Cvs2 for 209 and surrounding area codes

There’s been a spark of interest in cvs2 in Stockton and Modesto and other near by cities, so I was thinking instead of letting it die, why not keep the flame going?

Just an idea, wondering if any of you would be down to try also. Lets have weekly ranbats, or something of that matter every other weekend. pick a day, I don’t care, as long as it’s the weekend. =_= It doesnt even have to be ranbats, we could all just meet up and play. take turns driving to each others arcades next sessions around, or even homes, if needed.

Smooth it out if you want to, just talk and come up with someone so our scene here, ( what little we have) gets stronger

Mods, if you feel this thread is a waste of space. feel free to delete it.

That’s what I’m talking about!:rock:

This sounds like a great idea… I will talk to AKUMA FORCE & PATMONSTA… We can set it up however. Weekends sound good BTW.

Also if this thread gets deleted, I’ll just post in the stockton thread and you can post in mine (Modesto) thread.

TTYS bro, peace.

Yes! You know I’m down for this!

record top 8/top 4 matches at tourneys so everybody can see how norcal gamers are progressing in areas not already really established i.e. not 408.

Yeah, imma start going threw with this in October( the holidays). Pretty much everyone I know in Stockton is down, and you guys in Modesto are in on it too.
Is there anyone in Sac who wouldn’t mind playing cvs2 with a bunch of us? Does anyone in Sac play cvs2 at all?

hope 2 cu guys in modesto today for tournament

Wassup Patmonsta! I hope y’all get your things up and crackin’. =] Dont let the scene in the 209 die. Keep the movement going!

Thnx korngo it was decent with only 12 people and Yos from stockton won congratulations on first place that vega is 2 good

Ok, our first gathering will be on a Saturday 3 or 4 weeks from now. Anyone have a cam so we can film the matches and put it on youtube? Good way to get feed back from an outside source on how to improve.

we should revive grapevine and also include marvel :tup:

Good stuff, We can do that at grapes.

since grapes only has 2 t.v’s and there will be to many ppl in that small store we should scratch that idea. I could bring an extra tv to ur place if ur still willing to do it there and have every1 put in 5 dollars towards pizza frm little caesars :tup:

I’m still planning on throwin shit at my place. Only problem is gettin yer asses up here. Bought new joys and buttons, and getting panels made for the cabinets right now.

i can give rides, its nothin, need to holla at me though and get a SET day so i can request it off from work. Im meh at cvs2 but ill dust my skillz off to get this shiet crackin, holla at me fellaz

wassup Derrick how u been man
we really need to get some marvel in again at the mall because its been way to long since Ive played u

I’m definately down with the idea. If you need someone to do them brackets and hold it down, then call me up bro.

BTW, if anyone is interested, I can bring what’s good in Melty Blood.

whats goin on guys im down for all this too but sad thing is im not goin to be a 209 combatant anymore movin down to fremont but ill still represent my best lol but im goin to be down on the weekends so ill come kick it and place some cvs2

Ok…here are our options on where to have the first meet at…

Impuslze’s house

I’d really like to head over to impizzles house, If you guys don’t know him.he’s very friendly and laid back. If he doesn’t mind.

If anyone has some more options feel free to post them down…

Where’s the movement for 3s around here? I miss that game. :shake:

IDK where the hell the marvel players are at but I know there is definatly 3s players in the 209. Stiches/Jeremy/Cyberscrubs/lintrix/Impact/Stephen/THE WATCHER!!!