(CVS2) Kim advanced starts and tactics

OK first of all this is gonna take awhile to write. all try to get it all done within a few days perhaps maybe sooner. depends on boredem ect…

Of course when viewing read with common sence ect and hopefully you have at least a common grasp of the shit im talking about as things would go faster and easier if i wasnt explaining detail and thing over and over blah blah…

OK now over the course im gonna say moves so lemme just out what i mean right now. cuz i remember last thread i had to say the moves a few times.

haki kyaku (d d+k)
kuu sajin (d u+p)
hein zan (d u+k)
kishou kyaku(in air qcf+k)
comet cruncher(b f+k)(lol…okies i dun say the real name i like this one better. =p)
hou ou kyaku (qcf,hcf+k)
hou’ou tenbuu kyaku (in air qcf,hcb+k)
hou’ou hetin kyaku (qcfX2+k)

dang i think thats all. at least hopefully.

yawn…ok anyway lets go over the moves like sorta…

d d+k …
OK its the foot stomp. its stops all fireballs basicly from a ground level to slioghtly higher including low tiger from sagat or air fireballs from certain distances. You can also cancle it into the qcb,hcf+k after it hits. If you do it with hk you can go into the switch stance after words.

sigh…ok this is gonna come up sooner or later so all post it now. Kims infintie with the d d+hk is as follows.

after a level 2 cancle do…

sai -rec explains it like this
d d+hk(hold hk) d +lp, (let go hk) d+hk(hold hk) repeat

another way that i do is…
d d+hk(hold hk) d d+lp(let go hk) hold hk repeat.

dont ask me how to do this again!!!=p

This move goes over low fireballs. You should really only use the lk or mk version. as hk version is pretty punishable with reversals. The only time i would use the hk version is if you are like i dunno how to explain really. like chaseing the opponent with the move. like if there really far away and maybe there trying to distance them selves.

sigh thats lame. dang all try to think of a better example. ahhh…its just like something you gotta know i guess.

The only other time i would suggest doing it off the top of my head is that after a switch stance lp you would do a hk version of the hangetzan as the lp has a feirce worth of stun on it so alot of times you may not hit with a mk version say…

b f+k…
the comet cruncher is fairly slow so its not to usefull alot. It does have trip gaurd on it however(think of old SF) so you can anti air with it. Though it may not come up to often a example would be say you rolled and well they jumped away from you well comet cruncher out of the roll and they should get hit when they land. I dunno but i wouldnt go into a match thinking you were gonna be anti airing with it however. Also another use is to purposly use it in a shity manner. lol Like doing it from a good half screen away. This is risky but hopefully the opponent was saying walking backwords and they get caught in the block animation since the move is coming then it hits them low since they were walking backwords. I belive IIRC the correct term would be proxcemity blocking. So everynow and then you may be able to pull this off. It also doesnt combo normally. It will combo from a counter hit mk or a lp from switch stance however. A slightly usefull move.

d u+k…
As with all anti airs remember use the short version for the ground attacks and the roundhouse version for the air attacks. Its basicly your anit air attack. but all go into it more in the anti air section.

d u +p…
another command anti air. Has deceptivly good recovery. but all go into this move more in the anti air section.

in air qcf+k…
I dunno if this move is good or bad. its like a mixed bag. At times you can be reversaled right after you hit just to easily. which is just retarted to be honest. You can tiger knee it blah blah…

it does have some tricks however…

if you ever get the opponent in the corner sj striaght up then do the hishou kyaku while charging down. 2 things happen.

  1. you cross them up basicly. This is hard to dp ect beacuse the hishou kyaku will hit the other guy from behind acctualy. Unless its a shinryuken ect in most cases the best they can hope to do is trade. Almost all anti airs go foward when they come out so they well just get hit from behind most the time. As a matter of fact sometimes say if you vs P groove if you do this the first hit will hit from the front then the second from behind. lol

  2. Well since your gonna get ever hit you had more then enough time to charge so right when you land press up+k you will do the hein zan and basicly fuck them up most likely if they try to attack or throw you when you land. This is a very good alternative to doing a super when you land if you guessed they would attack.

OK now this can be done when its not in the corner of course but you dont get the cross up part to its full exstenet really.

