CVS2: dc vs ps2

Which version is more accurate to the arcade? I was thinking that the dc version would be more accurate since the game was on the naomi hardware, but I noticed that at Texas Showdown 5, CvS2 was being played on ps2. Are there any major differences between the two like the differences between the different versions of mvc2 and third strike. If the dc version is more accurate, then I will stick with that. If the ps2 version is more accurate, then I will be picking up cvs2 for ps2.

As far as I can tell they both are the same gameplay wise. You will notice a difference in the graphics though as DC looks almost identical to the arcade version, while the ps2 version looks more pixelated in comparison.

I have both and can say that DC version just have better graphics but other than that they’re pretty the same.

DC has better graphics? Wow that’s kind of sad for PS2…why is that?

I don’t know why. Kinda strange for a system that’s suppose to be stronger than DC. As for the DC and PS2 CVS2 having the same graphics you can see the PS2 version suffers from more pixelation than the DC. I do agree however that the Dc defalut speed is a tad slower than the PS2 and arcade at least it feels that way to me.

PS2 versions special move effects tend to be a bit bigger, so more pixelated, so im going with the DC version.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, CvS2 in general is really pixelated.

The DC version supports anti-aliasing which gives off the blurry sprites, while the PS2 version does not giving the incredibly sharp look. Also the PS2 version runs at a higher resolution, in the end who gives a shit about graphics when the game is ugly to begin with.

If anything, the PS2 version would be more accurate because if you’ve ever played CvS2 at the arcades you’ll see just how much of a pixelated mess it is to begin with.

if you upped the default speed on the dc version by one will it be too fast or closer to the arcade version.

Both the dc and ps2 versions are < arcade cvs2

doesn’t the ps2 version have that DO crap? stick w/ the DC.

The reason why PS2 version might be worse than DC version cuz Sony decided to go all out 3D, and disreguards 2D in their system. Notice how bad 2D intensive games are, like MvC2, compared to DC, and how bad the other previous games are on PS1, like MvC1 and its previous tag team predecessors.

What is this “DO” you speak of?

i can’t remember if it’s DO or something else, but its’ that feature in the Gamecube version of CVS2 that allows you to do one button/one direction specials and suppers and basically dumbs the whole thing down.


and no, it doesn’t.


No, only Gamecube and Xbox versions have the EO mode that you speak of.

my bad.

i heard ps2 is closer to the speed
ps2 also has better graphics

The REAL reason is because the games are programmed on Naomi which is basically a slightly stronger version of Dreamcast. Ps2 has a problem doing that right. The reason the ps1 fighters suck is cuz the ps1 has very low 2d ram. It can’t do the games right due to hardware limitations…which is why Saturn owns it.

EO is kind of irrelevant, though. After you pick your groove, you then pick either EO-ism, which is when you do specials with one button, or AC-ism, which is the regular system for the game. So it’s not like you’re forced to use EO mode. It was just something stupid Capcom added on for the scrubs.