Cvs2 groove pix?


wasn’t there a thread here somewhere? can someone hook me up with those thanks!!

making an android theme and figured I wanna use the grooves for the main buttons like call/text/files.


Did you have any luck with this? I’m interested in collecting those images. I found an old [thread](Where can I find animated CVS2 grooves? but the link that Str[e]ak provided no longer works.


Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Images from Saltypedia

They’re low res…as for quality ones, I’d be inclined to make some I think. It’d be interesting to learn a bit of illustrator and try making them aye haha maybe if I have time.

Best of luck to you.

Edit 1.5:

Got the old thread to work using the Way Back Machine: Link

Hope this helps.


thanks :tup: