CvS2 is now online for pc


New version of demul was released with naomi support for online play (Kaillera p2p) head to the handheld and computer match matchmaking to get the emu. Go on mIRC random efnet server #cvs2online for help I have to work but ill be on later.


is this nulldc?

because this could possibly be the greatest thing ever.


Love this.


good emulation of CVS2 online !!! to further evolve with demul 0.5.6 can play online without worry on the server “Kaillera” with a good computer

Very easy

rom unzip placed in the file “Roms” to “demul 0.5.6”

then he must go to “config” then “plugins” and define the file “plugins”, “Roms”, “nvram” at the right source folder

you click on “demul.exe” then “run naomi” and “capcom vs snk 2 …” The Kaillera open for the online game!! (Closes the window to test Kaillera emu)

just not be simpler! if any one is motivated to play on Kaillera PM ^ ^

video tutorial by " the dead “[media=youtube]I6daAA-LhFg”][/COLOR[/media]

(i’m a french player of cvs2 come on [COLOR="#00ffff"] for more information)

buktooth please answer me !!! great french player wait you online for cvs2 like ADM


You can get banned for posting those links remove them, have people pm you for info.


links is ban on this forum !!! too bad … okay so i want some american people play with other country it’s a good idea with demul ? !!!
stay cool with my post it’s for cvs2 communoty i do this !!! wait your pm …


How stable is it online?


yeah good stability garantie if you want try give me your msn or facebook i teach you how to play


Im at work atm lol. I need to download everything and get it all sorted out first heh. Btw I know Kenneth, Waldo and co from stunfest :slight_smile:


cool stunfest and ichigeki still good tournament in france for cvs2
allright tell me if you have a problem to run cvs2 i give you my msnr in email box


Edit your post and get rid of the links or you’ll get banned. Telling people to pm you for links will get you banned as well.


Been trying to get this stupid thing to work for hours

Ive been trying to get this stupid thing to work for Hours
to no avail, everytime I try to get it to work it says " Unable to find epr-23511a.ic22’ in romset ‘capsnk’

HELP ME aahhhhhh


configured your rompath or pm me if you want more information


Ok… so I’m configured. How do I find people to play?


i made a new irc chan. not just for cvs2, but for p2pkaillera matchmaking in general.


Does this actually work? is there people ACTUALLY playing legit?


I got it to work, only 3fps under though thats the only problem. But its playable.


Just tried this on someone else’s capable laptop. Framerate was ok, a few graphical glitches here and there, but the INPUT LAG makes the game unplayable. And this was all offline play, for the record. Still a lot of work to go…


You need a pretty boss machine to play this without any hiccups. I have a decent laptop but I still get some input delay every so often.


damn it, i didnt see this. Defintiely will try out tonight. the emulator link seems to be broken though. Ill try to find anyway. Thanks.