CvS2: Help with Athena

Can someone help me out with athena,
like here anti-air, B&B combos, pokes. everything that i may need to know about her. oh and i play in N,K,A grooves but tell me what grooves she is the best in.

Her Anti air is her standing strong. Really, it’s not that great, but it’s all she’s got. Make sure to hit with the tip of her hand, it’s harder to trade then.
Her b&b, if I recall (been awhile) is cr. shortx2, cr. fierce.
Her best pokes involve her crouching fierce, her standing fierce, and, that’s about it as far as normals go for poking.
Athena is pretty fast and well suited to rushdown and poking, in my experience. Her crystal bit is pretty decent at level 1 and up, although damage on it is crap, it’s good for getting people off of ya, and can work as anti air too. Emphasis on can. I use S groove Athena, and she’s solid in that one. Her knockdown dodge attack is her standing fierce, which is great.
Psycho Ball’s are your friend. Mix em up speedwise like any fireball. Alot of people I play against often jump into jab ones.
That’s about all I can remember on Athena.

All you need to know for Athen is the C.HP, dont’ know much else her lp fireball is good for pressure.

She’s pretty good in A-groove. She can use her command throw as an unblockable A-combo starter. As for her CC, activate then command throw -> (super jump -> fierce -> short kick -> land) x N until almost in the corner (usually 1 or 2 times), superjump -> fierce -> air shoryuken -> land -> shoryuken x N until meter is almost gone -> crystal super (2 hits) -> second phase of crystal super.

It does pretty good damage and is usually pretty easy to land since activation gives you 5 free frames to land her 1 frame command throw. Otherwise, just stay away and throw fireballs, charge up meter by doing reverse tiger knee air dives, and when in close, do some poking (mostly with ducking fierce).

I would have to say her anti-air is actually her low fierce… Sorta like Blanka’s slide, it doesn’t look like it should antiair, but it does. Of course, there are attacks that beat it flat out, and attacks that trade with it.

Ex. Against Ryu’s jumping forward, it loses. Against Eagle’s jumping forward, it loses. Against Bison’s jumping forward, it can lose or trade, depending on timing. Against Sagat’s low fierce, it usually loses (damn sagat)

Athena is a good character, but don’t rely on her special moves. She can be thrown OUT of her teleport…which looks kinda funny, but it can happen. Jab fireballs are ok, but don’t get predictable. If you have quick hands, unlike me, you should use the crystal bit level 1 super as an anti-air as often as possible. The reason is that this is one of the level1 supers in the game with extreme invincibility. Out of the air especially, I can only think of a couple supers that would actually hit it out.

Athena is best in run grooves, but she is great in dashing grooves too, because her dash into throw is amazing. Her roll is almost as quick as Iori or Sagat, if I remember the numbers correctly, but don’t rely on this unless you anticipate a heavy attack from your opponent.

but seriously, like someone said, just use low fierce and you will do fine.

athena’s low fierce only works as anti air on moves that aren’t hitting like, straight down. Like, I think Honda’s body splash, as opposed to his roundhouse kick. hence why strong is good as a faraway anti air.



  • standing MP against straight jumpers; shoto’s, joe, bison. Not guaranteed everytime like…

standing MK takes out all. Even Blankas high jumping kicks and Nakaruru’s imfamous crossovers. excellent reaction time

Cr FP- Anti airs the grapplers…raiden, Zangief, and Vice

standing FK- anti airs only those whose didnt zone there jump kick right!


  • Mp–>Mk intant 3 into crystal super.

-jumping down MK into phoenix arrow is a good setup or whatever your choice do to the fact if parried or block she still bounces to safty

  • cr shorts into cr FP is beautiful B&B
  • tatical theory*
  • using your teleport is crucial. Build a solid mind game with it!

  • Psychoballs trade with strong jumpers such as sagat and vega, use wisely


-FP is abusive…make sure you dont over use it!

-Mp–>MK combos…and if missed recovery is that of cammy!

-learn your levels of phoenix arrow…meaning learn how to do it at the drop of a dime out of air…and at different portions of you oppent: head, chest, crouch, knees…

Thats about it till i feel like posting more

Actually, Athena is in the best roll class; better than Sagat’s and as good as Iori’s (her’s covers more distance, though). Athena, Benimaru, Iori, Kim, King, and Yuri have the best rolls in the game; 24 frames long (quickest rolls in the game) and are vulnerable to attacks only on the last three frames. Naturally, they can still be thrown, so don’t abuse rolls. Athena’s is just safer than most characters.

Somehow everyone forgot jumping fierce as antiair, and yes really it is. If you press foward and fierce when you jump you either throw them or smack them back down. And yes it will beat Haohmaru’s jumping fierce, at least it has for me. Her but bounce can be used as anti air as well. K and S are probably her best grooves, S groove Athena is just fucking nasty. Learn the shinning crystal bit, its imperative to Athena play. Id post more but im not lazy, just remember when all else fails downfierce that shit. :lol:

I’ve never gone against a good P-groove user before, but I am wondering if it’s possible to parry and then attack her butt bounce? Or is it almost a safe bet that she’ll clear the parry and you may phoenix arrow without any hope of reprisal?
No one really uses P-groove here, and the computer doesn’t wanna co-operate.

Yeah it’s possible to hit her. It’d have to be with something fast though, because remember that a Parry gives frame advantage.

