CvS2- K groove strategies


CvS2: Newbie seeking K-Groove insight

I’m a CvS2 novice who just started playing about 3 or 4 days ago. After testing the waters a little, I’ve been using the K-Groove and learning Rock to start with. I’m starting to get the JD down a little bit but I still get my a** handed to me on a regular basis. My question for all the pro K-Groove users out there is how do you effectively use the JD? Do you treat it like parrying or do you just guard normally and treat JD as an extra benefit if you happen to get it?

Also, I noticed that a people tend to compare the K-Groove to the P-Groove but does JD’ing enable you to counterattack as easy as parryng does? Basically, I’m asking if Just Defense and Parrying go hand and hand.

Finally, about Raging, since you have a limited amount of time to pull it off, do you always go for the super?


try to JD all the time, dont just take it if you get it. JD in the air works the best since people will try to anti-air you and end vulnerable while you can attack.

if youre raged, dont necessarily go for the super, but do go on the attack because you get a huge damage boost. go for the guard break, then free super.


Im no pro at CvS2 but ALL I USE is k groove, here is what i have learned.

Just defending is very good. Not for the life benefit but for the rage, and when they use hard (fierce & roundhouse) attacks you can counter attack them in most cases.

When in rage, if you KNOW your going to land your lv3 super, DO IT!!! But if you have any doubt, don’t use it.

When in rage, fight straight up and look to throw at almost every possible time.

learn how to JD pokes. JD’ing fireballs serves no purpose except for building rage, but JD’ing pokes builds your meter much faster than JD’ing fireballs because of the amount of times you JD.

Run and small jump are in k-groove for a reason. USE THEM. K-groove is an offensive groove, you don’t do too much turtling with k-groove, of course, you can turtle a little when your winning by a good margin, but it isn’t smart to just turtle in k-groove. K-groove = rushdown.

If we could make this the official k-groove thread this would be great. in that case i would like for everybody to compile a list consisting of characters that benefit from being in k-groove. (like…its a person’s best or second best groove)


I have to disagree with 50mOrEcEnTz on one thing, K-groove can turtle just as well as rushdown. Get a good margin between you and the opponent, if they just throw lots of fireballs JD to life back, once they realize they won’t win with the fireballs they will have to go in. That’s when you try to cover as much ground as possible, make them have to jump in to attack you, JD their air attack, then go for the most damaging move/combo/throw you’ve got.

Not only is K-groove good for rushdown and turtling, but it is also anti-turtling. If you are having a hard time getting in, just say fuck it, and out turtle that shit with JDs. That makes you’re turtling opponent play a different style, which may not be as good as their turtling.

Take advantage of the abundance of lvl 3 supers you get.


I’m not a K groove expert but it is the groove I play 95% of the time (until today)

the first thing you should learn in K groove is to get used to NOT using your super. fight the urge or it will get you killed.

my opinion on JDing and parrying opportunities is that you can JD everything but you can’t parry everything
Ex. if Sagat is about to throw a c.fierce that you are probably going to block theres no harm in trying to JD it, but if you’re in P groove risk eating whatever Super Sagat wants if you mess up.

Air Jding the first hit of alot of supers will cause you to bounce over the rest of the super

K groove is good for turtling as long as you don’t plan on using supers, turtling until you get raged and then trying to convert a non rushdown character into one is not a good idea. They have a full guard meter and they know you’re coming and that you’re in a hurry.
My oringinal K groove plan was to turtle but I’ve done a complete overhaul since then
K groove is definately better for rushdown

If you’re playing K groove to counter attack after JDs either change your plans or play P groove.


Hilarious dude, real hilarious.

I decided to put my little 2 cents in by saying this: Never forget though that most K groove plus and minuses will have to be figured out according to your own play style.

Heres a question to everyone else though. What are the results of your opponent using k groove as well? Tough match eh?


