CvS2: Help with Athena

In the other thread Peachy mentioned how there were two cancels for the SCB super, one that goes straight across, and one that goes up slightly. How do you do the different ones? I know it has a different angle in the air, is that what he was talking about?

After you start the shining crystal…if you do QCB and one of the following button this will happen

LP = the fireball will go straight across

MP= will go forward but then shoot upward

FP = like a wavelength…goes up down up down up up…this is for the confusion

I maybe wrong…I think. I normally use FP. And just recently learned how to cancel the shining crystal land and start it up again.

Well…I have problems with the Shotos because their jumping mk is too good. I have actually run under them and tried to df them, but they still hit me! Now that sucks. Well…I admit when I’m wrong…and I was wrong with her towMK. It’s good, but not against everyone. I actully use strong instead for characters that jump high. Blanka can get hit with df if you are a certain distance away. Likewise with Sagat’s df. Athena’s df is invincible at the very tip. That means she hits everything. A butt bounce can be hit solidly by the shotos with their df. Also by those with df’s that are similar like sakura, vice, etc… If I do the lp fireball and run in for the shorts I try to mix it up. For a few times I do shortx3 to df. then when they get used to blocking I do my command throw strategy. I don’t know why that other person can’t do it. MIND GAMES PPL.

I am curious now as to which groove is her best one.
I prefered her in K groove at first, but I’ve since switched to N in spite of the lack of options against roll cancelling.
I liked having the mobility of K blended in with the extra options from N, and besides I try to not jump anyway unless I jab psycho ball and the other person jumps it (Or if they are hopelessly broken by Athena’s damaging mind games). Also once you break stock you can use her lvl.3 supers in the air against RC’d moves (Easier said than done for me, as I only have a D-pad to practice on, and my reaction sucks) Also, while she is excellent in K, I felt that she needed just a little bit more mobility to be even more dangerous.
(I was recently slaughtered by my brother GF2 while he was playing Todo in K, and he practically raped K Athena in the corner)

Like what someone said earlier in this post, she really doesn’t need to roll cancel anything, although her RCs are pretty good.

Against a shoto’s jumping foward you either do jump up and foward, not the but bounce just foward, or you can always teleport away.

Athena’s best groove is often times debatable, while I think she is underrated in K groove, a roll does actually help Athena alot. I went back to N at the last tourny and her roll is just to good not to use. Obviously you cant be predictable but there were to many instances I could remember where I just could roll and throw someone. I would say overall N is probably her best groove followed by A and C but thats just my opinion.

Yeah, this is odd, but that’s how it is sometimes. This is slightly off topic, but Maki does very well against Sagat, and not too shabby against Blanka. Despite this, she has problems against Shotos, Yun, and Raiden. So really to me it isn’t that odd that Athena shares this quality.

Anyways, back on topic. Yes, you can make do with the teleport for safety (good idea when in desperation). You could high jump back and psycho sword. You could high jump back and qcb + RH. Sorry if it’s really qcf + RH, I always get it mixed up with Athena. If it is qcb + kick, then you could also TK it if you need it fast, in which case it might not succeed j. forward, but it’s worth a chance to test.

Really the question for me usually is how do you beat Yama and Vega with Athena? Those are usually my most troublesome matchups and I really havent found a way to counter them yet.

Thats all I play here jae man. Yama’s. I use the lk phoenix arrown into a crFP for the ol chip chip chocolate chip.

standing MK takes his jump in out ( exclude k, n, p groove)

he has problems with the lp psychoball.

phoenix reflector works wonders…when timing jumpins.

butt bounce into lk phoenix arrow is lovely

patience is a key…

Well with Athena you have to realize that she’s one of the light weights like Sakura, Yuri, and Nakoruru so speed is her strong point and not very much strengt. With characters like that you have to know how to combo. I recommend using either C Groove or S Groove (just for the record I hate S Groove but that’s just my opinion so please don’t flame me on it and yes I know how to use it). As for Yamazaki play defense and counter with quick attacks. Also a handy combo is to use her “Fang Arrow Super and follow up with her “Psycho Sword”. Projectiles” are your friend but becareful with his “Double Return” move and beware with missed “Psycho Swords” as with most uppercuts if it doesn’t connect you’re in deep dog food. Also your “Phoenix Arrow” should counter his “Guillotine” Super.