I dunno the move is just really hard to judge. Cuz alot of times they just throw you when you land so its like ok. that fucking sucked. lol Or they try to reversal you with an attack and theres a good 50/50 chance at alot of times you cant do anything and you will be hit. If you are vs a throw character cough gief cough do not do this move close up. even if you are a fair range away you can be reversal SPD ect. You can not get away. lol

Of course to make you even more pissed off at this move there are times when you get out of the hishou kyaku before the other guy. lol ive had people tell me that qcf+K then land and d u+k was a true blocked combo as they let go of the controller. lol sigh.

the move i have come to terms at times is random. lol

Tiger kneeing the move as a poke is okkkkkaaaay. One advantage were you should use this is against small characters. As against small characters tiger kneeing the move is and just feels safer. A good way to judge is to see if they go under kims standing fierce. if they do well tiger knee the hishou kyaku should become a option in this match. As smaller characters give kim problems.

Ok one more strange thing. ya know how geif fucks the hishou kyaku up? well ok Tiger knee the hishou kyaku against a “fat” character isnt to bad as you should be able to tiger knee it from a fair distance away were you should be safe.

basicly tiger kneeing the hishou kyaku against any character that isnt smal or fat can be pretty risky.

I dunno theres more stuff about it but all get into it later.

Kims rush super. Level 2 has insane priorty. kim really has no need for level 3s. The jump from level 1 to level 2 is absurd. A very good move. you can anti air with it,random super yadda yadda. a really good move. Has a ton of fucking tricks as well with it. But more on that later.

in air qcf,hcb+k…
In certain ways this is the ultimate air move. Your not gonna beat it. lol basicly. The level 1 is very very good. Tiger knee the level 1 to stop pokes on the ground. Like ok lemme think how to explain kims level 1 rush super in most cases you should not use to stop pokes unless its a meaty attack or little attack you will most likely get beat. But the level 1 air super should beat just about every ground poke. Just think of it as any other counter move you would do when you see a poke like a shoryuken ect. Just do qcf,hcb ub+k when you expect a poke. and well fuck them up. level 1 is very good. did i say it was good? i did. anyways. ALso another thing is say they didnt attack at all well its ok cuz you just recover and your most likely gonna be ok. If you do a exstremly deep hou’ou tenbuu kyaku you should just land instead of bounce off when they block. Hopefully it does not come to this as if you do the super you should be expecting to hit. Oh yeah remember to like when you tiger knee it to punish pokes and stuff remember even if your vs sim of all people if you hit the air super you teleport right to were they are and start fuckin’ em up. i dunno just sorta looks cool i think.

This move is shitty alone. The level 3 is a safe anti air but at level 1 and 2 its pretty garbage. Its only usefull as a very early anti air. Basicly if you wanna hit with this you should combo into it. To bad. Capcom was sorta weird with this move it would look like it would be a usefull anti air but in most cases you should just do the hou ou kyaku as anti air if you have super. =/

it sets up the infinite however so thats good. Maybe its just me but i woulda rather had the KOF 99’ version of the move. Had the best of both worlds if it hits well theres another kick were he slams you back to the ground and it looks cool. If you happend to trade well you can combo after it like the newer games.

i dunno the move is just sorta lame i think.

oh well…

Dang i hope thats all the moves be back later…

OK kims switch stance it can be started from a standing HK or a f+hs(top down attack) or the haki kyaku( d d+hk). heres a quick run down of everything from it…

lp= a poke to the mid section. Can be cancled counts as a fierce worth of stun so a comet cruncher would connect after this. Combos from a counter hit stand hk and f+hs. So you could do a stand hk(hold) lp, qcb+k as a combo for example. Of course this is esential to the infinite.

lk= a kick low. Hits low. Has some pretty good recovery acctauly. Acctualy a wiff lk from the switch stance sets up a nice random super as a matter of fact. From certain distances its pretty good. I dun think you should really expect to hit with it though to much.

mp= a hop kick. You can control weather he goes back words or fowards. Its a good attack basicly. Goes over low attacks. You can also use it go over fireballs. One way to use this would be to wiff a d d+hk right in front of the opponent. Then do a mp. its sorta like shit. the other guy missed sweep him. then you do the hop kick. something to that exstent.

mk= a top down attack. Fairly fast. You do have the fram advantage after it so if you hit with it you can super if you have the timing. You should also be able to combo a ducking lk for example if this happend to hit on counter hit.

hp= a thrust kick. Fairly fast. Combos after a standing hk or f+hs on counter hit. A nice suprise attack. Fairly usefull in combos acctauly example being say you were doing the infintie but you werent anywere near the corner? well you could do a foot stomp then do the hp out of the switch stance for a pretty easy but a fair amount of damage combo. Causes knock down so thats cool.

