CvS2 Guidebook (Where to purchase)

I’m sorry if this is the wrong location to post this thread, if so, please move it.

I live in NYC and I’m interested in buying the CvS2 Guidebook, If anyone knows where I can get it online or locally (in the NYC area) I’d be very happy.

i believe they are not in production anymore, it used to be on sale at but it says they are not in stock.

you mean the one by brady games, if so go to

I think he meant the real guide, not the crappy one by Braddy games.

Which one, show me the front cover please as I want one

OK so this is the book to get, thanks

ok stupid question but if the book is in JPN , how do u read it ?

The book is mainly used for frame data.

I’m busy right now so I don’t have time to explain it. I’ll explain it when I’m free.

As ShinNeosnake said, the main reason you want to buy the book is because it contains frame data. So, you don’t have to worry too much about Japanese, just read the numbers.

i thought srk had all the frame data? you gotta dig through the old threads for them i guess.

I have the drame data scans. I just want to buy the book so I could probably study them when I’m not on my computer.

go to kinkos and print it all =D, then staple it together, tada!!!

I dont there’ll be a Staple that big, haha.

I orderd mine from That was a while ago, though, so it may no longer be in stock.