CvS2: K Groove Charas.... .. . _


ok, maybe it sounds a little bit like a noob question, but i have serious problems finding a 2nd chara for my K groove Team. The team is Guile 1 xxxx 1 Sagat 2, but i cant find a second chara, maybe some infos and tips, just a few?


Cammy or blanka? just a wild guess that they might be good in that groove. while you’re at it, take guile out and just make it cammy blanka and sagat.


gj to your ba



nah, i think its a little cheap tohave 2 braindeads in 1 team, isnt it`_


Cammy is a good choice.

Plenty of power in your team, eh?


Cammy, Geese, Vega, Bison, Blanka, Balrog, Morrigan, Kim

Cammy’s best groove is K.

Geese gets meter for counters, Deadly Rave rocks.

Vega’s Red Impact is prolly his best cross up defense, which is lackin, and JD rules for his punishing power, all wiffs and JDs become good damage with Vega.

Bison can rush the fuck down, but if you cant activate with Bison, I dont think he is really worth playing.

Blanka benefits from low jump. 1 eletric ball deals like A GRIP.

Balrog can just assassinate a character.

Morrigan can connect Darkness Illusion off some low jump shit.

Kim likes to run, and low jump RH is pretty dope.


Geese, for the reasons mentioned above. I’d give Rock a try as well, if only to experiment.


geese/blanka/sagat is imo the best -groove team




Landing a Raging Demon in K Groove is deadly.


Ok, thx for that =)

but how about if u give me some more info about the charas u mentioned, like theyr antirairs, theyr pokes and some BnB combos? =D

u know, the basic stuff =D


I… I’m so proud of you guys…



^^ help me


Geese is good in K-groove cause when he has a run he is a rush down monster. Geese’s low jumps are really good, and when raged his already strong normals do big damage. He has damaging combos and even his jab x3, c.rh B&B combo does good damage. A raged Geese is scary and he can guard crush fast. Opponents get scared to jump for obvious reasons, and they can’t fireball because the Deadly Rave will go through it. The Deady rave can be comboed into by doing jab x3, xx DR. His counters raises his rage bar, but be careful not to be predictable. His defense gets raised also, and he has the second highest vitality along with Rugal. Try Kyo also.


Play K Guile 1/ Gief 3…nuff said…see what fools think of that raged FAB…FEAR!!! LOL… Or even r4 K gief!!! GOGOGOGO


Try Kyo too he has a 100% combo when raged.


=) thx, but if u talk about chars give me some basic stuff for them plz


What is this 100% Kyo combo?


K Groove Blanka, cant go wrong. Another character you might think about using if you dont want to use Blanka is either Hibiki or Rugal. Rugal is actually a monster in K Groove if used properly and Hibiki is just a solid defensive character.


If you want to be spoonfed basics, go read the character specific forums.
And then try playing the characters for yourself.