CvS2: fighting vega



hey, i’ve been playing cvs2 for a while and consider myself as somewhat decent.
But i’ve found myself having trouble fighting a turtle vega. (claw) and it’s getting bigger of a problem as more ppl uses him
is there ne strats/character i can use against him?

i use k-sagat, bison/geese, blanka(2)
or a-chun, mai/geese, bison (2)

i usually rushdown with k, turtle with a.

thanx for ne help


Who the hell turtles with A groove…??? That groove is all about rushdown and comboing into customs. If u are gonna turtle, try P groove or K. I know the K is a decent rushdown groove, but its not wise to unless u are raged because your bar decreases when u attack.

Umm, if they turtle with vega, then u have to rushdown. Throw a projectile and move in. And since u use Blank and Sagat, just get in range and crounching fierce him. Your bison should have no problem against vega, turtle or not. Bison beats out almost all of vegas moves i think and keep running and jabbing with geese and don’t forget to throw repukens after every c.rh.


Uuummm…how bout almost every single EC A-Groove player?

come back when you have something useful to say.


First, stfu with decent Jur Suck…you’re a HELLUVA lot better than decent. You’re very good. Now…against Vega, pick Bison. Rush that shit down with SK’s, cross his up with j. forward, and j. rh. Bison beats Vega in air with his j. rh, j. forward, and j. strong/fierce I believe. Vega has no answer to Bison’s Devil Reverse. He can’t beat that shit. But most of all, keep on him with poke string ending with short SK’s…then mash on c. jab, repeat. Guard break his bitch ass. Also, when you get a LVL3, anything Vega does can be punished by Super PC. Fuck that bitch up. I hate Vega too.

Oh wait, try turtle Honda too! Vega is dead cause he can’t jumpin like he can on a lot of characters becaue of Honda’s jab Headbutt. Also, I believe Honda’s c. strong beats Vega’s pokes…and Vega can’t retaliate against Honda’s Headbutts. And Honda may be even better vs. Vega because he can knock his claw and mask off THE BEST out of everyone I believe with his 100 Hand Slap. Crossup forward (Vega can’t beat this shit) then mash on punch. Then do fierce Headbutt. In no time you will have him without mask and/or claw. He will be your bitch!


You don’t low jump enough Eric. That’s all have to say.

Oh and learn to RC too. You can fight against Vega’s pokes with RC Ball/Headbutt with Blanka/Honda. Better with Honda though. Off the top of my head only Red Impact counters a blocked Honda Headbutt.


geese: honda doesn’t beat out vega, he just jump back, and i can’t get near him.
i jump in, he’ll jump back, i do head butt he’ll jump back, i tries to get near him, he and his beats out mine.

so i guess my bison is the only characcter to counter vega, and it’s like a 50/50 for me.

hyt: i try small jump, but vega’s AA is too good.
RC works, but the charcter i use, like chun’s spinning bird kick has no effect, cuz vega can just crouch.
maybe my a-groove has a better chance, since i can RC mai’s flame dance to counter vega’s pokes.
i’ll go and practise


Geese is good vs Vega… IMO… Geese’s cr FP is a pretty good AA if used right. U could just pick Ryu or someone and do running jabs… unless Vega can RC really really well… he’s gonna have probs and lose his claw soon.

Honda is only good vs Vega… if Vega wants to attack… and since you live in Canada… chances are… they don’t care much for attacking. So… I wouldn’t really count on Honda.

I dunno… Sagat does fine on Vega.


Are you serious? or was this a joke? don;t turtle with A groove??

yes, out of all the characters in the game, Vega is the best to throw projectiles against, you know because of his slow jump…:rolleyes:

At least you’re right about Bison beating Vega…

I;m also a vega hater, too many easy hits…

oh and anyone else notice that Akuma OWNS him?



As a feared Vega player myself in Florida, I will admit the only opponents I have any problems with are Shoto’s especially Ryu, Every poke you try with Vega, Ryu’ Jab DP will beat it out, If you’re in a corner with vega just about anybody will own you who can rush down. Usually short jumps and fireballs in a corner can keep Vega in. Best way for other vega players is, they jump you roll, Or his scissor kick is also a savior. Maybe this will help, just best advice against vega, try and get in close and trap him in the corner.

As for Bison alone, I’ve never lost to a Bison user with my Vega, When it comes to air to air attacks Vega’s Jumping medium punch will beat Bison’s jumping Hard kick everytime. If they pull of a pyscho crusher on you just do the Level 3 claw after blocking. I only like using Vega in N groove as I feel that’s his most valuable groove.


This thread is confusing. Ppl with differing opinions all around. Lol. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS. No for real, I think Honda does good on Vega, and so does Bison, and Blanka, and Sagat, and Yamazaki. But that’s just me.


Not in P Groove :smiley:

But A Gouki really does well against Balrog if he is well played, I admit. Personal experience.


dude, guiness? you fucking suck…seriously…:rolleyes:




haha jk’ing, i wonder if he remembers me?:smiley:


your bar does not decrease when you attack!

i dont know why people lost to turtles if they turtle dont attack and they might get impatience and not attack…also taunt him make him look like a fool for turtling i have lost to turling before…or zoners…


I’d recommend Cammy. Once you get in close, it’s over. Vega has no real way of beating her standing fierce. If he tries to jump, Cannon Spike. That’s pretty much it.


the only way to beat vega is to rush him down… the following characters do really well against him… cammy,bison,sagat,blanker,chun li,nako,ryu(K groove)
try to counter all ur opponents small jump ins and u will win 90% of the time… :cool:


Eh … The turtlers turtle because they are winning. So a true turtler would not get impatient and just stay back … charging the super meter. :eek: Taunting him and eating a super would make you look more like a fool. Other than … projectile users are good against turtler.


well if your full screen and they dont have a quick super like rock then taunting is fine, i mean you gotta judge the sitituation to taunt…and of course if they have more life then they can turtle so dont get in that situation…

but whatever i suck…


Joe’s taunt :smiley: