CvS2 Evo Results... Who used Whom?


All I want to know is which player used who, and the grooves they selected. The A-Groove Yun sounds SICK… I know a few of my friends who’ve tried that in the past, and they would be happy to see any videos on that to help further their strats.


they all use blanka sagat
mostly n groove
sounds bland but its true


damn straight


well what are they doing different?

in USA all i see are blanka/sagat too




Most of the japanese players RC like clock work. CvS2 was played on another level. Make sure to keep your eyes open on the A grove Yun sick very sick:eek: I think there was also a lot of good things at B6 Chikyuu 12 is very very very impressive.


Outside of Ken and BAS (The only notable a-groovers) who they used is almost pointless. The game has been boiled down to a level where all the top players use about 4 characters, and in the case of Tokido one character simply for his ridiculous roll cancel ability. Yes, you can us K/P groove and jd/parry a roll cancelled headbutt/blanka ball etc. but that doesn’t mean the game is any less broken. Ohnuki’s rushdown skill is simply amazing, and I give him tremendous credit as a player…but even his play couldn’t vitalize what were definately the least enjoyable part of Evolution, IMO. Anybody there to witness the low energy level of the crowd during the final parts of CvS2 can back me up on this. not the highlight of the tournament.

The game was lacking substance to begin with, and with players out there that adept at RC’ing I can’t fathom why it gets the amount of play it does.


Maybe the reason they had no energy is because the USA got their ass handed to them by the japanese players that proves that RC’ing is not a risk, it a fucking must! This tournament only proved how broken RC’ing IMO. Sure everyone before EVL2k2 said that the japanese was not going to beable to beat our top players with just RC’ing because it TOO HARD and will get you killed in high competition. Well the japan team dispelled that way of thinking as they whip us in our backyard. I don’t like the glitch, but since so many people say it’s not gamebreaking I started to allow it in my CvS2 tournaments. I wasn’t there, but it sounds like the USA and the Japanese are playing 2 different games. I hope we can improve our RC’ing skills in the USA or CvS2 will become 3S. Meaning that people will still like CvS2, but there will be no reason to have it as a main tournament game since there no way in hell we can win in it.:confused: :bluu: :frowning: Well I wonder if people will still like RC’ing or will they start to think it game breaking. It must have been really fun fighting RC’ing turtling E.Honda or blanka.:lol: :rolleyes: Good luck in learning the glitch. I could care less about it and will foreva be a scrub for not learning it. Man i’m getting to old for playing in tournaments. People love finding the new glitch and using it. I guess i’ll just stop playing and just organize. It’s getting to wack now. Fucking capcom don’t believe in testing their games anymore. CvS2 is broken and MvC2 should have just come out after 2 years of bug testing.:stuck_out_tongue:


May I ask what was so “sick” about the A-Groove Yun? What kind of things was Ken doing?


Ino used K groove. He just defended the hell out of Tokido and sent him to the losers.


Ken did custom fancy painful air juggles with A-groove Yun. I don’t know how to describe it.


Depending on how far from the sides he was, he’d either make use of lunge punch, f+forward(MK), or qcb+punch(dunno which… fierce?), and then the last 2-3 hits would be the shoulder ram/charge if he didn’t miss them. I don’t play this game, so sorry about not knowing which punch he used for the lunge and pattycake/palm move.


Ken would RC punch honda’s RC headbutt on reaction (by then it had lost its invincibility). He was super slick with the command throw and chain combo. He knocked a guy down and it was a fat guessing game among command throw, dash to the other side and combo, or just combo, or dive kick, combo, command throw…wow. The CC was just palm strike, body check. It was in an old tragic video. Instead of ending it with a super, he ended it with an air combo, leading to more throw setups. He’s good.


ShinBlanka: The japanese players present were certainly better than the americans at CvS2, I wasn’t disputing that in any way. I just wanted to point out how stupid the finals had become, there were several factors but I was trying to focus on the RCing. As far as beta testing goes…you can only test so much, I don’t hold glitches that difficult to discover/execute correctly against them. 20,000+ people playing a game for a year are going to discover more than 20-100 or however many beta testers can in twice that time.

KaiSing: Yeah, like I said, you can K/P groove the RC. (In fact Ino was my “favorite” player aside from Ken).

And to anybody inquiring about A-Yun, it wasn’t so much the customs, just the fact that he was using Yun and beating people. Not scraping by or anything, actually owning people, up and into the 8 person finals. RC or not, when you have to hit somebody 40 times as compared 10 or so, and you still win, I’m going to give some credit. And he won some extra favor simply by his preference for American sticks=)