CVS2 Groove/Team Questions

I’m wanting to play a team comprised of Chun, Nakoruru, and Kyosuke. What would be the best groove for this team? I’m thinking C, P, or N groove.

Also, which grooves have shorthop? Which ones have parry and/or just defend? I know C groove can parry.

Thirdly and finally, does k groove only gain meter through receiving damage?

That team is pretty bad in any of those grooves, imo. Chun is decent in a few grooves, Nak should probably be avoided by beginners, and Kyosuke is terrible.

C can not parry. Only P has parry. Only K has just defend. P, S, N, and K have short jump.

K also receives meter from jding.

If you’re serious about CvS2, read this guide at gamefaqs:
GameFAQs: Capcom vs. SNK 2 (ARC) Systems/Combo Guide by jchensor

It’s written by JChen here at SRK. It gives a really solid rundown on all the basic mechanics of the game.

kyosuke’s damage isnt really that great, yeah neither is nakky’s. but nak can eat away at guard. if I were to go high tier it would be chun vega hibiki or something. generally i just like these characters.

If you want to base a team around Chunli (r2), I’d say go N and add Iori. If you must have Nak or Kyosuke, you could batter with Nak and user with Iori, or batter with Iori and user with Kyosuke, but neither of them are really ideal. I’d go with the former, personally.

Part of the problem you have here is putting characters together that are all best in a different groove. Teams can get away with that with a character maybe (or some characters are genuinely good in a lot of grooves), but when your battery and user don’t really mesh well with your anchor/anchor’s groove(s), you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.

If it’s just for fun anyway, then screw it.

uh… batter and user? what?

Battery, user, and anchor mean 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person in your team order, respectively.

Battery=Your main character to build meter
User=Pretty much your fav character
Anchor=Your ratio 2 character(Biggest character like Sagat or Blanka)

That team would be okay on N. But seriously drop Nako and Kyosuke for now pick sum1 else for a first and have Sagat R2 trust me

I will be playing casually, maybe “hardcore” if someone actually has a cvs2 tournament now that evo is dropping it. I just want a good chun team… And what’s the reason for N over C Chun? She’s more mobile and can compensate for her get up speed with the safe fall etc. Also breaks could add to super damage but is it really that big of an advantage over C groove? It builds meter quickly and chun is all about supers, plus she can cancel her level 2 kicks into a level one Kikoken. Also I would kind of want a team that all the members can be suitable on their own as well as supports for chun li. Iori can handle himself pretty well so he would be a good bet. As for why I like Nakoruru, she does decent damage has a ton of Mixups and absolutely kills guard meter. Her downside is that she can’t take a hit, yeah, but neither can Chun if it’s a knockdown-she really never could. I don’t know if I would like Sagat, I would like his power but he is a little slow. I could try N Ch/Io/Sa. I can see why you are advising me to drop Kyosuke, because his damage sucks outside of supers. Even his guard damage is bad. (BTW this is from watching vids and reading guides. I don’t have the game I’d have to walk to my friend’s to play it, and I’m going to emulate it soon so I can play it at home.) As for the ration twos, who are they? Besides being “big”, I’d like the names. They are in Chen’s guide right? goes to check the guide

Play them in this order - Kyosuke/Nakoruru/Chun. As for grooves, I’d rather pick C or N. K groove can get meter through Just Defend.

Sorry dude, but that team is total ass. Chun is the only saving grace in that team, and if she’s last, she’s going to get wooped on by A-Bison and X-Sagat.

C-Cammy-Guile-Anyone But Nak and Kyosuke/Chun/Sagat-Blanka would be a better team imo.

User is the character that uses the energy(meter) generated by your battery… you generally want a character that has strong meter based combos as your second imo…

Anchor is generally a well balanced usually large character that have damaging combos with or without meter… generally the best you team has to offer lol…

I’m not defending it to the grave. I just dont want to go total top tier. Is rog pretty good in n groove? I like him in this. O and btw you had a3 in your head lol. x ism isn’t in this game :3
Heck I could use blanka, he seems to still be an annoying lil monkey and hes top. Also, is N rock decent? I could do rock chun Sagat.

Bulldancer: Someone just posted that info on team terminology.

Honestly, if you’re just playing casually with a friend, I wouldn’t worry much about it anyway. Competitive CvS2 is more or less dead, aside from a few pockets in the US and Asia. Just have fun with it.

I do that too :3. Sometimes Ill pick a team of todo dan and king just to screw with people. And honestly I do know someone who is good, and I just enjoy having a solid team. Speaking of that could you rate this one? A groove, Ryu, Ken, Balrog. Team that my friend may use if he gets settled into one.
-And if I’m not having fun or being amused by a game what’s the point? If a game isn’t fun don’t do it.
Anyone wanting some netplay for this game for consoles? Cvs1 was the helping game for me getting into sf, I thought it was spiffy, I give 2 pros for succeeding it and being good in it’s own right. A good xbl/psn re release would be cool.

Rog is quirky in this game. Like he does pertty good against sagat, but his pokes are ass in this game. but yeah, even if you were playing against your bros/brodettes , i would drop kyosuke. he’s horrible buddy.