CVS2 : Escaping Cross Ups

Well, sure some of you guys have no problem with this, but some others do.

What do you do if you’re stuck in a cross up situation and you’re confused? E.g. Blanka Jump Cross Up Mk, lands, Lk, lk again to push you in range, then Jump Cross up with MK again. And you really don’t want to block it again because thats gonna break your guard soon…

First Step : When U play a character, Find his Cross Up AA, not just his Run of the Mill AA. Use that. Not many people have one. Maki is a Lucky Girl. So’s Rock and Geese. Heck, Blanka too.

Second Step : If he/she doesn’t have one, look at the groove you’re using. Can you roll?

Yes : Is your Roll safe enough to use? Is the opponent some fast arsehole like Vega the wallcrawler who wil just throw you out of your long long roll? If safe, roll, if not, go to no.

No : Can you dodge? Well don’t, please… Unless you’re sure of retaliation. Don’t invite a throw. Can you Hop or Run? YES? DO IT! Practice removing the Phobia of exposing yourself when you run or hop.

Any chance of Counter Attack?

Hoppers : Yeah, but you must have hopped early, and you gotta be a fast hopper.

Runners : Possible, You run a bit, and you do your Normal AA. you’ll turn around and do it.

Are you Todo, Geese or Rock? Can you counter the bugger? Shinryuken anyone? Can you teleport away?

Practice it Now. Remove your fears of Cross Ups. Play hard.

Delayed Get-Up.

That is all.

Thats True!!!

But what if you were Standing already…

BTW can people contribute by saying which character can do Anti Cross Up attacks? And to Whose Cross Ups?

I’ll start by adding one for a Running Todo.

Run and do a C.HP, he’ll immediately turn his body and hit the other person out of the air.

OOps forgot to say it works for Blanka.

you can try moving or dashing foward when they jump…??

Is the anti-crossup DP trick common knowledge? You just hold the stick towards for a second, then roll it to the opposite diagonal-down and press punch. Since you’re switching sides, the computer reads it as a DP motion.

Gunter, Could you please tell me more about the anti-cross up trick you are talking about.

I have a wicked fast dp motion…as any ryu player should.

On cross ups. I normally just crank it out as I get up in the direction need.

I have never heard of that trick. Is it used as a wake up while being crossed up???

You always post very complete posts. Could you take a moment and tell me more about this??


Uh, i have to ask, why not dodge? Just do a late dodge attack, and IIRC youautomatically switch sides and attack towards the opponent. Or if you play S-Zangief like me, then you can dodge XX FAB them. Since you didn’t super air grab them, they’ll be laughing, then crying when the get tossed.

Oh yeah, and if i understand what Gunter saidcorrectly, all he means is hold forward until they are about to cross you up, then right when they do do a yoga flame motion away but stop at down-back and press punch. Same principal as blocking a psycho crusher with balrog, and holding back until he passes through, and pressing punch when he’s through to do a dashing straight. It’s because when your character turns around, the computer reads your old back motion now as a towardds motion and…ARRRRRRGH!

Rolling Start, actually i don’t know if you turn around or not. I think I remember that I didn’t a few times. I’m as sure as you are about that though so… :bluu:

um i think gunter said something like it but to cross up anti air with shoryukens ect…

THe 2 ways are…

  1. of course you have to block the cross up the other way anyway right. well walk into it even more so then shoryuken the other way since it puts you on the other side faster.

  2. The easiest way is to do the motion but at the end dont press the button then stutter then press the button. It allows you to track its pretty simple. It can be done with charge anti airs as well. ok so say i do a shoryuken normaly i would do f,d,df+P but to do the cross up i would do f,d,df…p.

the game lets you have a little lee way which will allow you to do this. like i said it works with charge moves as well just press up at the end then stall for a sec then press the button.

Man, you better custom that shit.

Hey guys Listen to Gunter
Yo dude, I don’t think it’s common knowledge…cool…

I’ve been doing this by accident for years now. It even works for supers. (It’s not just once that I did Todo’s Super Counter but Ending with Todo’s Cho Kasane Ate because the Computer registered My HCB’s last half as QCF instead, since I turned around already)

What he meant was that If you are facing RIGHT, you do Forward (to move yourself forward a bit, thereby putting yourself behind the airborne opponent), Do DOWN, then do Down Back.

