CvS2 Guile's roll into flash is Pis@#@ me off!

So, how to snuff that guile roll into flash kick would help alot,

also what really is the BEST defense against a roll throw?

I am playing Live and I use Iori, Terry and ken.

Also, any good punishments to give Blanka and honda would be helpful. They seem to kick my ass more than any other characters.

it’s damn great to play against so many talented players online! Finally!

And thanks to all of those who accept rematches even tho they destroy me everytime. LOL gotta get better somehow.

Out-beating flash kick (I’m playing theory fighter here soo… bear with what might be wrong):
Ken vs. Guile–use jab Shoryuken… beats out basically everything.

Iori vs. Guile–This one isn’t as obvious, I would probably try to cr. forward him. After all, rolling invincibility to low attacks cuts out first. You could also attempt to Scum Gale maybe. I would say RC hcb + RH, but EO won’t allow it. So I think one of the first two ideas should work.

Terry vs. Guile–I dunno exactly what would work. I would try cr. forward again, or jab rising tackle.

Jab fireballs from any of your characters will at least trade, but not in your favor. Even despite this, I doubt they’ll keep trying to roll-in flash kick if it keeps getting smacked. Of course, if you can throw them during their roll, then by all means do that instead! Use punch throw. Best defense against roll throw is to tech hit… so try to throw them instead!

vs. Honda I would concentrate on mind games and don’t let him pressure you. Stay off of the ground a bit more than usual, and use high priority attacks. You can also try to jab rush him, and throw in cr. forward now and then. Keep anti-airs at the ready, always in mind.

vs. Blanka I can’t really suggest much, but you don’t have to worry about spammed RC electricity, so that makes life easier. Don’t try to jump in on Blanka much unless you’re in P/K. Ensure everything you use is very high priority, and use your best pokes. Basically, figure out how to beat Honda, and most of the same strats can be used vs. Blanka. I would try to bait Blanka with your best baits. Just don’t try to jab rush Blanka… that’s… bad…

As long as you are not throwing out random sweeps that will not connect you should have time to hit them out of the roll before they do anything. dragon, sweep, jab, super combo, and even throw if it is at the right distance. Just learn the distances of rolls (guiles seems different than others for some reason to me :)) and just sweep when they are near the end of their roll animation (that’s the easiest way to punish a roll)

EDIT: Something like c.Fierce into QCB+Fierce x 3 should work too. (with iori) if you are REALLY expecting a roll :slight_smile:


why don’t you crouch jab repeatedly as he’s coming out of the roll like everyone else in the world does? or THROW him out of the roll?

Thank You

Its not like this is Kim’s roll where talking about here, launch his ass back across the screen. Or you could even do the weird thing if waiting for him to roll and blocking the flash kick. Yes even now you can learn to block the flash kick, FOR FREE!

cr. Jab? Heh… Might I ask WHY? Sure, do that if you’re having a brain fart, otherwise, show them how punishment feels. cr. Jab is not punishment just annoyance. Throw has been previously suggested.

Because every Roll has vulnerable frames at the end, anywhere from 3-5. So, if you’re rapid fire crouch jabbing or crouch shorting, you’ll hit them out of the Roll unless you’re (a) slow at tapping the button, (b) somehow mistime your button presses to just get caught with the Flash Kick out of the roll, or © you character doesn’t have a very quick jab or short, so you should be picking a medium to stick out as a meaty or throwing.

This is one of those “Ye olde strat from CvS1” deals.

Yeah, I get that part, I just think it’s better to attempt something more damaging than cr. jab x n. If you can easily start good B&B combos with cr. jab, or buffer it into a super, then definitely go for it.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to do a bread and butter, but the whole point is that the problem has to do with high priority special following a Roll. Anyone who continuously gets jabbed or shorted out of a Roll will not continue doing Rolls, which effectively eliminates that problem, AND it’s easy as hell.

Sweeps put them on they ass at yer feet tho :smiley:

Well, going a bit deeper into the mind game of it all, what if you bait them to roll and bread and butter them? But yeah, blah, cr.jab will indefinately cut throat the option altogether.

I like meaty attacks against rolls. You can combo after most of them which makes people way more hestitant to roll then mash C.Jab which is a plus. Meaty attacks just give you more room for error but if your a character has big combos after C.Jab thats fine too. But honestly C.jab can possibly get beaten (more specifically if you mash).
But that is for up close rolling…if they roll at a little distance sweeps also work well.

:lol: Half the time Guile rolls he crosses you up, and throws sometimes miss grabbing his roll:lol: It’s because his roll is so long. It actually helps his turtle game, after a sonic boom if they jump, just roll away if you can’t anti-air.

the fact that his roll is longer makes it more vulnerable to throws, if what you say is occurring it may be a timing issue.

for iori crouching jabs seem the best option to me as the lead to big damage off the bnb, which isn’t that hard if you connect.
you can also connect the super off of this with practice.

if you’d rather use a more laggy attack why not use the cr.sp instead of the as once again you can go into rekkas, cancel into fireball which turns momentum in your favor and allows you to keep up pressure or once again you can super if you know it will hit.

with using cr. fk you can only cancel into the super if you know it will hit, otherwise i feel the match is basicly reset, so to me this seems to be the reaction in which you’ve had a brain fart. but that’s just my opinion.

All these replies are horrible. None of you will ever be able to beat the “whoo… SAMUSAULT!!!” :lol:

Hmmmm… the competition must be pretty bad if roll–>flash kick is a viable tactic. However…

You have options!

Throw comes to mind… but if your timing on this is not there…

Sweep should not be an option, this is too unreliable depending on the distancing of the roll. Likely, guile will roll behind your sweep leading to a free flash kick.

As Mummy-B said, jam on cr.jab or cr.short. If you do this, every roll attempt will end up eating jabs. They may not be damaging, but the point is to get the opponent into the mindset DO NOT ROLL… EVER! Take this out, what have they got left?

Obviously, the best option is to jab/short until one hits and then follow up with the links>>>

easy ones
Iori - cr.short, cr.jab X rekkas
Ken- cr.jab, cr.fierce, fireball (or super!)

Or, how about doing nothing! Land a free combo upon flash kick recovery. You might end up getting thrown tho, so use with caution.

All told, this equation is definitely in your favour, the risk/reward ratio is just not there for Guile… a flash kick that might hit versus a combo or throw that will hit.

Here’s a tip, if you’re in C-Groove, try empty jumping (jump without attacking) once in a while. You will air-block the flash kick, and can punish Guile on recovery. Use this with caution too, Guile might start using cr.fierce as an anti-air, you can’t air-block this.

hope this helps

well hes asking about lag fighter 2 aka x box live
the strats posted here are pretty much worthless if your dealing with that game. dont even help with x box live were roll+throw hella works and roll+super works 2.

Just throw him out of it. Guile has one of THE longest rolls in the whole game. XBL or not, you should be able to do at least that.

uhh, you can’t air block a flash kick on startup either. :confused:

i’m a big time guile fan, and i use him all the time. once i discovered the roll into flash kick, i abused it to no end, but experienced players were always one step ahead, forcing me to go back to old school guile gameplay of turtling and waiting for the right moment to punish my opponents. here are a few ways to stop the roll into flash kick.

1.) do not throw up close projectiles, any person who abuses the roll into flash kick will get you every time with it.

2.) do not hesitate to throw or grab during the duration of the roll.

3.) keep tapping crouching jab or light kick when he rolls, and once guile gets sidetracked by it, combo off of it.

4.) don’t block, cuz then if you keep doing it, then he’ll throw you.