CVS2: Hibiki

CvS2: Hibiki a-grooving!

I wanna know some good strats with hibiki in a-groove! So far ma whole game is all about turtling with her and using the d.hp and her jabs a lot. But once i fought against a top sagat play i got totally raped… (F***ken Vegita!) So far i mastered the hcb+hp crossover CC i just luv that looks so nice! Well, is hibiki a turtle or pitbull play?? And any strats?

how do you do her cc?

its just all hcb+hp repeat… its diffcult becuz the move makes u crossover the opponent so u have to time ur motion of the hcb+hb… once u master it, one word WOW.

The CC is done like this:
-ur on left side and ur opponent is on right.
-u pop cc
-then to start it i do s.hp,
-then hcb+hp, u crossover to other side
-now ur on right side and opponent is on left
-hcb+hp repeat…
-end with her hcb,hcf+p

It sounds ez but hard to pull off… cuz if u do the motion to fast the hcf+p comes out and u done want that.

Well one advantage to Hibiki against slow characters is that she’s got incredible reach with some of her moves. Her pokes also do a considerable amount of damage. My main suggestion, never have a tactic revolving around turtling, turtling is like the tactic of those who don’t know how to advance on their opponent, plus it’s annoying to play against.
Alright, minus the turtling aspect, Hibiki is an extremely effective slash and dash I guess you could call it. She can whip out a move, get em to A:block and push the opponent back, or B:get hit and take considerable amount of damage, and then she can avoid oncoming attacks easily. My best suggestion in A-ism is only use her CC, never just use her big supers because they do just as much damage as her normal attacks.
The way I play Hibiki, I don’t very often, but here’s my suggestions: Always keep your opponent on guard for highs and lows, make it a guessing game. When they jump in the air, strike em down with a jumping hard slash, or roll underneath them so you have them on their blind side. When you see a GooD oppurtunity, use her hcb+p move, and rush in then combo it to a qcf+p, and do lots of damage, and if you have a full A-ism bar, then activate her CC etc with the awesome Hcb+p combo, which yes does a ridiculous amount of damage. One of her best pokes if you want to get the opponent the hell away from you and keep your guard up I believe is HK, the one where she unsheathes her blade. Very nice. When your opponent is trying to play with you and jump in the air back with HKs or something (CHEAP SAGAT PLAYERS, COUGH COUGH), then just start busting out qcf+p, they can’t get near you, and your bar goes way up, which means your ready for another CC to come out.
-Good Luck

I just had a weird idea, if u Activate CC and then try to do a juggle across the screen, I think that would look pretty cool, like CC->c.HK->s.HP->hcb + p for somehow keep it going till the other side of the screen, and the maybe if timed right catch in mid air with the hcb hcf p special…weird ass idea but have any of you seen it done before? or similar? :lol:

HAR, that’s acutally the first A-groove combo i ever figured out by myself…it takes like 3 qcb+jabs to get to the corner from the other side. goodstuff…cornver to corner.

If you ever connect the hcf k counter, you can activate and do qcb jab till corner.

Her plain easy cc is cr.fierce x 3, qcb+jab repeat. then super.

hey magician how’s it going? you live in cali? I’m the strongest YU-gi-oh player world wide i’m guessing you’re great at the game. cuz i think i seen some of your matches taped on DDRFreak adn
anywho a grooving with hibiki sn’t that hard man. If you think og it her a groove combos are traps adn magic series. Not really big though. Her level 3 is ok but very tonned down he u don’t know how to mash out to a A groove chain. her simpleds consist of these series as i think that might as well put a strat and combowah…

s.h, h, c.g, df rk, db, yeah something ilike that to combo out. real easy character to own. Her moves are only counter, anti TKaaa, adn a special move much like hayato capcom has thought out hayato very well so far. But back to combos i;m not really sure what you’re asking still i just start a war plane aguess…

I just started playing around with A-groove Hibiki…She’s a goddess. Her combo takes some practice and is kinda tricky to do, but it’ll be worth it.

Hibiki is definetly a turtle character. The basic stuff should be common knowledge: standing fierce for anti-air, crouching jab, standing strong, crouching strong are all great pokes. Jumping strong or roundhouse are probobly her best jump ins. Roundhouse also crosses up. Bread and butter: crouching short x3, crouching jab, QCF+Jab or Strong. (Some characters can hit you even if this connects…check the knowledge base) If you’re really close and you get it to hit, you can do standing close roundhouse cancel into QCF+Fierce for a knockdown. If you land the QCB+P move and you cross over, IMMEDIATELY/ALWAYS go for either the QCF+fierce move or her super if you wanna get flashy. (She only can do one super in A-groove…So it shouldn’t be hard to figure out which one)

Basic CC: activate, (crouching fiercex3, QCB+Jab), repeat till meter’s about out, crouching roundhouse, super.

