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Surprisinly, there is no thread based on iori alone so i guess i think will start this one. I use this fucker in A groove and i downloaded some of the vivids on him, but i can never get his ground projectile to connect. I’ve tried it like a million times, it seems like i’m doing it right, but it just never hits.

CC. foward standing mp’s a plenty, when get into corner, c.rh, s.fpx2 into, DB, HCF P.

For some reason, i just can’t get that super to connect. I can get his other one to hit, but his db, hcf p followed by a fierce DP does more damage. Can some one help me out, am i doing something wrong here or is it just my shitting timing??? I always nail the super right after the second standing fp’s, right when they are at the very top, which seems right according to the vivs. So, if any Iori users are out there, which i know there must be a ton, please help me here.

Oh, feel free to post any Iori strats of your own too.


Take a couple of steps back. In my video, I used the “jump back” method, but you can inch back during hits on the ground as well (e.g. close s.fierce x2, inch back). The point is to create space between you and your opponent. If you are too close to them, the pillar’s hit frames will be offscreen when you throw it.


basic stuff:

anti-air: c.fierce, close s.fierce, dp (which is suprisingly his worst option)

bnb combos: (s.jab -> s.fierce or c.strong or c.shortx3 or s.strong xx towards strong) xx rekkas x3, c.short x2 -> s.short xx super.

long range poke: c.roundhouse (make sure it gets blocked/hits), s.roundhouse, s.strong (which has decent range)

short range poke: s.jab (mid hitting), c.short, c.strong, s.forward.

Things to note:
Iori’s s.forward is a great move that doesn’t get used enough, it hits/stuffs a lot of things it shouldn’t and has a huge hit box. c.strong has 3Strike Ken like properties.
Iori has the best roll in the game, covers the most distance in the shortest amount of time.
RC rekkas are self explanatory.
His dash sucks, but he’s great in A-groove. Sigh, if only he had a hop.
Command grab is useful just to keep your opponent guessing.
His overhead sucks almost as much as Sakuras.
s.strong is a great spacing move. the cancel into towards strong lets you set up a lot of stuff (s.strong xx jab fireball into short jump strong, etc.)
Iori’s great in run grooves (running s.jab) but he shines in A. With many damaging options and many ways to combo into his custom, he’s fairly dangerous.


would you recommend iori in any other grooves? Also i hear people saying that Iori’s c.MP can be used to play a “rushdown Ryu” type game. I’ve had this done to me with Ken (i think) and eet wahs crappy. Anyone have any advice on this?


Other than A I use him on N groove, great for aggression and short jumping adds to the fun with his pokes. Use short jump lp and hk for pressure poking. Never use his ground fire super, it’s worthless in this groove unless you’re in A.

Adding on to the Iori love:

-Try to do the lp version of his anti air demon scorcher more often, faster recovery than the fp. All versions of this move starts him off ducking real low which gives evasive properties. Also the move is a shield against projectiles. Good damage.

  • lp dark thrust projectile is good for pokes and keeps the opponent in control.

  • The Scum Gale (command throw) is a move that must be feared amongst Iori’s arsenal, sets up a lot of powerful combos.

c.lkx3, deadly flower triple punches
jump in hk, hp, demon scorcher hp version (dizzies or at least knock off chunks of opponent’s consciousness)
jump in hp,, c.lp, deadly flower
Scum Gale -> mp>f+mp-> Maiden Masher super


i’ am a iori player, well i mainly played him in n-groove as said earlier…many set ups—such as low jump Cross over kick as u land time properly and u can command grab for free and do his Bread and butter combo( MP, forward MP, 3x flower punches)…but i play him in a-groove when goin against p or k…for his chip that Gunter vid had, and he builds bar fast.
Also utilize his roll 2 confuse stationary opponents since it’s very agile.


i olso play iory since kof 95…but they fucked him up in cvs2…:frowning:
but i think K groove is his best groove…
his sj mk is still the best…


Iori can link a low strong after 2 low shorts. After the rekkas, it’s like you did low short, s.fierce xx rekkas. Not like Iori needs it anyways, but if you got the timimg down, you could kill people quicker.

Always 2-in-1 a low fierce anti-air into a strong fireball. They’re forced to eat the block damage. However, if you want to try and bait them into anything, use a jab version fireball. They’ll probably roll/jump, in which you can both punish. jump = do the same thin again, roll = punish with rekkas.