Sorry I can beat Vega with Athena but I don’t have a specific strategy for him…wait when you say Vega do you mean Vega (M.Bison in America) or Vega (Balrog in Japan)?



Thanks for the info man. No flames from us man. We enjoy a good lesson or stratagy and quick to ask questions. Appreciate it greatly.

I believe jae was speaking on VEGA (claw aka balrog)**

Is it worth tigerkneeing any of Athena’s moves?

When I first started I liked Athena and now that I understand the game more I REALLY like Athena. My question isn’t so much about power but which is more of a crowd please:

A-Groove Athena I have found the best way to activate is jump in, activate, dragon punch before landing…

then after that which is more of a crowd pleaser doing dragon punches into her super or doing c.fp into her super.

Ahvbing her phoenix arrow has its uses. The FK version is a fairly good poke andthe LK one after that is a good bait. ON aother note no one mention athenas S.FK, and i dont know why!! Its recoverey is cammy like and it just a notch less out prioritizing than her D.FP.

First off there is one thing you need to understand if your going to be a serious Athena player. FUCK THE CROWD! Seriously, use her to win not to show to the people, thats when you lose with her. Alot of people try to get to fancy with Athena and end up fucking up. And actually the best way to activate is to wait for them to jump at you and do her special throw. As far as the rest goes use the dp into the super its usually better as far as damage goes, fuck crowd pleasers.

OH btw when I said Vega I meant the american Vega, as far as Balrog goes, just df that shit.

Athena is a goddess. It’s amazing how often people fall for her SCB… And these guys are considered to be the ones to challenge at our local arcade and all, with their RCing and stuff.

Athena Athena… I have all of her albums…

I never really have too much trouble w/ Yama’s(maybe I’m not playin the right ones) but a good Vega does stick a claw in me. I think the way to beat vega is to bounce around worse than him and dont let him get on top of you.

People think she is all just cFP… well, yeah duh. BUT ya gotta be smart on when to use it. Athena’s cFP can even be effective against Sagat if you do it at smart times. If he cFPs and you roll in and hit him on the recoil or from behind, he’s gonna think twice about future cFPs… then who’s winning the cFP battle?

How many times can I say cFP in one post? I bet I could fit in one more cFP.

Alot of it is because of the perception of Athena, most people see her as weak and inferior, which obviously she isnt. The thing is the SCB doesnt do that much damage expect in K Groove, so people dont really fear it. You can hit someone with one or 2 shinning crystals and they wont even bother to notice at times. Its kinda stupid that way.

Oh and as far as a groove Athena goes, the best activate setup is to wait for them to jump at you.

then what? activate CC, command grab?

and how does athena do against the top tiers? i know just cr fierce that shit all day against sagat, even on jump ins. but just make sure not to trade with his cr fierce, or you’ll die quick. what about blanka, and to a lesser extent of the top tiers, chun li?


PS- anybody know where i can find some match vids with athena? i have the evo dvd and have seen peachy’s vids, but where are some more?

I really dont know of any match vids personally. I mean if you lived near Seattle you could just watch Team Athena - Me, Peachy and Puzzlefite. But we dont ever tape our matches over here.

As far as the CC goes that is how you start it if someone jumps at you. Its just situational awareness more than anything.

Athena can do good against top tier if you know how to play her. She actually can beat Sagat contrary to popular belief, but Blanka gives her more of a challenge. Just a few tid bits since im lazy right now. Sagat cannot jump at Athena, her df antiairs everything he has. Playing against Sagat is kind of like a wait and see game, throw some fireballs and see how he reacts. Then you can judge on how offensive or defensive you have to be against him. You should never be trapped in a corner with her Teleport, is it annoying yes but it keeps you alive.

what are the best ways to use her teleport? i have a pretty simple game with her now. i don’t use jab fireballs very much if i’m far away, i usually just tiger knee her phoenix arrow for meter, then wait for my opening to hit her CC. i know if i used her teleport more it would set up more grabs into CC’s and other tricks. any advice on when i should use her teleport?