Ok now you can also get tricky. As i said earlier(at least i think i did dun remember.lol) The infintie command has more uses then just being used for the infinite. So even if your in say N-groove or what have you, you can still use this little kara thing to your advanatage in some poke strings.

Examples say you do cross up hk, then do f+hk, haki kyaku with infinite command, mk, ducking hk.

basicly your doing high low high low.

to write it all out it would be like…

cross up hk, land f+hk, down down lp(let go hk) hold hk, mk, ducking hk.


Not the best poke string but it may be a mix up that the opponent wasnt prepared for.

lets try again using the lps stun…

standing hk, haki kyaku infinite command, lp, b f+k. Now if they block this you should be at a fairly safe distance to random super or if you charged while in the comet cruncher you could do hein zan when you get out.

Hopefully your getting what im saying. Of course i dun think poke strings with the infintie command are as usefull as real poke strings but there a nice mix up everynow and then.

Have fun with it and mix it up. Hopefully you are sorta getting what im trying to talk about here.

You can also use the infinite command to help you move foward while stopping some low attacks and low fireballs. This is pretty ubsurd of course and i wouldnt really suggest trying to get across the whole screen with it but maybe a couple to move foward while chargeing super isnt to bad.

It should just happen really fast. like boomboomboomboom.

The switch stance is a failry neat thing they gave kim and i would suggest using it everynow and then. If the game turns into total footies ground game this may be a big part of you being able to switch it up and stuff to help you pull out a win perhaps.

Ok all be back later with more.


OK normals for anti air would inculde…

standing mk…
standing mk is a good anti air. the end.


ok ok im bored hold up.

anyway for low jumps espeicaly standing mk is your anti air of choice. The jumps and attacks that are more in front of you coming in on you ect the standing mk is gonna be good for. Its also a good anti air for P groove users K ect beacuse if you see that they parry well you can cancle into your hou ou kyaku super easily.

Ducking fierce…
is good for attacks that are nearly in cross up range. Its a very good early anti air. As say you were expecting them to jump. So you would do this. For the attacks coming in on you however lows jumps ect make sure to use the standing mk.

SJ mk…
right when you get off the ground. Another anti air that is good when you expect the jump in super jump foward and hit mk. This should beat just about anything. lol. Espeicaly considering well in most cases the opponent would go for there air to air move ect when they are just trying to jump in on you. Its really good. Especialy considering say your vs P or K you need all these options so the opponent will never know when to Jd parry ect.

Dodge +p…
strange but in S groove dodge then press p. The second hit is a good fucking anti air. Its not all that realistic at times but the second hit is a good. Think of it as a standing mk but its a bit higher.

Speicals as anti air…

hein zan…
This probably isnt used as anti air as much as some of the others. Its good granted but well i dunno. its more of your roll move. lol =p Still good nothenless. Intresting things i suppose is remember that you have to parry or JD this move 3 times instead of 2 so you may catch someone off gaurd with this. use it when well obivosuly they are close to you. Its more of a counter to pokes ect then a anti air really. It can be used however as a counter to cross ups. But only to a certain exstent.

kuu sajin…
This is your well…yeah i guess this is probably your main command anti air. Its a pretty big move your gonna need in some certain match ups. Example blanka. Its really good to have this move at the ready. It has really good range. The prioirty is all in the tip of his foot so it does what its supposed to. This is also the command low jump anti air of choice. another reason why this is good against blanka. You see a low jump just hit d+p(assuming you have the charge ready). It has good range as i said. Also it has good recovery no less. It also sets up mad mind games when you hit, giving you plenty of time to cross up dash ect. The good recovery also helps you in being able to a do the hou’ou tenbuu kyaku afterwords if you hit with it at the right distances. The timing is tight but its possible. You could even CC after you hit with it if you chose to. A fairly versatile move. If the opponent is close though you should opted for the hein zan if your charged. Oh and never do anything but the hp version just to say.

comet cruncher…
it has trip gaurd. there for it is anti air. Nothing else really to say about it other then that. You were you see fit. Opponent zoneing you half screen away? You see them jump straight up do comet cruncher. something to that exstent.

again this is really just something that happens in rare cases but just to let you know.