For more damage…After doing the 3 fierces and QCB+Jab, you can then put in a lot of jabs (I can’t remember exactly how much), fierce, then QCB+Jab and repeat to get more hit count.

Other CC: activate, (close standing roundhouse, QCB+Strong) repeat till meter’s about out, super.

Another ground CC. Can only be done at close range and out of the corner.

Activate of counter is pretty sweet. Not only can you almost quarentee a custom off a counter, but it’s long, somewhat flashy, easy, and will piss your opponent off.

Counter CC: Counter move, activate, QCB+Jab till corner, standing fiercies until meter is about out (See if you can get it to be a normal standing fierce, not a close one) then super. Easy, quarenteed damage if you can land a counter. That’s what makes A-Hibiki so dangerous: She can sit on her meter the whole match, and just wait for that counter and unload the quarenteed damage.

You’re wasting at least 1000 points of damage that way.

If you connect a close roundhouse, you should always do a crossup QCB+P then QCF+fierce or super.

u suxors this is a serious debate moron!

if you connect with her roundhouse throw anywhere on the screen, activate and go into a juggle custom combo

Thanx for all the tips, i new that hibiki was a turtle player, i cant seem to get very offensive with her. The s.hp is a good aa, but i figured out the c.hp is much better and hard to parry or JD cuz she goes down.

One thing i dont like about hibiki is that her rolling sucks, its slow and the recovery after that is horrible, so many times i try to activate CC and got thrown or supers up ma A@@, i use very lito of that.

The CC u guys talked about is very interesting, the air slash combo and the counter and slash, but i believe that they take too lito damage cuz u dont get as much its and the counter CC must me in counter… so i think ma dizzling hcb+hp is much better (damage and for show)

Heres wat i know so far:

  • her pokes are amazing, i usually begin the pokes with c.lp and then, then use the c.hp. I follow this cuz if the opponent decides to roll in between, the u can throw him or c.hp after roll recovery
  • i hardly eva jump with her and only jump if its truly safe, basically i c.hp all day and then hcf+P do chip and stay way.

Hehe thats all i do… and it works

M.M Lee:
no i dont play Yugioh i just like the name of Dark Magician, i think it sounds kewl and i like to have ppl call me that… heehee.

And i live in T.O

Yeah, but the timing is really strict on this. Any tips :sweat:?

use the activation of CC to start doing the run slash move. all i can say

What the hell is your problem?

I think the counter is a biatch to use to go into the hcb + p cross screen juggle, I’d rather just do c.rh, s.fierce, but the counter definitely looks nicer :smiley:

The reason I don’t like A-Hibiki is that in this groove she’s a better turtle than anything else. In K groove she’s an offensive monster and can seriously rush down very aggressively. Just an interesting note on how different a character plays in different grooves.

I been playing around with the new CC and this is what i noticed:

-After the counter one and then on going crossover slash take incrediable time and truly is hard to do.

-The one where u throw and then pop CC and then slash doesnt seem to work, i been trying and the slash doesnt hit

So any tips?

i dont really use hibiki in a groove, i agree with randomcelestial that shes better in k groove. a rusher is definitely more harder to overcome than a turtle. anyway, her crouching fierce is not a really good aa. one example is sagats jumping roundhouse. her crouching fierce will not beat that, the standing fierce is much better and has higher priority. the crouching version should only be done against opponent who jump in from far and are about to land near your feet, but then again, the standing fierce will still be better at that i think.
also, you shouldnt be rolling much if youre going to turtle. rolling is not a very good idea all the time. just the other day i got owned by some roll crazy blanka yama and rog. yesterday, i just kicked back and swept him out of his roll and killed him with one just my nako. rolls are only good during rushes or when they need to be done, like to avoid getting hit. dont use it to move in, or dont use it much to move in cuz it gets predictable fast. the best time to start a cc is always after a whiffed move, another good time would be right as they jump in on you, since the activation gives you a couple frames of invincibility. oh, and right as you get up after being knocked down. this is kinda hard to time right, but really effective, i wish i could do it all the time. trying to activate it after a roll works sometimes, but i wouldnt reccomend it.