CvS2 Interface Improvements

If someone wants to make suggestions about game balances, like giving P-groove super cancels or S-groove an easier time to charge or whatnot, this is NOT the thread to do it in! :mad: Here, we will be talking about how to improve the already decent system interface. :coffee:

  • There should be an option to turn handicap off, making it ever so slightly faster to select your team in VS mode

  • Rematch option is a MUST! Probably the most needed adjustment, would save so much time

  • For Demo Mode, instead of playing the sequences they have now (random CPU brokenness), the system should play a random replay file kept on the system! Would make passive viewing of the game during downtime entertaining! :hitit:

  • Multiple Recording inputs in Training Mode, with the ability to have the computer pick one at random. Great for practicing option selects!

  • More replay options, like pause, fast forward, rewind, slow, and of course, with technology these days, the ability to send out replays over the internet (come on PSN!)

  • Training Mode input display should have an option for it to be displayed horizontally instead of vertically

  • Boss Battle should be displayed after unlocking instead of requiring secret button presses

If y’all have any more, please post! Sooner or later, Capcom is going to have to do a re-make of this awesome game; lets give them something to work with!

Barring some turnover in the street fighter department, I don’t see capcom revisiting CvS2 anytime soon. That said, I agree with everything you said. I would add:

-Let you save your training mode settings (it’s such a pain to turn on input display every time!).

-Provide the link timing flash like in sf4 training mode.

-Have demos showing b&bs for each character, with inputs being displayed on the screen.

To have the old CvS1 stages/music back. :slight_smile:

Another thing i wish for lulz would be to have CvS1 versions of the characters and their EX Counterparts. It would be fun to mess around with.

I just thought of another one: make it so you can lock the guard bar and the stun number to their default values.