CVS2 hardest thing to Master


wich is the hardest to learn.


paint the fence max hits

#3 x 4 Blankaball super


All those are pretty easy. Real difficult ones are like Vice corner CC and some of the Chun’s fancier C groove combos that require 2 lighting legs linked into each other then linked to a stand strong and shit.


aggreed, the mem combo is pretty impossible compared to PTF or x4. dont forget about sakura’s 90-95% life combo on 60 stun characters. alot of the stuff on the sai rec vid is pretty impossible


Well i ment pratical shit. Not like Kims infinite.


The inf. is practical, i’ve landed it on a few people who thought it was a good idea to safe fall.


wing’s nak is the hardest thing to master


if youre talking about practicality, then i would say ptf because it took me forever to learn (mostly because i suck)


I agree that Flightwing’s Nak is the hardest thing to master.

but in the bedroom, i master his ass.


Yun’s fucking infinite is impossible to master. And it’s practical because Ken did it at Evo2k3. But he’s japanese.




I’m going to say Sakura’s full link into sho sho sho from QCB HK ,lp ,Ching


Consistent Raging Storm at will. It sucks when someone jumps and you fuck up the raging storm like in MrSnk’s av haha.

RC 360 and RC legs for Chun is hard.


i’m having trouble with kim’s infinite past 2 reps :frowning:


Sakura’s Shoshosho is a bitch for me. Sometimes i do it, sometimes i don’t. In the arcade(P360 Shitty American Sticks), i just do the buffer motion, but nothing comes out at the end(super). But on my Japanese stick, i do seperate motions because its loose and easy on my wrist, I sometimes get the super. sometimes i dont.

I Say sakura’s ShoShoSho CC, and linking a lp after the qcb+hk is even harder. That’s impossible for me to do. :sad:


For me it’s learning matchups. But that’s just me.






wiff punishing to super…

Uppercutting random jumpins…

teching throws…

wake up reversal RC’s