Cvs2 in the 626

sf4 is way shitty
sc4 is even shittier
t6br is not on console

so who the fuck wants to play this transvestite of a game

im in hacienda heights right off the 60 (azusa). 2 exits away from vid94 and like 7 exits from super.

azusa and what

i started play cvs2 more near sf4 console release im down to get some casuals in
albeit im still learning
ps we can play at ai too they have a small 2p setup with a broken 2p mp button

i live right next to wilson high school if you know where that is. azusa and colima are the two biggest cross streets around me and im about a 5 minute neighborhood drive from there.

i try the ai machine like once a year and its always in the same shape: shitty.

when are you free for some games? im pretty free most of the time

i got 2 hori sticks for ps2 cvs2. only 1 stick for dc cvs2.

long live cvs2

i no longer live in the 626 :frowning: :frowning:

Yea I know where that’s at
I live by la puente highschool near valley and hacienda

I have a ps2 stick and that’s it no ps2 or cvs2 and im inbetween jobs right now so im free whenever.

As for AI Only problem with it is the 2p mp is out and its a tight squeeze on one cab. But the game doesn’t pull in players so no point in double cabbing it

Just let me know when you wanna get some games in keep in mind im still learning the games

I’m down for cvs2

who’s your main team?

Mine is C-Groove Guile/Ken/Sagat R2

cvs2 for life! I live in the El Monte area. I’m down as well. I use C-Groove Ken/Terry/Guile R2

are you going to move back to the 626 when you finish schoolin, bean? hit me up when you are in the area to play some games. 3s is still dope when you dont play it too often, but sf4 … man …

im just looking to play some, im not some cvs2 pro or die hard. all for good fun.

i play c a and p with a bunch of characters

Yeah insomnotek I’m down if you guys are having a CvS2 get-together.

yea im interested. games really fun
im a k-groover :smiley:

im going to AI to play sf4 on thursday but i would enjoy some cvs2 in between games

If they fix the broken mp on 2p side then I’ll play also.

the owner is pretty chill, if you ask him he would get it done.

If you played me or Watson in CvS2 back in the day, you would hate this game too!

ill be at ai tomorrow. keep in mind dentron

haha. i hate this game already but just not enough yet

someone open my eyes, im asian

I’ll be at AI tomorrow for cvs2.

ggz in cvs2 yesterday. i forgot this game can be fun…once i stopped trying to focus attack.

sorry I couldnt make it thrusday night , hw :frowning:

cvs2 on sat night???

yea ggs indeed, still getting the hang of this game hence me dropping like every combo.