CvS2 Joe Matchups Thread



For some reason I cant get any of the other Joe threads to come up so ill make this one. This thread is all about matchups, IE Joe vs Rog, Joe vs Yama things of that nature. Right now im kinda tired so ill only put the one I can remember of the top of my head, and stealing from Buk’s faqs ill put the matchup rating.

N Joe vs C Rog 7/3 - IMO Joe just flat out owns this matchup. This is a harder match for Rog then Athena. Rog’s best poke standing fierce does nothing here. Joe’ slide goes right under it and there really isnt a whole lot Rog can do about it. The air block can help alittle as Joe cant tiger knee you without fear of eating a standing fierce. And of course there is always Rog’s lvl 3 but that applies to any characters. Also close in TNT punches and crouching shorts give Rog big problems, and his lack of speed doesnt help him much. Rog’s roll however can come in handy for someone who isnt paying attention. Rog does have a quick roll that you can get some cheap hits or throws out of if you use it wisely. Overall though its not a very good matchup for Rog imo.


fuck chunli that stupid bitch


eh, i usually don’t post on characters i don’t use… but when joe has a lvl 3 chun still beats his ass… all she does is stand outside of that slide range, if you throw fireballs she rolls through hits you for all your life, if you whiff slide or stand rh she hits you with strong super


i play your chun vs my joe for money.


Then ill just bait you with a jab fireball which recovers before her roll ends. Or I can just dash, run in tnt punches for block damage and safe recovery, or I can just SJ rh or foward, or play defensively and wait for you to stick out a meaty attack, jump or roll and super hurricane, etc etc etc. For every situation you can come up with I can probably find a counter for it.


joe’s c.:hp: can stuff cammys spiral arrow if the tip of his fist hits the tip of her feet