So you can see it’s not a DP, but, a F, D, DB. But the Computer registers the Forward already, Registers the Down, and registers the NOW DF to your character.

However I have been doing more of Final Showdown’s Delayed pressing of the P, This time also doing my Cho Kasane Ate, but pressing the button only when the opponent Crosses My centre line either through Rolling or Jumping.

Hmmm, this really tells us how important it is to calculate when the opponent crosses you centre line huh? Maybe this is why Rolling Start can do his Balrog Punches more consistently, because he knows? I do, because I’ve done it with Blanka, and I have to ask if ANY of you have done this.

Have you done a RED IMPACT on a BLocked Psycho Crusher? Have you Done a Mega Psychocrusher on a blocked Psychocrusher? It’s COOL. IT WORKS…how?

Well outside of this topic, but since Gunter mentioned computer move registration anyway, this is what my friends and I have been doing since CVS2 came out.
For Example, BALROG

Hold B. Roll so that you end just behind the Opponent. Press Forward once you pass each other’s centre line, Just press Back again and press K.


All in just Three Directions , Back Forward Back.
By rolling through someone the Comp Registers it as Back then Forward as you pass through the Centreline.

Works for Blanka
Works For the Wallcrawler
Works for Guile
Works for Mr.PsychoPants.
Damn them all!!!

To some extent works for Ryo too.
All these guys can do their Level 3’s when a Psycho Crusher Goes Through them (For extra damage no doubt due to Counter) OR You can Do it through a Roll.

I won’t start another Topic on this because it’s only useful for Punishing Psycho Crushers and Giving you the Ability to do charged up Specials behind your opponent.

you can also use the method i said to make roll super easier uppercut like that. do the motion during the roll then press the button right when you get out. This way you wont accedintly get something you didnt want beacuse you did a cross up roll ect.

Sorry to revive this (very) old thread but it’s been one hour i searched for anti crossup strats topics especially with guile (and charge chars).
Guile’s is often good as anti crossup, but i think RC Sonic boom would be safer, especially when you wake up and your opponent is already going for a crossup attack.

Reading what rokiseph said the motion would be

Charge back, roll (timed to rc on wakeup), forward and punch…
Can somebody confirm that works or explain me how to do^^

Plus, I have heard about a topic about charge loss but i still can’t find it back.

Tasukete kudasai! :slight_smile:

This is what I think you want to do: RC boom as they come down on the back of your neck. Rokiseph explained using the direction change as part of the motion of a charge super, with regular charge moves it’s obviously possible as well, but there are two reasons why this would be difficult:

  1. unlike a super, you won’t be able to walk forward under their crossup. Not a big deal you would think, but the point at which your ‘centers cross’ (i.e. your back becomes forward) is of key importance since I believe in most SF games you have 10 frames to press a button for a charge move after you’ve gone from the charge direction to the second direction (non-supers which have only two directions). The input for a regular boom would be to just hold one direction constantly and press a punch button at the right time as they pass over you.
  2. RC’ing this will be even harder since you have to go back to neutral to avoid the roll input counting as the punch of your boom. OR (even crazier) start rolling 1 to 2 frames before ‘your centers cross’ then press punch right after.

I recorded regular and RC crossup boom, I’ll up it somewhere

EDEET: There you go: [media=youtube]o9cntf4PlZw[/media] I don’t even know if that explains what you were wondering about but lol, I was just bored.

of course! downback… why didn’t I think of that… going back to neutral is such a waste of time ><

Wow I never knew about the anti - cross up dp trick. I’m gonna test it out later.

Thank you both for quick replies!
This shouldn’t be to difficult to pull out since i can rc boom consistently now. One tool to add against happy jumpers!
Help is greatly appreciated^^

Zenfire, the video is not yet available, i will try to watch it later. EDIT: OK it works now^^

On a side note, RC Flashkick can be good too, but only if the opponents move is predictable or clearly visible; against a p or k groove player, i think it’s risky, since they can decide to deep crossup or waiting to jd/parry; and i like guile to keep on the ground as much as possible.

Majestros wrote somewhere once that lvl2 flashkick super acts as anti-crossup. Damage isn’t so great, but it’s an answer.

I also read that close standing medium kick has anti-crossup properties? I always forget to try it during a match.