CVS2: How to tell if you roll cancelled


Basically the title says it all. I’m screwing around with CVS2, and am trying to learn to roll cancel. Is there any visual cues I should look for? Will any portion of the roll come out for me to see if I did so successfully? Or is my only cue if I don’t get hit by a hadouken in training?


Yep. There are no visual cues at all.

I think you might be able to hear the roll, but not 100% sure on that.


Thanks. Think I got it down, but I’ll test it a little more later to make sure.

Fun game.

  1. There will be a very noticeable roll sound effect that will be heard while the roll cancelled move is animated. I find sakura’s fireball is a fairly audible one to practice.

  2. In many cases I believe you can see a slight bit of animation. Very distinctive rolls like those of cammy or kyo seem more obvious to me.

  3. Go to training mode and record fast tiger shots with Sagat. If you have RC’d they will pass partially through you and with proper timing completely through u.

  4. I learned RC with psychocrusher, as I felt charge RC would be the easiest given the relatively minimal joy stick movement. At this point I am more reliable at qcf RC’s, I would say I can do them 95+% of the time. Where as with charge I am sill not as reliable, so I might recommend learning hadoken first. RC electricity and Hands are actually not too hard but i think being comfortable with qcf RC will help you more when learning, given that RC electricty has so many inputs.

  5. Practice a lot, it will take a couple weeks to master and sadly I find it is one of the first skills I lose w/o practice. But it is an incredibly powerful technique that will take your game to a higher level than even sho-sho-sho or paint-the-fence.


There can be a small forward movement on a rc, but it is best to just try to rc through fireballs so you know for sure. I always set up training mode with sagat spamming low tiger shots.


sakura’s goofy ass lookin roll helps with rc’ing if I recall, easier to see when you pull it off


Record P2 doing fireballs then perform it. I’m pretty sure you should notice the animation frames as well, I think it’s only 2-3 frames after the roll that you do the RC.