CVS2 in Hollywood

Anyone…Oh and listen to this…a sequel to CVS2 make it all top tier capcom characters cammy blanka sagat plus new characters and have it cell shaded with more simple backrounds and a slightly updated n-groove…Have an arcade version where you can use cards to store player info and have it in a car game type setup with another screen for a full selection of music to choose from…And both type of joystick and jap buttons…Sound sweet?

What the f*ck are you talking about, son?

He’s talking about CvS2 son! CvS2! Say it!


lol. But is he talking about a modified version of CvS2? I’m all about the O.G. version. That’s my word.

O.G. Version?

the only version

minus EO

Oh wow! Great idea! So glad you posted this. As a Capcom game designer I will personally make sure to do everything you suggested!!


Nice right