SUPERs as anti air…

Hou ou kyaku…
your main super for anti air. You dont need anything besides the level 2. It should beat everything. level 1 is not good. But anything higher is fantasitc. Of course it can also be farily diffuclt to parry(assuming they even do) when you anti air with it.

hou’ou tenbuu kyaku…
if you tiger knee it you can anti air with it. Sorta not to realistic really. But it can be done. A example would be if we were full screen i bait them to jump with haki kyakus they jump i tiger knee the super which would cause me to go backwords and well i hit there limb that they were trying to hit me with. Since your both air to air however your gonna need to do level 2 or higher in most cases. the hou’ou tenbuu kyaku is great against ground opponents but at level 1 air to air and at the postion you are in your gonna need something higher.

Alot like the comet cruncher in anti air cases. Probably dont expect to see this used to often.

Hou’ou hetin kyaku…
the move that should be a anti air…is well anything but the case. At levels 1 and 2 dont expect to do anything but trade. The only way to hit with it cleanly is to well as with the ducking fierce expect the jump and do the attack early. So its a early anti air super. The level 3 is a good anti air however. Shouldnt waste your time however anyway. Hou ou kyaku is much better and should be used instead.

Anyway kim has a ton of mix up for his anti airs. hes fairly weak unfortantly in the cross up anti air area but shit happens eh? if your not charged just roll the fuck away from cross ups. And that should do the trick.

quick review…

low jumps= standing mk, down up+p, hou ou kyaku.

regular jumps= standing mk, hou ou kyaku, jumping mk, down up+p

early jumps = hou’ou hetin kyaku, ducking fierce, jumping mk.

cross ups= roll(lol) or down up+k

thats the basics i suppose to an exstent.

Lets see. Kims air to air game is good.

Kim is pretty strong air to air wise. In most cases alot of the time you shouldnt need to much more then your regular attacks like a roundhouse or the fierce. But against some of the higher priorty characters in the air(chun li, rolento ect) you gotta use jumping mk. Its really really fast and has a shit load of priorty.

You could use lk. But lemme say this if you have to use lk. i dunno somethings wrong. Hopefully the match doesnt come down to this. If your useing the lk i think pretty much your loseing the air to air battles before you even get off the ground. You just hopefully wont have to use this attack. The mk should be good enough. Mk beats about 90% of every air to air attack. Maybe trades with another 5% and 5% can beat it.

Of course you also have the ultimate air to air move the hou’ou tenbuu kyaku. Your well…your not gonna beat this move. its gonna beat everything. So of course this is a good air to air move. Of course remember that you can also buffer it easliy from a fierce so if you hit with a jump fierce cancle into the air super. It juggles and is good. It can also be cancled from the other attacks but fierce is easy and exstremly reliable.

Of course you could (very unlikley though) air to air with just the qcf+k in the air. Then tiger knee it a few times to juggle them. Pretty unlikley though.

again though for air to air use the mk in almost every sitution. I use to use the hk alot but in case the opponent is doing there air to air, its better safe then sorry i think now. And like i said kims mk is gonna beat just about everything. So just stick with the mk.

Oh well okies all be back later…

WHOA FINAL SHOWDOWN MORE MORE MORE MORE :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


ahh the ineviatable eh??? Of course read these with common sence ect. You could stop whenever you want you dont have to make them as long as these. but here are some examples…

1.ducking lk
–1a. standing lp
------1aa. throw
–1b. ducking lp
------1ba. tiger knee qcf+k
------------1baa. throw
------------1bab. standing lk
-------------------1baba. ducking roundhouse
-------------------1babb. standing fierce
-------------------1babc. ducking mk cancle to qcb+mk
------------1bac. Random super*
------------1bad. tiger knee qcf+k again
--------------------1bada. Random super*
------1bb. ducking lk, standing lk
------------1bba. walk foward standing lk
-------------------1bbaa. ducking roundhouse
------------1bbb. standing fierce
------------1bbc. walk slightly foward ducking mk qcb+mk
------------1bbd. dash in
-------------------1bbda. throw
-------------------1bbdb. start over at 1, 2, or 3.
-------------1bbe. roll
--------------------1bbea. throw
--------------------1bbeb. Random super*
------1bc. ducking mk
-----------1bca. qcb+mk
------------------1bcaa. standing fierce
------------------1bcab. Random super*
------------------1bcac. roll**
--------------------------1bcaca. down up+hk
--------------------------1bcacb. throw
--------------------------1bcacc. Random super*
-----------1bcb.back foward+mk
------------------1bcba. down up+hk
------------------1bcbb. Random super*
------------------1bcbc. go to 1bcac
-----------1bdc. down down+hk(hold)
------------------1bdca. mp

  1. ducking mk***
    –2a. down down hk(hold)
    ------2aa. lp cancle into qcb+mk

