CvS2 for PSP! Could it?!

Remember some time back, CAPCOM decided to re-release Alpha 3 for the GBA? They added I think one new character…it was Eagle from CvS2. That was a good idea. They also did the same thing with the first CvS for the PS and added Joe in that one.

Why not create CvS2 and add a couple character maybe a new background and some quick damage modifications…so that at least Kyosuke can fucken’ compete a bit?

I would add about 3 characters-
Robert, and
Fei Long.

Maybe add at least one new BG. Its in 3D so it shouldnt take to long to at least make one. Modify the damage a bit some characters and just call it a day. Remember, of course I would like more but its CAPCOM that we are talking about here, they wont try to hard for something that wont sell too much. So I just keep it to bare and quick fixes that I have an idea of. Your thoughts and/or suggestions welcomed…

NO RC=NO PLAY that’s why the GCN and X-Box versions aren’t used.

Look at CFJ.

Does it look like Capcom is willing to put effort into making a solid product anymore. Maybe if Darkstalkers sold pretty well they might, but I don’t know the figures.

But seriously, Capcom right now is somewhat lazy and timid on spending cash unless their might be a big payoff. Which is why you will see them start to aim a little more toward the mainstream.

Just wait for people to get emus working off the PSP’s memory sticks, your only true hope for perfect MvC2 and CvS2 on PSP is if someone can get Chankast to run on the PSP.

Well, I dont necessarily want to get into a whole RC debate. I belive taking RC out is a good thing. It was a mistake and it shouldnt of been there. Although, some characters need them to be at least viable as tourney material. It only shows how fucken unbalanced the game really is if you need a RC thing to play a lot of charaters.

You’d Break your finger trying to SHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHO all day.

Hahaha, not gonna happen. I don’t think the PSP is even as powerful as a DC, maybe equal at best.

Shoot, just your finger if you’re LUCKY…

you break your fingers and your PSP casing and button . just to attempt those intermiedate executions and ROll cancels

They also added Maki & Yun to Alpha 3 GBA. Yun’s move list says he has the Yang special, which makes me laugh because they never added Yang.

You’re fucking retarded.

The PSP has equal power to a playstation2.

It could be cool.


That’s the thing, it needs to be way more powerful than the PS2 to emulate DC games. The PS2 has trouble emulating SNES games.

cvs2 on psp would be sweet if the analog is usable, unlike choas tower.

No it doesnt, the CPU clock speed is AROUND the same area(still less) but its not as powerful as a PS2.

The Xbox is the first console to get as far as playable GBA emulation, and the xbox has way more under the hood than the PS2, its clear you dont know much about the emulation scene.

Id be ecstatic if PSP emulation got as far as perfect SNES/GBA/Genesis emulation personally.

The point is, I would buy the game if released. Analog would have to be mandatory. It would be fun to have a mini-tourney in a bus or with some dude on the subway as you try to get somewhere.

Acually I think the PSP is has the power of something between the PS1 and the ps2. Closer to the PS2, but not really in the same leage. I would have to say that it has power equal to the Dreamcast. possibly a little stronger.

No it isn’t. Seeing how the GBA2 is equal to a gamecube it can emulate a dreamcast.

GBA2? No such thing yet, and knowing how Nintendo doesn’t usually make hardware that will lose them money (well since VB anyway)I don’t buy into the whole portable GC rumors.

At least not until 2007.

yeah ds is sluaghtering PSP with its near 7 million units.