Cvs2- Iori



combo won’t work. running won’t make a difference, and iori’s rekkas (which are qcb fyi) don’t have juggle capabilities - it should be noted that orochi iori’s fierce rekkas DO have some juggle ability though.


Actually, the third hit of the Rekka’s IS a juggle with normal Iori. The second hit apparently sets up a phase juggle, and the last hit counts as a juggle. You can even test this because of you try to OTG Rolento with a Scum Gale in A-groove after this combo, try ending the custom as this: scum gale (meter ends), s.fierce xx fierce rekkas. If you notice, it counted the last hit on the first set of Rekkas as the last hit possible in the juggle phase. However, by OTG’ing Rolento with the Scum Gale, it counts another juggle, and the potential is set to -1. When you try and do the second Rekkas in the end of the custom, the second Rekka fixes the juggle potential to zero, and the last hit of the Rekkas WHIFFS.

But still, that combo that he was mentioning will not work unless you are playing Orochi Iori, this playing in the home version.


I stand corrected.

well I was right about the orochi iori part at least.


it’s been a while since i’ve played iori, but i think that he’s definately one of the best characters in CVS2… too bad he gets own by blanka for free… but here’s a couple of Iori combos that i use… i hope that this helps out a little… if not, i’m sorry…

mainly basic stuff x 3, 3 rekkas (bnb) and does more damage then his level one maiden masher x 2, c.fp, 3 rekkas
-crossover lk, c.lp,, 3 rekkas
-s.fp, 3 rekkas
-s.fp, HCB+K
-command grab, x 2, 3 rekkas

i actually played iori in both C and A grooves… but he’s a couple C-groove supers… i won’t bother telling the A-groove supers cause i’m sure that everyone has seen them… x 3, maiden masher x 3, level 2 maiden masher xx HCB+K xx maiden masher
-crossover lk, c.lp,, level 2 maiden masher xx HCB+K xx maiden masher
-level 1 seven wine cups (i think that’s the name of the super) xx into command throw xx level 2 maiden masher xx fp dragon punch

hmmmmmmmm, that’s pretty much all that i can think of…



Uhh, are you sure? :confused:


As far as I know, you cant even throw them when they are stunned by the wine cup super since they are in hitstun the whole time. I’ve tried normal throws and the scum gale and one will grab the opponent
the only C combo I can think of is
-Jump in roundhouse, st. strong, ->+strong, lv2 Maiden Masher, lv1 wine cup super, jumpi in rounghouse, st. strong, ->+strong, fierce dp (if in corner), or rekkasX3


C Iori combos:
Whatever, L2 Maiden Masher, fierce DP.

You can’t combo a HCB+K grab into a Maiden Masher outside of a CC.

Pointless remark, but it’s Eight Wine Glasses.

Also, just wondering: Is Iori’s DP cancel faster than Kyo’s? Because when I try to do his CC like Kyo’s, I always mess up. Which limits me to his roundhouse CC. Good thing I can end it with the pillar, DP, or the damage would suck.


C Iori combos:

I think that Iori’s is faster…, i don’t have any bases from this assumption except that when i use Iori’s DP as a wake-up, it always seems to hit, but for some reason, i can never use Kyo’s DP as a wakeup. Maybe that just has to do with the invincibilty frames, but i’m not totally sure. If Kyo’s DP does have invincibilty frames on it, then it must be that Iori’s is faster, but i;m not totally sure if it does. I’m alost positive that almost all DP moves have invinicbilty frames except for Rugals genocide cutter.

Does anyone know what/who’s special moves have invinicbilty frames?, besides from level 2 and 3 supers of coarse?


C Iori combos:

its james chen’s combo and system faq. control-f and look for meaty and wakeup attacks to get an explanation of wake ups and other basic stuff like that. here’s another explanation of meaty attacks by him in the benimaru thread:

and further explanation of wake-ups v. meaty attacks


I don’t think Iori’s DP is any faster. I’m pretty sure I was just timing my DP cancels wrong now…

AFAIK, Kyo, Ryo, Rugal, Morrigan, and Sakura’s DPs have no invinciblity frames.

As to specials with invincibility frames, all I can think of is:
Shotos- DP
Iori- DP
Joe- Tiger Kick
Cammy- Cannon Spike
Honda- jab Headbutt
Raiden- Giant Bomb
Gief- both Lariats
Hibiki- Dodge(duh)

And of course any RC’d move.


An easier (to me at least) Iori pillar custom that makes the spacing pretty much perfect no matter on who it’s performed on or where it’s performed.

Activate, [Jab DP, c.Fierce, roll] x3, c.Fierce x2, roll, s.close RH x2, back up, s.close Fierce, back up, c.Fierce x2 xx Pillar, wait 2 hits, Fierce DP.

It looks sketchy, but try it out.


Are you sure about Ryo? I mean, he has the best DP in the whole game…but maybe you’re right, but the CVS2 Bible seemed to show it had the same amount of “blue bar frames” (or more) as than the Shoto DP


Ryo has invincibilty frames, i use it as a wake up all the time. And today. Kyo’s i found out today can kind of be used as one, but u’ll end up trading hits, but the dp should do more damage.


Wakeups have slight invincibility on their own.

I don’t know about Ryo… it’s more priority than invincibility, from what I’ve seen.

Example, I’ll do Iori DPs through L3 Tiger Cannons, but Ryo can’t even go through a Tiger Shot.


Has anybody else tried out this combo?

crossover b+lk, st. mp, f+mp, hcb+rh.

I’ve tried it and my opponent always gets nailed by the hcb+rh because of the long hit-stun animation. I think it doesn’t do as much damage as the version where you replace fierce rekkas with the hcb+rh, but it’s still nice.