3.ducking lp, standing hp
–3a. qcb+lk
------3aa. standing lk
-----------3ab. ducking mk qcb+mk
----------------3aba. standing hp
----------------3abb. Random super*
-----------3ac. ducking roundhouse
-----------3ad. standing fierce
------3ab. tiger knee qcf+k
------------3aba. throw
------------3abb. go to 3aa.
------------3abc. Random super*
------3ac. standing fierce
------3ad. ducking roundhouse
------3ae. go to 1bcac
------3af. ducking mk
-----------3afa. qcb+mk
-----------3afb. back foward+hk
-----------------3afc. then do one of the options after 1bcb
–3b. down down+hk(hold)
------3ba. hp
------3bb. mp

–4a. infintie command
------4aa. mk
------------4aaa. ducking roundhouse
------4ab. lp into back foward+hk
------------4aba. then do one of the options after 1bcb

Phew…dang this is taking so long…

not even close to done though. to get some more stuff out of the way though lemme just tell ya what all the “*” ment…

These were the random supers. ect. Kims random super is move likely gonna be the hou ou kyaku at level 2 about 95% of the time. Level 2 is good enough to beat just about everything> YOu dont need higher. I suppose if you played A-Groove you could also do your random CC here as well to blow through the attack of the opponent. These are the most likely times to land these as is why i put it there. =p

now were i put this is well. sigh. I put this here beacuse this is a good pattern!! it really is. This was a highly effective pattern for a long time. But i put it ther beacuse i also feel it is the most risky of the patterns. As is seems the opponents like to walk up throw after the certain attack in these patterns which can fuck up rolls. I would guess that other kim players used this tactic around for awhile so now its like second nature to walk foward and get ready to throw after something like this.

anyway this is just here to warn you. THough i will say the pattern in number 3 is a bit better then the others. But still can be risky none the less.

ok now this is just a little pattern. But this is a speical pattern. =p This is just gaurd crush big time. Of course i am assumeing you started it with a cross up hk or something to that exstent however. This is pretty much a true blocked combo besides the spot in the down down hk to lp. But still other then that this poke string does a good 65% gaurd alone. On P or K about 75%. ALso another thing about this is that the qcb+mk always hits just barley. Your always at the safest point you can be when doing this mannuver. Which means that well you shouldnt be able to even be hit by anything after this. Delayed blocking super or not.

Just kinda neat pattern that i wanted to point out.

Also you may notice that i always write down up hk or such after rolls. This is beacuse i figure if you thought you were gonna hit you might as well get everything for it. Your gonna get punieshed if they block a lk version as well. So fuck it and throw caution to the wind. Its all or nothing. When you play you should have complete confidence that you are the right guesser not the opponent.

dang so much more coming…argh…

be back later to try and finish the poke string section and tactics.

OK now that i wrote all that down i gotta take it all away…


na just kidding but hold up. OK now lets contiune talking pokes a patterns and stuff like that.

Now one of kims biggest problems in small characters. beacuse stuff that useally are like true blocked strings become reversalable. which is pretty shitty. A good way to test if the character counts as small is if they can ducking kims standing fierce. If they can well that sucks. lol First of standing fierce is a good poke so when you can poke with it(not that you cant but its better when a poke hits blocking as well), it can be fairly frustrating.

Basicly if they can duck the standing fierce they are also able to reversal stuff like ducking mk to qcb+k. Normaly this is a true blocked string hit or ducking but against smaller characters if they block while ducking they are able to reversal between the mk and qcb+k.

This isnt to say that this is a horrible thing to do in a poke string by any means but it defentily isnt good. lol

Though heres some more things about character size effecting your pokes.

Thankfully its not to bad if the character can duck your standing feirces and the first hit of the hangetzan. Cuz you do gain the tiger knee qcf+k being better. Basicly since they are slightly lower to the ground when you tiger knee it you hit with it later making it well better.

i dunno commen sence i suppose when you think about it. But whatever. I suppose granted you could also say to argue if this is better or not is that well now it takes longer to hit so they could hit you before it comes out.

well my arguement for this would be that i wouldnt do a move if i didnt think it would hit…so there. lol Basicly i get better recovery so all take it. i thought i was gonna hit anyway so haveing better recovery is good.