K vs K is fun but its not nearly as caution as P vs P or even A vs A IMO
K groove has the best mistake punsher in the game, but those two grooves give you alot more chances to punish a mistake


One of the keys to K-groove is figuring out what you can get after you JD certain moves. This includes what is certain to hit as well as what it likely to hit.

For most K-Groove chars you want to find a combo that starts with a quick move and works well from a variety of distances. For example, with Yamakazi low short->sandkick->serpent slash. After you JD a move you use the combo and one of three things happens:

a: The move you JD’d was slow and the combo hits before it recovers.

b: The move recovers but you hit the opponent stuffing their next move.

c: Your opponent blocks and you get good guard damage.

d: You get stuffed is also possible, but should be rare.

One thing you have to learn is how to take advantage of ambiguous situations. These include JDing a jump-in or a jump-in followed by a low poke or a run->poke. Basically JD’ing an average speed move when the two of you are pretty close together. After that you can go for a combo, throw, special throw, etc. Since you play K-groove you should be more used to this situation, whereas your opponent might go into momentary brain freeze.



Man, Man, Man
K-groove is a very stable groove because if you’re a turtle it works for you and if you are very offensive it’s good for you too.

The best thing about K-Groove is that, like P-groove, you can jump in without worrying that u can’t block it, unlike N-groove and A-groove and S-groove, it’s the best to me.

If you can small jump and fierce kick really well while you are in rage mode…you can guard break his ass and do whatever…that’s what I do and that’s the only thing I can think of…


Took the words right out of my mouth Kit. :slight_smile:

Anyway from reading the posts, it sounds like you would use JD for countering slow or power moves, but not get overly offensive and counter everything you JD like I guess you would with parrying. Is that the general idea?

Bring back raging, just how much of a power boost do you get from it?


I think it’s 35%, its the biggest boost in the game, n-groove’s ‘powa-up’ is second.


after I JD a jump in, I tend to get a lot of free throws in. characters with command throws benefit a lot from JD-ing. use that brief animation “freeze” of the JD to buffer out your command throw of choice.


Is it true that with K groove, when you Jd a multiple super, you only have to Jd once, and the rest will go past you? Really? For everyone’s super? You’re kidding, right?


I think its safe to say that anyone can benefit from K groove as long as you have rookies out there who think they can take a shotokan character and start throwing a slew of fire balls and various other turtle crap. I think it comes down to if you want to embarass someones game really bad, or just show off to other onlookers when they see you Jd a super contiuously…

Thats 4 cents Ex Master…


Air JD. And its not all of the time but it is most of the time.
EX sagat does a high Tiger cannon while you are jumping. i’m pretty sure you don’t have to parry the whole thing in P groove in order to get to the ground, but in K groove all you generally have to do is JD the first hit and the rest will miss.

If the super is going straight at a pretty fast speed and you are going to land on top of it the bounce from the first JD should get you out of it.


first i would like to say try playing p-groove. personally i think p is better but k-groove is also good. when i play k-groove i usually use it for anti-air and projectiles. it’s a very good move to use as an anti-air. one time i played this guy who was using guile. everytime i jumped in he did a c.fp and when he did i jd his attack. the funny thing is he was so determined to hit me so he did it the whole match and i beat him.:smiley: but the biggest benefit is JD’ing a fireball super because it’s easy to JD and u get some life back. Check out the parrying thread there r some good tips there for p-groove.


nope. all true.

for example:
try to parry ryo’s ryuku ranbu (rush super), and you have to parry EVERY SINGLE hit. however, if you JD it, you only have to JD the first initial hit that’s it.


Actually, with parrying, you can parry a few hits and get by, not with everything though =\


JDs arent so great for counter attacks, u can a command throw after a successful JD, but thats about it, some other attacks are guaranteed depending, but the main thing is that u gain a frame advantage.

So what u couldnt counter attack after a JD it opens opportunity for rushdown USE IT!. :smiley: