CvS2 help: Cammy c. MK xx level 3 super and s. HK xx level 3 super?


Hey all,

I’m not exactly a newbie to CvS2, but I am pretty terrible at it, so I figure that’s just as good.

I’m trying to give my K-Cammy punishment/offense more teeth by learning combos into super, but the only one I can hit so far with consistency is close/far fierce (link) Level 3 Spin Drive Smasher, which is braindead easy to begin with. The two combos mentioned in the topic really seem to be eluding me, however.

I’m not sure whether it’s that I’m doing the motion too fast (or too slow?), or drumming too few (or too many?) kick buttons, or whether I need to pre-roll 1 QCF before the HK, or what. Input Display is garbage in CvS2 training mode is garbage (yeah, it’s really helpful to only be able to see 10 input icons when I’m flooding the buffer with drummed buttons…), so that doesn’t really help me at all, except for telling me when I REALLY screw up and get an up-forward in there for thrashing too hard. (I don’t get too many of those, as I try to roll the motion as gently as possible.)

For c. MK xx super, I’ve been holding down MK to avoid negative edge, but I guess the cancel window must be narrow as hell. I’m not sure whether it’s the motion being rolled too slow or just crappy speed/timing on my button drumming (I press and hold MK with my middle finger, and drum HK~LK [poorly] with my ring and index fingers). Either I don’t get the cancel, or I hit the buttons too soon and get c. MK xx LK/HK Spiral Arrow (or really drop the ball and get negative edge MK Spiral Arrow). If I try doing it really fast, without even hit-confirming (dumb, I know), usually all I get for my trouble is kara-cancelled c. MK xx some version of Spiral Arrow.

For s. HK xx super I basically try to do it the way I do close fierce, link super, only faster. I start from neutral, hit HK with my ring finger, immediately start rolling the two qcfs, and drum MK~LK (usually twice) with my middle/index fingers. I’ve only gotten the cancel ONCE, by accident, and since Input Display only shows me the tail end of the motion, I have no idea what I did right. I’ve tried pressing and holding HK while rolling the super and drumming the buttons, but I doubt that’s making any difference. I’ve also tried pre-rolling 1 qcf and seeing if I could just miss the press window to get HK Spiral Arrow, but that seems like it’ll hurt more than it will help.

For the record, my standard joystick grip is as follows: stick in my lap (sitting upright, feet on floor), index/middle/ring fingers rested on top of LP/MP/HP, thumb rested on top of LK. I hold the stick top between my thumb and index/middle fingers, with my other two fingers curled outside at the base. I move the stick by way of my fingers rather than my wrist (I’m not a total spaz), and I press both punches and kicks with my index/middle/ring fingers (I only use my thumb for LK if I need to do, like, really fast run-up c. LKs).

This is all being attempted on a PS3 MadCatz SF4 SE stick, all stock parts. (I’m playing CvS2 by way of PS2 emulator.)

If you need anything else to go on, please let me know.


try to work on this, slowly at first, (obviously wont work at the slow pace, but have patience)

qcf,, qcf, then piano the kicks.

an effective piano, micro analyzed is this…

hk (lk), release, mk, release, lk (hk) release

You’ll have six opportunities to ensure that you hit the button on the correct frame.

When you get that down, work on the, qcf, qcf, + piano

then get the standing one down.

I’m basically telling you to do a ST technique, where you need to renda kara cancel or something like that… I forget the term, I just do it…

oh, don’t hold the mk… you want the negative edge. The button’s hit… that’s all.


I personally do NOT want the negative edge because i tend to fire out a spiral arrow. If you know you are going to hit, pretty much all i do is, hold onto it then really fast pump out the motion and press LK. This is so if i fuck up, i get LK Spiral Arrow which is safer, and imo is easier than pianoing. You do have less chances in the amount of button inputs though, but i find it just fine to do it this way.

As for far, i do it similar to Ryu’s far fierce into Super…press the kick and just fucking do it…you can only get the Super out and not anything else so just go for it. I usually do the motion the minute the button is pressed and i am committed to the move.

I really don’t know if this helps, alot of it is just the feeling i get while doing it and not much in terms of mechanics.


Practiced the combos earlier today, this time on a different stick (stock 360 Hori EX2, my stick of choice). Managed to get s. HK xx lvl 3 super at least twice, but that still puts my success rate pitifully low out of the dozens of attempts I made. c. MK xx lvl 3 super will probably be a no-go for quite some time until I actually learn how to piano with three fingers.

While I’m bumping this thread, I figure I’ll move on to another big stumbling block of mine – roll cancelling. (Yes, that’s why I play K-Groove, lazy bastard that I am.) I set the dummy (Sagat) to chuck fast low Tigers continuously and made about a hundred or so attempts at RC Ryuu Enbu (flame twirl) with Mai. Of those attempts I know for certain I got two successfully (Mai went through the fireball before her flames appeared, and the Tiger Shot wasn’t destroyed), but getting the motion consistently is still a bitch.

Unlike s. HK xx super, I think Input Display can actually help me here. When I got successful RCs, I’m pretty sure the input display looked something like this (in chronological order, not the bottom-up way the icons appear in-game):

db + LP+LK
b + MP

So my question about RC is this; when you guys go into practice mode and successfully RC, do your successful RCs look basically the same? In other words, is the only practical timing for a qcf/qcb RC to hit the roll at df/db before finishing the motion, or if I piano properly can I wait until the f/b + button at the end of the motion? (Actually, come to think of it, I guess I have to do the roll earlier rather than later, or else I run the risk of hitting qcb +LP+LK and having the Ryuu Enbu override the roll command.)

Also, is it possible to incorporate negative edge to ease the timing on RC? What would the notation for such a motion look like? (For roll cancelling an LP/LK special move or something?)


Roll canceling really is just muscle memory. Chances are if you know the motion and still can’t do it properly, your execution is just sloppy. Try doing easier roll cancels first such as the charge moves until you get those down and go back to the qcf and harder ones. It makes it much easier to do it step by step. Also, if you have trouble with the button part of it, try practicing Kara type moves from other characters such as Todo or Geese or play 3s. And I wouldn’t recommend negative edging it as it really doesn’t make it that much easier.

And if it’s still not coming out, you could try out Justin Wong’s training mode method where you keep doing the same combo over and over until you can do it 100 times consecutively (20 times seems more reasonable to me though :lol:).