CvS2: Dr.B- Elite Yamazaki Strats & post yours too!

Dr.B- Elite Yamazaki Strats & post yours too!

Sups peeps? I put up this thread for all u Yama lovers out there or at least wanna learn him…Feel free to post all your fav combos…Strats and ideas for our pocket pool playing friend…lol Imo he is the man and can punish / counter alot of other top tier characters…if there are any questions I can help with just holla …I have a few tricks up my sleeve…

-Dr.B aka Brandon C.

yama’s tha shit, there is none better…

main combo… cLK, qcb+LK, qcb+FP (also sFP, qcb+FP)

its all about the jMK, the sFK, and the cMK… i also like his sMP as well

yama has great range so one must great use of his snake arms and his sFK… i havent really seen any use for his knife, you can combo into it but it doesnt do a great amount of damage and it lags too much, i like snake arms better

his anti-turtle can be very useful (mix it up and if they block the above combo, instead of doing the low snake arm do the anti-turtle)

yama’s main anti-air is his cFP, its got great priority, also use jab snake arm if you can predict them jumping

the one problem with yama is he cant jump very high and his dash sux, so i reccomend him in a run groove, preferably k cuz the rage makes him a monster (and when your raged nobodies jumping in on you, so that gives you control of the match)… luckily his great range makes up for his lack of mobility

yamas command throw is useful to but dont abuse… and keep in mind his throw super, its very useful and people dont expect it much

yama’s normal throws also have great priority so use them when the oppurtunity arises (the punch one is just brutal)

his best suit in my opinion is 3 punches

bottom line is… how can you not like a psychotic bad ass who ownz you with one hand in his pocket

:stuck_out_tongue: Yama’s c.HK trip outranges and goes under sagat’s c.FP

:stuck_out_tongue:, dirt kick xx serpent slash is the bread and butter combo.

:stuck_out_tongue: Cancel standing fierces into serpent slashes (standing fierce is better than the crouching fierce)

:stuck_out_tongue: c.HP is decent anti air

:stuck_out_tongue: s.HK and c.HK MUST BE USED AND ABUSED OFTEN WITH YAMA. Yama is a zoning character.

:stuck_out_tongue: j.HK has a weird angle that fucks people up… has good range and priority

:stuck_out_tongue: lvl 1 guillotine (the up&down super) interrupts surprisingly often. lvl 3 guillotine is just plain unfair if you can do it well, it interrupts pretty much anything in the air

:stuck_out_tongue: yama’s counter > balrog dash punch… i’m sure you can find other good uses for his counter


Dr.B- Elite Yamazaki Strats & post yours too!

what kind of tricks i’d like to know

standing hp into knife slash is a great pressuring tactic and does good chip. i use it as his bread and butter.

j. mk is a great air to air or air to ground deterrent.

If you’re looking for flashy “tricks” try psychic countering a fireball up close and then cancelling into a guillotine… hella flashy i’ll bet you’ve never seen that before. Probably impractical but who knows… at first people didn’t think RC was practical either :lol:

Also I saw from a japanese or korean video a very good yamazaki consitently using headbutt as anti air. I still don’t understand how he did it so often but I didn’t see it get out prioritized at all through the entire game… If someone could elaborate that would be nice

Well just a few Yama pointers…Zone your opponent to an exact range of your Serpent slash move…(Qcb) + any punch…It’s all about baiting your enemy to jump then Use (qcb) + strong…When your opponent doesnt jump as much or likes to roll or run in use the Fierce version for sure punishment…Kicking dust is very valuable…Especially when you have C or N groove…Kicking dust many time for bait into searpent slashes is too good…it also builds madd meter…so u can have your anti-air and grab super handy…A good way to land Yama’s grab super is if you have a roll to actually roll in and from the roll super…This allows you to grab opponent’s fierce’s…throws…or other moves/pokes…

A couple of basic setups i Like are jumping MK…crouching jab,crouching lk,kickdust , fierce serpeant slash…Also jab,jab,fierce Knifepull…does nice damage…When cornering an enemy use his all - u - can with HK…mix it up with LK too…

Now as far as his reversal move especially against “Jumpy chars” like Blanka…Or dhalsim…or shotos…Even Vega…Be patient look for their jumping patterns and use (Qcf) + Lk…not from a far jump MK or HK…

Anti Air: When it comes to anti air alot of peeps like to use crouching HP…of course when they are above you or on some jump ins…I’d rather like to use MP serpent Slash …and right above your head LK serpent slash…Mind you …u have to opponent zoned to the right distance…I even use standing MP just to mess with their head…Dont forget Standing HK…

Over all fighting: I just keep away…and serpent slash…Super when they jump in and grab super when ever they miss A move…Standing HK is great to keep pressure on rush down players…on fireball happy people keep them shocked by randomly returning fireballs with (Qcf) + HP or MP…When you are thirsty for meter use (Qcf) + jab…It just throws peeps off…And when you want to bait a HK just use standing MK in close not too obviously though…Then when they jump hit em’ with something…Whew that was alot and I gotta go…I hope this helps u guys out it helps me all the time and did at EvL…Peace:cool: :evil: :lol:

I’m not a Yama player but here are some observations I made.

With n-groove Yama, you can really abuse the low jump MK, it’s almost like Rugal’s HK. his MK also wins alot of Air to Air or at least trades off. You can RC the counter move to counter multihit attacks that would usually hit you (ie. Bison’s scissor kicks or Ryo’s Ryoku Ranbuu). Also here’s something about his Counter that is actually very useful against Cammy players. Her Spiral Arrow hits low usually and Yama’s counter would miss all the time because hit punch is too high in the air to hit small ducking cammy. However, after she hits the counter move with a Spiral Arrow, you can whiff the punch move into the Drill super or a headbutt. you can’t imagine how well this works, believe me, I’ve been hit by the drill super more times than I can remember for careless spiral arrows.

if you hit with a st.HP why would you do HP serpent slash? as far as i’m aware a HP knife deals more damage than a HP serpent slash. plus the HP knife connects after either close st.HP (head) or far st.HP (hand). plus, HP knife is almost completely unpunishable when blocked. (personally i’ve never seen it punished, probably because the stun is too great when its blocked) add to the fact that it’ll do more chip damage than serpent slash if blocked… i really can’t see why one would chose serpent over knife.

it works well against hibiki players… this coming from personal experience

Umm… let’s see the Knife doesn’t always hit. The 2nd will always hit, but the first slash will not always hit. Giving them a chance to retaliate. The Serpent Slash on the other hand, will always hit, as long as the s.HP hits.

like i said, the knife’s no good… the kof version of the knife was a lot cooler…

The knife is good…I’d rather Serpeant slash after dust kick combos…or lows into it…After the fierce knife connects even when blocked you can roll grab…or super…and you re-set up for other ideas you have ready for punishment…And as far as countering Cammy’s spiral arrow…U counter it…with (Qcf) + LK mainly…then headbutt knife or serpeant slash and if you wanted u can get a free grab…


yamas knife is exccellent at the right distance. i like to use strong knife on turtles…if u do it at teh right distance it cannot be punished as far as i know. Its really fast too

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i don’t play yama as much as i do. i still love him & i still use him in some toureys.

use his fk sand kick in his B&B, adds damage,may not be a lot but it does the most.

trick for N yama players like me. i was doing this before evol got started on like thursday. i would bait them some way so i could get close enough for his throw super. c.lp-HCB+break stock-HCB p. gets a lot of ppl because it’s so fast. they see u break stock & will most likely go for an attack & the super will catch em.

another thing to get ppl with after u do that trick. most likely them know your gonna do that after they get hit by it once. so c.lp-break stock-guillotine since they will try to jump out of the way of the throw.

i like using his as an AA more then c.fp. it just works better then c.fp for me.

i like getting them into the corner because

from there i try to bait out anything from them for me so i can do his counter to them then hit the guillitine.

btw old news but yama can hit anything after he sticks out his tounge & counters u in the corner.

i like to start out the match with either the serpent slash or his counter. i useually start out the counter with cammy to prevent cannon drills.

i always use lk counter so i’m not out there too long.

if i remember anything else i forgot i’ll post again.

Really? I don’t play many experienced hibikis, but doesn’t she do lots of low attacks that yama can’t counter?

the idea is not to throw it out randomly, usually your opponent will develop a pattern, you anticipate the moves she does that dont hit low

in order to play some good yama you should be able to make good anticipation… mainly with the snake arms, but good use of the counter couldnt hurt

suuuuuure :rolleyes:

Who are some of your worst Character Yama match-ups??? This is an important topic for Ryugi Yamazaki players…