Cvs2 Groove Edit Help!

Hey I was wondering how I can pull off sick special combos like everyone else.Please if there is a specific way I should edit it?I have CVS2 for the ps2

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, start.

You must defeat shenlong

Thats your ass mister postman…

There is no B OR A,Plz sum 1 help

Define ‘sick special combos’.

Then maybe we can help.



this thread is worse than anything SFIII ever made, possibly.

please quit life if you didnt get that reference

LMFAO… groove edit… zzz

God, you took that shit seriously? Cant you sense sarcasm? It’s literally kicking you in the ass.

PS groove edit is frowned upon here

Like if you were to go on and look up cvs combos…

Just another topic that makes '07 members look like a bunch of retards.

They don’t use special edited grooves for that…but they do this thing called “practice”…and maybe some programmable controllers…:rofl:


every year (that i’ve been lurking atleast: late 05) has it’s share of retards so I don’t feel too bad about my join date.


Cvs2 players (respectable ones, anyways) do NOT use groove edit. Most the combos you see online are done from simple practice of the game/combo. Now if you have a specific combo you are trying to learn, look it up in the cvs2 section on the forums main page.

p.s. Your probably gonna get flamed for a LONG while lol


the “a or b” people have been refering to.

-There is a CvS2 forum
-EX grooves are OK for fun or when you’re bored but they’re banned in tournaments
-for combos, learn the game systems (again, CvS2 forum)
-if you specify what character and what combo you want to learn it would make it easier for people to help you

man i know what you mean, i wanna learn how to pull off sick combos just like these guys


somebody answer this man!!! i tried your code but all it did was make my hands hurt

maybe b a means you can only do it on dreamcast???

What a pathetic video…I like how all the tweens watching that think the gameplay is TEH AW3S0ME and believe Ken rulez all over Ryu.