Random tidbits:
-s.close short has to be blocked low. Also it has the shortest block/hitstun in any of Iori’s attacks. A great Scum Gale tick.
-crossup short into s.short = evil tick. Do it once, and you can dp out of their jump, or if you know they’re going to dash back, sweep them. Activating and seeing what they do here is free damage.
-random low short xx rekka kens. Seriously, this works much more than what it shopuld.
-Scum Gale out of corner, pause, scum gale AGAIN. Once more, this will only work like once in a match, but if you scum gale them out of the corner, and they’re blocking, Scum Gale them INTO the corner, do rekkas, and keep them pinned down.
-Crouch a lot! Iori’s hit box is so small when he’s crouching. He can duck Kyo’s s.rh custom!

That’s it for now. Oh yeah, RC Fierce Rekka.


I would recommend Iori in any groove that has a roll like n, c or a. Iori’s roll is quick as hell and his throw has good priority, although i don’t mean that his roll should be abused, but it comes in handy quit often for me.

I’m not sure about a C groove Iori, i’ve never seen anyone play him in C so i don’t know of any good super cancels for him, maybe someone can help here. I mostly play in A. Sometimes i use him in K, but i usually just fall back to my K team of Rock, Nakororu, and Honda or Bison at 2. Sometimes i switch up Nak for Iori, but i feel that Iori isn’t much of a turtler and thats my major strat in K groove. I don’t tink he really benefits from a run all that much either because Iori isn’t really that quick compared to some of the other character. I rather have him with a dash and roll then with a slow run.

Something else i want to bring up is the command throw. I’m not only talking about Iori’s, but all characters with commands throws in general. I notice that in most arcade play, people often forget about command throws (not counting gief of coarse). I only see one player in the arcades that uses command throws and he does very effectively with vice’s powerbomb and todo’s pinching stun throw. I know that Iori’s doesn’t do any damage, but the stun is a big benefit and if u learn to utilize it, it can be quit scary. Command throws are quit easy to land too, u just gotta wait till the do something stupid like throw out a stupid charge move or a fiece DP. U can even hit them when they jump in on u. As long as u are close enough, command throws have a ton of priorty.

Thats it for now i guess.


iori has way too many ways to setup his command throw.
also, his best c cancels are lev 2 into fierce dp or lev2 into lev1. Fairly strict timing on both. His super is decent, but not as fast as I would’ve liked.

Gandido, nice point about the close short, I gotta try that, didn’t realize blockstun in it was any different than far short.

I really like Iori on defense too. he keeps people away fairly well with s.strong, c.fierces and s.roundhouse, but really, he shines on offense. He just has too many tools and ways to land his very damaging bnb combos. Also, I really abhor his dash. It’s slow, doesn’t move far, and lags. His run is a great tool since, imo, it compliments rc rekkas. run s.jab, run c.strong, c.strong, wait for retaliatory c.fierce, rc rekka.


i kno this sounds kinda scrubby, but i have trouble sometimes RCing the Rekkas. Most of the time i end up doing the HCB lk move instead of an RC rekka. What time exactly are you supposed to do the roll and the rekka command?


make sure you actually input the roll command. Getting the HCB lk move means you hit lk then lp, and not the two of them together. I’ll assume you’re holding your thumb lower than our index finger when you try to roll across the buttons.

Also, I try (emphasis on try, since I rc about 75% of the time) to input the roll when I hit d/b of the qcb motion.


My super-secret trick for RC’ing the Rekka is to do the motion as a reverse DP motion (plus one notch). Hold the stick back, then roll it to crouch and hit the roll command, then roll it back to “back” and hit Fierce. BAM. You will never ever ever get the kick grab. :cool:


thx all


Gunter and his elite super duper secret tricks that always work. Tested this out myself. Now if I could only find a highly consistent way of RC’ing Scum Gale. =(



My super-secret trick for RC’ing the Rekka is to do the motion as a reverse DP motion (plus one notch). Hold the stick back, then roll it to crouch and hit the roll command, then roll it back to “back” and hit Fierce. BAM. You will never ever ever get the kick grab.

that’s genius hmm.back to the drawing board…
:lol: :lol: :lame:


play ricky and you’ll see the true power of iori:evil:


mr fuck

play ricky and you’ll see the true power of iori.

how good does he play cuz there’s this fool up in FC
who is been playing iory since 95,and he is the only iory
master i know!!


Iori is all about pressure. I’ve seen some one play him in the arcade in a P groove turtle i didn’t like it at all. He eventually won out because the guy had good parrying skills, but thats besides that point. He could of won a help of a lot faster if he would of attacked a little more. He basically countered and parry’ed which i though was pointless in picking Iori. His offence if much more fearful then his counters moves.

Well, that only reason i posted anything was to get this thread back on the first page.


I use Iori In K or N Groove… i want to learn A but im too stubborn to try in K he has jd it makes him more aggresive and attacking type… even though it doesnt have his effective role…

I wonder if this combo would work ima try it tell me if its effective and give more tips on iori’s different groove capabilities and combos

run-c.lp. . hcb.lp hcb.lp . shory