CVS2 EVO2k8 Finals or other hype matches


Any one know where I can find the video of John Choi vs Bas? or any other hype matches of CVS2. I am trying to revive the game in my local scene by showing them these video.


I think if you sign up for premium you get them. Or YouTube it tbh. Iplaywinner still does Cvs2 ranbats so you can show em that.

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That specific match WAS on youtube. Then the hosting account removed. It was my favorite CVS2 Match :’(


Pretty much all of that is copyright SRK, so yeah: people rehosting it without permission are probably going to get shut down.

If you go Premium, there’s a Very Related Bonus, which may or may not be evident via the thread title:



gotcha thanks guys :wink:


we should all go back to playing CvS2

it’s one of the realest games on earth


It’s one of the hardest fighting games ever created IMHO. Which is why I love it the most.


CVS2 is actually my favorite game in general. I guess it being my first PS2 game might be a factor in it. Although I did play it in the arcade before.