel:

Good shit man. But I still want a rematch at Vegas. We’ll play as many as you want then.

–Jay Snyder

coo coo yea good shit on your side too like I mention earlier at evo I like that setup you did on me:looney:. . will at least play 10 matchs next time money ranging from 5 to 10 bucks per match.

if anyone wants any casual play before evo hit me up I need the practice for the rest of my team, Yama can only go so far.

haha, i saw these matches. let me in on this.

$5 a match, Dan Vs. Dan… I’ll play until I get sick of R4’s (probably 3 or 4 matches).

I guess your finally going to come out of hiding and meet me this year huh dali lol :lol: well i accept but i want a couple dollar matchs of chang vs chang just 4 fun :wgrin: … anyone else want a go at this? Any other Yama players i don’t know about PLEASE step up to the plate I have yet to ever lose a yama vs yama match.

Yamazaki matchs:
Viscant- a bunch of matchs ranging 5 to 10 dollars
Dr.b- Triple Yama challenge

Dan matchs:
Dali - $5 dollar matchs till one quits

random/regular matchs:
gonzogong EDIT aka Evil elvis

Gonzosgong is Evil Elvis. I want to see that match. Go warren woooo

don’t sleep on Airic

here’s the money match VIDEO

Yea that was the best video ever lol anywaz… Is anyone else down for a YAMA vs YAMA match at evo finals?

this is pigadoken…
i’m down to play dan/yama matches for money at evoworld. r2/r2?

lol i guess everyone is confused about this… its either Dan or yamazak in a r4 vs r4mirror match and i accept