CvS2: Dr.B- Elite Yamazaki Strats & post yours too!

c-groove yamaazaki combo
lvl 2 anti air super cancel into counter O_O!!!

Bison, Rolento, and Vega.

There isnt too much air to air move that beats bison in the air. j. hp works only if Bison is above you.

Rolento and Vega because they can run away from you all day and outpoke you.

But I suck in CvS2 tho, so prove me wrong.

Dont get me wrong Rolento,Vega,and Bison are good against Yama…But if Yama has a good mix-up defense/offense he can win…to win a match up with real fast and jumpy chars just out wait them and punish with supers,serpeant slash…and combo link ins…Yama has like a million punishment setups…


I recently dropped Yamazaki from my tournament team, and I used him since day one. Don’t get me wrong, I love the killer, but he just doesn’t have it for me anymore. And I have a pretty good one, so this isnt from a scrub perspective.

He is a fun character who can punish mistakes, and has some crazy mix-up games. He excels in some grooves more than others.
He can be a turtler, rushdown machine, and a defensive wall.

But with all these people jumping on bandwagons and such, Yamazaki is losing big time.
As mentioned earlier, he does die to Rolento, Vega, and Bison. Now add: Chun-Li and Cammy.
It takes ALOT to beat these characters. And most of the time, you better have a super ready. Whats worst, is when they’re runaway chars. Ever play a good runaway Vega or Rolento? Yamazaki is pretty much lost.

Remember, this is an overall view. BUT if you’re in a groove like P or K, Yamazaki’s chances gets alot better against everyone. I know Viscant uses K-Yamazaki, and does really well. K and P adds alot of options for him while not getting punished. Hes able to jump in and rushdown more.

But I do still use Yamazaki in my casual team in P. Rarely in tournaments now. But I’ll switch teams if I see those anti-chars mentioned.

I’ll still add strats though. :smiley:

rolento was my worst match up. but then cammy kicked my yama’s ass once too.

cammy is a pain in the ass also iv seen yama anti air with c.hp and do his qcfX2+p super and it connected :-/ also use,mk dust,serentslash, soooo much better then lk

Alot of people think Yama cant beat Cammy…But for me Yama is a Cammy Killer…if u turtle up and wait for spiral arrows you can use his reversal move and get a free grab or super…Or sweep them after a whiffed one…Use his jumping MK alot to get in and start your bread and butter kick dust combos…Trust me I may make it sound easy and it caN be if u play smart , patient ,and with quick reaction…I play in a pretty tough divisoon filled with Cammy players so I have to adjust and so can all of you…


Here’s a good topic…Yama vs Yama match ups…How do u guys out there deal with them?? What are some of your advanced tactics…???


short jump a lot

I usually end up rolling alot, and then b&b combo (whatever u use)

also, some FP serpent slash, and when they jump, super… :smiley:

and his counter will also block and hit a mp serpent slash the other throws at you (gotta be fast, or anticipate)

As for the bad matchups, I usually have problems with anyone that is very long range… asside from vega and rolento, Haohmaru is one of my bigger problems, along with vice (another long buffer player with good throws.)

Break guards, and The Drill lv.2+… unless you GuardBreak them, then lv.1 is ok. Guillotine if he… err… the opponent jumps. That’s about it… wait… that’s exactly like everyone else… :sweat:

So in other words… exactly like everyone else… nothing different.

When I play other Yama players I look for thier habbits and fast…If the serpeant slash alot I counter with his reversal move…When I see they are a “dry” Yama players as in not being too active I rush them down to put into their brain that their Yama sucks and why in the hell are they playing him…lol…wHENever I see a miised MP serpeant slash I throw a Hp one…It’s all about counter moves on Yama cause imo…he’s counter move king…

-Brandon Chaney aka Dr.B:cool:

wow lots of good yamazaki strats in this thread… i learned a few things, like that whiff counter hit into super, and the cHP as an antiair into the super… genuis…

here’s my two cents…

I play C-groove Yamazaki

against rollers… i use cHP into FP Serpent Slash
the cHP has a long hit time and u can be a little off in the timing to hit them out of their roll… a little. haha

about that kick dust combo, i don’t use it much but i think i’ll start using it more. instead of cMK tho I use the headbutt sHP
so my combo goes like this sHP, RK Dust Kcik, HP serpent slash

i tend to use the command throw a lot, well not really a lot, but the opportunity comes up a lot, especially against pokers, or against slower chars when they whiff moves. like Sagat

