CvS2:KARA-CANCELLING?!(not roll-cancelling)


Thats right.First off I dont know if this has already been said or done and if it has well then im just gonna have to remind you.We remember the infamous KARA-THROW glitch from SF3:3rd strike in in wich you quicly cancel a regular move in order to get more range for youre throws.Well this also works in CvS2 to get more range for some special moves and command grabs.This glicth seems to work best with TODO because his s.FP and s.RH both take big steps.Now knowing this you cancelquickly cancel into his hcb+p in order to get more range so that when you perform this move TODO just doesnt stand in one though the animation,instead youll him take a step forward as he goes in the grab.You can also do this with his FB to give it more range.This works best with TODO because he doesnt have any moves that involve a kick therefore illminating any accidental or unwanted special attacks.ILl get into more detail later on when I can.



CvS2 Kara-canceling?

Huh? :eek: :confused: :eek:


oooooh that can be very deadly a groove todo right there.


it works in any groove with anybody


This has been in ever SF game to my knowledge.


I’ve heard of this before and done it, I don’t see many people really employ it. And if I remember right, the motion for the kara cancelled command throw (try saying that 3 times fast) for Todo is: F, DF, D, DB+FP, B+FP


you can only cancel into special moves right. you cant cancel into a regular throw? are there any other specific characters that can benefit from this? i know almost all of the characters can benefit from this in certain situations, but are there some that can kara cancel their all of their moves and in a relatively safe manner?


geese can use this. you can easily cancel his toward fierce into any special/super move. this works very well after knockdown. just knock them down, then perform the toward fierce when they are about to get up. you can either cancel the punch into a counter if they attack, cancel it to raging storm as a suprise tactic, or let the fierce hit and buffer into fireball.

i don’t use geese at all but i messed around with it and i think its useful.


you have enough time to cancel a toward fierce with a raging storm! wow.


My friend wrote this shit down like, 4 months ago on the forums and nobody listened to him. It’s pretty cool.


Kara canceling is only useful if your not in a rolling groove/cant roll cancel.

Moves that are seriously helped by this:

Todo’s command grab
Geese’s reversals (sometimes)
Eagles HCF+Short (sometimes)

In 3S kara cancels were great, here they are just not that worth it, simply because roll canceling is way more useful.


Now i must learn how to Kara and roll cancel at the same time! w007!


No, Geese’s fierce is special. Kara Cancelling (technically, it’s Kara Throws and RC’s are Kara Rolls) is when you do a move that moves a character forward, but cancel it into a command grapple. The effect is that it extends the reach of the grapple.

Does The Gief have a Kara Cancel?


i was having trouble kara cancelling todos grab using both muzikals method and geekboy’s method. I was wondering what time frame you have to cancel in (very early in the fierce? a little later? should i use standing or crouching fierce or kick?) If anyone can help, please feel free to do so.


Very early in the animation, but it works with any normal move. Kara-cancelling a Roll into a special is an RC, cancelling a standard normal move into a special is a kara cancel.


is there any practical applications for a todo kara cancel besides range games and such? i use todo in K ( i know i should be using him in A, but ah juss cahnt do eet) and was wondering if it is worth using karas in my game


Kara Cancelling is NOT just for grappling. Take the old version of how Iori could punish Blanka for doing a ball: block it, then towards + strong kara cancelled into fierce rekka. It was very inconsistent, but proof that it works. Kara cancelling just means cancelling something into a special/throw. Since throws are one button moves here, it’s only into specials/supers, as far as I know,


will this work for vice?

s FP <kara cancel> nail bomb

I know her s FP takes her forward, but I don’t know if its cancellable.


Kara THROWING is what you are talking about. That’s 3S. Kara Canceling is general. Like how I build meter in P Groove with Rock by whiffing low forward canceled into a Crack Counter (well that’s a bad example but whatever).

Zangief has a Kara throw for sure in S Groove. You can cancel his Dodge Attack Punch in the first two or three frames into an SPD or FAB.


Would the S-Groove dodge cancel thing by an example of Kara cancelling then? I ask this since you used special or super moves as example, but since this is Zangief there are both throws. However, since other characters can do this too, does that make it a legitmate karacancel or just a cancel?

Example: S-Groove Iori’s dodge punch (s.FP) XX Maiden Masher.