CvS2 Forums Rules


CvS2 Hentai!!!

OK, I Lied. Not like if I put “Rules” as a title, you would’ve came in here. Ok, Straight to the point. I’m impress how most of you are following the rules.

  1. No asking for videos. I’m serious, it’s annoying. If I see a thread, requesting a video. I will warn you, delete the thread with out notice, and if it continues, I will be forced to take action. This is Strategy forum, no asking for videos.

  2. Search for a thread before making a new one. There aren’t many threads out there and if you are making a thread on a character, make sure you put the threads in their respected forums. i.e. ken combos in ken section

  3. No spamming

  4. Make topic clear, so that people can get the idea what you’re gonna talk about. If I see a topic like “i’m a newbie here”, it will also be deleted with out notice.

  5. Absolutely no PORN attachments allowed, if I find out someone does this again, I will ban with out notice, thanks.

Not too hard to follow, thanks for the co-operation.