IMHO the lvl 1 anit air is worthless because anything will stop it… unless you time it jst right…
the level 1 guillotine is very good on the other hand.
i usually save up my super to level three though because with super cancelling, Yamazaki can whip out a heap of damage.

my favorite is lvl 2 guillotine (near or at corner) let the whole thing happen, even the big hit at the end, and the lvl1 anti air will still connect, and boy does it hurt.

i’ve seen others say this a lot, but it’s just so dam true. abuse his sRK, for the most part, u want make sure they don’t roll and counter with something big. because a dead yamazaki is a worthless one.

i like to guard break a lot, because when they’re guard broken they’re helpless, just the way Yamazaki likes it haha!
my most used combo is this (can be used whether the opponent is blocking or not) cJP, cJP, sHP, HP serpent slash or knife (last two will be blocked if the opponent has some brain power) guard damage is severe. when guard is broken feel free to follow up with the dust kick combo or super!:evil:

hmm… i think the worst character matchup for me is, rolento (because he can seriously just hit u once and runaway from poor yamazaki until time runs out), and zangief (cuz i jus can’t beat zangief:lol: ) anyone else is dead meat except s-groove dan haha

against other yamazaki players, i use the serpent slash against them. when they serpent slash for zoning against me, i just roll through it and counter. to keep it from happening to me, i play very carefully with my serpent slash and my sRK because both have long recovery. make sure that u hit them (at least blocking) because if they roll through yamazaki is in for it.

overall to play yamazaki u have to play with patience. wait for the opponent to make a mistake and counter. i’ve gone from nearly being OCV’d to coming out with a victory thanks to good ol’ Yamazaki!

o yah to add to my guard break combo (cJP cJP sHP serpent slash) if the opponent learns that he/she can roll through the sHP then just skip the serpent slash and bust outa guillotine for em! mwahahahaha! k das all

What is flashy and is a great way to finish an opponent is Level 2 Grab super…Get plenty of hits and counter into Ax kick ( F+QCf+HK) looks nice…feels better and leaves the opponent’s mind all messed up the next round if any…For the most damage use kick dust combo to cancel…and second most HP knife…He can bust out so damaging and very nice looking shit…lol…Lata!!!


The grab super is called, “The Drill”.
The Anti-Air super, “Guillotine”.

Now let’s not make too many mistakes here… an KOF player/fan will make a fool out of you.

Thanks for the info…I’ll try to incorporate that into my combo and super descriptions for the SNK player community…lol…Lata…


Since Yamazaki is the only SNK character I really like that made it into CvS2, he’s a character I use fairly frequently. He usually stands middle guard in N-Groove Honda/Yama/some powerhouse, and sometimes when I’m feeling particularly cocky/insane I use him in A-Groove.

Some tactics I like:

low jump forward - This is actually not a bad poke, it has good range and it goes over low hits, plus if you’re close you can follow this up with the anti-air super.

stand forward - My poke of choice actually, what I usually do is do some stand roundhouses to get it into people’s heads that I’m going to do it, then switch to stand forward. It has nearly as much range and priority.

repeated serpent slashes from a distance - Good way to make people think twice about doing anything.

corner or near corner custom - do s.fierces til you get kind of near the corner, then c.rh, s.rh, strong knife repeatedly then anti-air super.

I can set up the anti-air super fairly easily. Pump the stand roundhouse and they’ll think they HAVE to jump. Setting up the grab one is a lot harder though. The best thing I’ve come up with is empty jump into grab super on counter whores. Any suggestions?

umm… roll, The Drill.
can work very well if used correctly.

my bad about the super mix ups, i always thought the guillotine was the grab super cuz the intitial hit on the grab super is kina like the hit of a guillotine? iono haha, but sorry guys.

Anyone have a good A-Yama combo…I need a few…A mid screen…anti-air and corner…Thx… Cause I’m a damn C player!!!