CvS2: Dr.B- Elite Yamazaki Strats & post yours too!

oOom i dun play a-groove yamazaki, but dat one that dasrik said sounds good. I’ve seen a cool looking combo on a combo movie once. i think it only works againt rolento or dan, but it’s just a trip, then a bunch of OTG’d (yes OTG) command throws then The Drill to finish it off.

Someone plz post some good A-Yama combos…If any…lets see what peeps come up with…


dat OTG combo does around 8000 damage, but then it only works against dan or rolento…:confused:

I have been playing S yama for fun recently…and omg he does some nice shit off of dodge…maybe that groove isnt complete ass…I know I would rather play it over P groove any day…Shit whatever makes Yama crazier I’m for it…


I saw this crazy A groove combo that revolved around his command grab. I don’t remember the specifics, but I think it was in one of the A Groove exhibitions that can be found on


yah the command grab CC only works on Dan or Rolento though… haven’t i said that like 3 times already? o well haha

Yama’s normal custom:
sweep, (low fierce, roll) x corner, j.fierce x N, super.

how do you guys fight sagat (turtle) and hibiki

Sagat: To fight against turtle Sagat u must play run away Yama…Jumping back lk…land kick dust and serpeant slash from the right distance…If he ever jumps,rolls,or misses a fireball super his ass…And if u have a roll and are in close bait his fierce and do the grab super…Also keep him back with HK but not too many…Dont forget ur kick dust combos…

Hibiki: This is a hard one for Yama…For one if u have roll…hardly do it…she can punish u bad if u do that too much…Another thing is if u have run stop at a smart distance her slashes have unholy reach…To fight her use HP serpeant slash…Its his best attack from range on her…Notice that if she jumps use his MP alot more…If she’s not jumping at all why use it she’s too damn short…A risk I take is when she misses a run slash or slash close in I roll and grab super…Not too smart if u dont know when to do it but if you do its all good…aND SWEEPING THE HELL OUT OF HER IS A GOOD IDEA TOO…lol…I hope this helps…Peace…


You can use the grab super as anti air also. A lot of people dont expect it.

sup Dr. B.

if u slash hibiki you get counter slashed every time and i play k groove

a) Don’t copy the whole entire thing, then post something that’s a sentence long. Copy the beginning, add some periods, then skip the middle, add periods, then copy the ending. If it’s really long, we only need to know who wrote it, so we can go back to check on it.

b) If you become preditable, of course you’ll be counter slashed. And since you are K-Groove. Jump like a mad man, JD, get rage, and stalk her down.

Only lv.1 can be used as an Anti-Air… because of it’s start up, after the freeze. But lv.2, and 3 will miss. But it’s risky to do it anyways, because you’ll get kicked before you get to pull it off… unless it’s against someone like Balrog/Vega… which he falls really fast, and he’ll land on it.

But of course, hopefully, you are talking about The Drill, and not Guillotine. Because Guillotine does do a grab too… well… kind of.

well of course the guillotine is an anti air super haha… i’ve never seen anyone use the drill as an anti air because if they do pretty much any attack while jumping it will knock u out of it…

and if someone is jumping at u while u have meter… they r very stupid… haha

Sup ZuggZugg…I’m glad to see you posting and I’m sure ur still playing…Recently I have been playing S groove and have been doing pretty good with it…it kinda makes all my chars like my Yama was at EvL…just pure nutty…lol…It looks like its up to me to really put it on the map with style…lol…anyways Is that punk Wizard still not running cvs2 tourneys…?? The scene is has picked back up here…good luck to you and get them rolling again in Pac-South…


Best S-Groove strat: run low jab, run xx charge xx throw :slight_smile:
Run, charge xx The Drill

roll cancel dust kick=perfect wakeup and stops bs jab rushdowns, muhahahaha!!!:evil:

S-Groove Yama is v.v.sick. S-Groove is dope because it’s pretty much an anti-poke groove if it’s played right, and that takes away most of the problems i have against rolento and the like. Both of Yamazaki’s dodge attacks are sick, his combo one combos into most of his specials and supers, and obviously his kick one is his best poke.

Just to throw this out, because many people don’t know it, but when your meter is charged in S you get a damage increase on par with N-Groove stock breaking. Since Yamazaki has VERY safe full/mid-screen charging, your meter should always be charged. Also, for some reason most players always high jump in and attack when you’re charging. Well, since charging has pretty much no ending delay, you can either c.fp or counter when they come in.

Oh yeah…

I don’t mean to turn this into S-Groove discussion, but i like to…

Dodging is button-press ghetto parrying, and multi-dodging is a LOT easier than multi-parrying (just watch your character, and when they flinch re-dodge.) After quite little practice i can multi dodge most long supers with ease (this includes Chun Li lv3 puffball/lightning rush, Sonic hurricane, double cyclone, and raging storm.) Plus, even though dodging doesn’t give you as large a window to combo, it gives you a fast comboable attack for every character which easily links into most supers. Also, while parrying in the air is obviouly better than doing nothing in the air for S-Groove, i prefer dodging for anti-air to parrying for anti-air, cause they will just fall right through and land into anything you want to dish out. And if they look like they’ll land close enough to throw, dodge knockdown attack!

Dodge into command grab is good for any character who has one.

Why take chip damage for psycho crushers when you can dodge last second and dodge knockdown.

Oh yeah, and IIRC, dodging owns a weak honda, cause, again IIRC, if you dodge his headbutt he doesn’t go through, he just stops in front of you. WOOT, combo.

S-Groove is pretty anti-RC as well, because it’s more based around turtling than other grooves, like P.

Multi-dodging a CC is sick, but as always watch for a throw. However, i’d rather get my ass thrown than CCed, any day.

you cannot anti air cr. fierce to super

I agree very strongly That Yamasaki is the shit. I just recently started playing CVS2 and one day I decided that I want to try yamasaki, My friend taught me the basics first like: Anti-air, SRhKick, and roll grab. after playing with him alot I realized yama has his ups and downs or should I say pros and cons, for example: ups= his SRhkick is fucking awesome and produces pressure on opponents, and yes I agree that distance is yamas game to success, secondly, his grab seems to have superior high priority, and thirdly, I dont know about anyone else because no one really mentioned it but his mjk, and his mslash have the ability to cancel some other characters supers, thats so fuckin good. however I do agree with some that cammy is hard to beat I have so much trouble fighting cammy with yama. and vega too. but thats because vega is also alot faster than yama.
however, I hope i dont stand alone by saying that if you are playing C-groove yama and you just defend you will lose, in my eyes alittle bit of turtleing with him is Okay but he is all about rushdown and distance and he is a set-up artist (in other words, you do a move to make others do a move and then you counter that shit.