I’d say just about any DP would hit get her clean, mp and fp versions easily.

ok the butt bounce answer for you guys

lets use sagat (but use the advise to work with your favorite)

head level but bounce: within p groove you can parry…but she has so many options to do. You will have to let her perform the next step before trying to counter. Other grooves…you can uppercut if timed right, but the hit will be worthless

Mid level butt bounce: counter wisely p groovers…cause she can either shining crystal…phoenix arrow or super phoenix arrow but either way you should be able to tiger knee that ass or uppercutt that ass.

The butt bounce is something i use on cats who doesnt have a distant anti air (ie uppercut). Use wisely when using it and lean different outcomes of it.


Sagat can smack the shit out of her off the butt bounce, standing roundhouse will hit her. You cant be predictable against p groove anyway, and yes I do play p groove also, as well as n, s and k. The problem with playing against p groove with Athena is that the opponent is always waiting on one of three things.

A. A fireball
b. Jumpin Roundhouse or Foward
c. Crouching Fierce

You have to use alot more crouching, shorts into crouching fierces and alot more standing jabs, ducking jabs. Mix up your Psycho Ball Attacks as to not get repetitive, and above all air throw that shit! :lol:

well when you get here I will show you when i use the butt bounce (this makes us sound like strippers:p ) effective. Ive taken on alot of sagats ( no in p groove) but when i do the butt bounce either they:

walk forward and get phoenix arrowed

take the hit and fall the hell down…

just block

but I will show what im talkin bout…

Lol I know what you are talking about, ive been using Athena for awhile and I still do use the butt bounce all the time. I was just making the comment that you can be smacked after a parry even though most people wont think about it. I will say though out of all the grooves, P is generally the hardest for me to beat with Athena, alot of times ill have to switch to Nak in that situation agaisnt a really good P Groove player. And who says im not a stripper eh:lol:

Athena, Athena…most people don’t realize one thing about her…many nowadays who play against Athena use low jumps in grooves that have it available, or use charaters that counter her ducking fierce. In these situations I have found that standing forward, and toward+forward are very good. Personally, I use tow+for. It’s actually her best anti-air, respectively since the shinning crystal is a super. It hits anything because she jumps forward and kicks. Only those that super jump and that you’re close to it won’t hit, but then you moved forward so they can’t hit you either. Try it.

ALSO…I found something very useful with Athena. Read carefully:

Jab psycho ball…run towards them…get close enough to grab…throw one ducking short, then use her command grab…if you’re in the corner, then follow up with a fierce psycho blade, actually, any running groove can do that. If you want to make the person look bad…do a shinning crystal. Damage wise it’s almost the same. The latter take slightly more damage. In S-groove her shinning crystal is pretty strong. I think that’s her best groove. She has all she needs…infinite level1 supers, run, and dodge. Although, I use her in N- groove. I’ve beaten alot of Sagat and Blanka players. The only ones I have trouble with are the Shotos. I’ll let you know when I’ve devised some strategies.

Oh…by the way…if you have someone that doesn’t have an uppercut or priority command grab, i.e., Zangief, do a ducking short and then command throw them. It usually works. Becareful though…mix things up. Firts time do d. short x3, then knock them down with the butt bounce. When you see that they are knocked down run in and do the command throw strategy. It almost always works for me…especially against k and p grooves. Try it.

Not knockin ya…but her best anti air is standing medium kick…jumping toward FP and crouching FP. U use that toward forward {kick} with a medium punch combo [3hit]. Other wise bison will rape you…rolento will laugh at you and blanka…well i rather not get on that.

Crystal supers are no good unless its a wake up call honestly. Lv 1 are pathetic in that case. S-groove??? [is it me or is people suddenly on that with her since the evolution preview??]

anyhow you say you can beat sagat and blankas but have trouble with shoto’s??? odd.

just a question on your jp psycoball run---->low short command grab.

What if bison jumps…what is sagat crFP that shyt…what if vega decides to trade hits by just sliding??

I ask cause ive tried that in casual battle [during my beginning athena dayz] and got tore up. just wondering

Yeah I can do that S Groove shit to, it looks good but there are about 10 different ways out of it. I guess once you learn how to do it it becomes easier to get out of or something. Actually Athena can effectively beat Sagat, her df is anti air for any jump in he has, and as long as you can effecitively hit and run on Sagat you have a good chance of beating him. I have beat many Sagats in my day because they always seem to want to underestimate the matchup. That is one matchup to where Athena cant be predictable with her df. Sagats will win over Athena’s, you have to use her speed and Psycho Balls tricks to be most effective. You actually want Sagat to jump at you.

The reason he probably has problems with Shotos is because there jumping roundhouse and jumping foward will stuff most of Athena’s anti airs. But here is a weird thought, if they jump at you and you know you cant antiair them why dont you just roll? Your roll will recover before they land and Athena has one of the better rolls in the game. You could even just run past them if nothing else or even teleport. There is always a way around with Athena its just a matter of knowing what it is and executing it.

Well thanks for the info. I like to question things cause i rather learn than be an idiot ya dig.

anywho…jae when you comin to the east coast man??

Im not sure my ass is on crutchs right now so im not going anywhere. No prob with the questions, ill always answer them if I know how to. I think the biggest problem most people have with trying to play Athena is they try to get to fancy with her, she isnt a combo character, hell I have no combos outside jumping roundhouse to crouching fierce. She is just a sold based character made more for annoyance tactics than anything else. To many people look for either flashy like Terry or Kim or another Sagat, which she is neither. But used in the correct fashion she is just as deadly. BTW I can beat Rolento, Terry and Kim with Athena which are so called bad matchups for her.