Not to say that you cant use it against average size characters but against the small characters its just better.

and you really need that much more stuff against them. Against the smaller characters it really sucks beacuse you lose the standing fierce as a main poke so basicly instead of that you have to use the ducking roundhouse a lot more often. The poke strings with the qcb+k become less usefull. So its nice to have just a bit more mix up against them. Also since pokeing becomes a problem against the smaller characters the better recovery on the hishou kyaku will help you to hopefully start a poke string after that.

Again though im not trying to say the hishou kyaku becomes like some gnarly move now or anything. But its a tiny bit better. So you gotta take it.

Now heres another thing like i said earlier. The fat characters. Well you can tiger knee the hishou kyaku from a fair distance away so well…thats good. Since it doesnt have alot of range and the fat characters just get hit by things easier. So its easier to add it to your poke strings.

The tall characters well you get a standing jab rush down against them. lol so whatever.

something along the lines of maybe…

ducking lk,lp, standing lp, walk foward lp, walk foward lp, ducking mk, qcb+k.

just a example. But the good thing is instead of haveing to use something like a standing lk walk a bit foward standing lk. Now you have a faster standing lp to walk foward with and it hits ducking so of course thats ussaly more better then good.

the only problem against big characters is you cant try to do like the “watson” or “mike” like cross up hk, standing lp(wiff) throw.

stuff like them wont work since kim doesnt have a close standing lp…

win some ya lose some i guess.

I dunno just wanted to explain a bit more about what works what doesnt ect.

I put a ton of fucking poke strings there and some examples of things so hopefully you can work with that. All post like a ground game thing later so its more like what you wanna do when sorta perhaps something to that exstent.

This is quite a usefull thread, thanks a lot.


OK, thanks for re-writing/revising your old Kim thread, it’s really helpfull.

If you’ve finished the basics, I would like your advice for a specific match up that is giving me headaches lately; the name: Bison (US).

The Bison I fight is basically a flying Bison (lotsa jumping HK, and some d,u + HK), plus a very high turtle component.

When he turtles, that’s OK, I can rush him down without much problems. But if he starts rushing ME with the j.HK, then safe ground string, then crossup j.HK, etc… It’s horrible. My j.HK and j.HP looses to his j.HK like 90% of the time… Should I use j.MK, or it won’t stop him to own the air?
Don’t tell me “just antiair HououKyaku him” because I haven’t it avaiable always and also he may cross me up, fucking the HououKyaku (cause it miss and basically transform into a teleport…)

OK, thanks for the efforts in this thread!

some specific stuff vs characters like p-groove gief/nak and blanka plz :smiley:

some js master’s weaknesses are???
and how to beat him?

You’re such a fucking idiot. You’re always asking ppl to give you character specific strats (aka you suck and you can’t beat ppl’s teams so you try to get spoon fed strategies to help you win). Fuck off and learn the god damn game without being such a pussy.

You are very rude. That commentary is unnecesary.
Why do you care if he ask for specific vs strats?
You aren’t the one that is going to reply.

Behave yourself, please. I would like a srk.com without flamers, specially in this thread. It’s very interesting, so don’t ruin it.

Hey FSHO I like those indented poking strings! Hella easy to read…good stuff. I should try it with Mai.

I can’t stand it when ppl can’t think for themselves. Now fuck off.

Good gosh lol… i get back and i got a ton of replies. lol

ok first of all…

geese and znsf. can you guys please refrain from flaming in my thread to its at least finished!!??:bluu: :frowning: please delete those posts and put them at the end of the thread or some shit.

the thread is only like half way done yo. give me a break. I dunno i would just rather people be able to read the thread the whole way through.

anyway ok stop the flaming till the stuff is done.

Time Mage…
All get to bison in a bit. Lemme write a bit more stuff then all get to it. I dun work tommorw so i should have time to finish it hopefully. Just hold on a bit more…sowwie.

JS master…
=p settle down dude. lol your great dude dun worry what other people think. more people should be like you at your age. your gonna be fucking people up hard core when you get older.

thanks its not done yet though so hold up. theres alot more. im gonna make this thread huge dude.

thanks alot dude. i thought it would make it a bit easier.

hold up also. all write the stuff a bit later…

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bread and butter…

yawn the bread and butter combo. Basicly the most used combos. Kim is lucky enough to be granted with 2 count them 2 combos that can be used pretty easily at just about any time.

ducking lk,lp,mp qcb+k…
this is probably the main bread and butter combo. Most likely beacuse the damage is good and if its blocked your pretty safe. But its defintily the worst imo. First as ive said earlier if you vs a character that is small well this wont even combo. so that sucks. Also hangetzan is punishable by all means even when blocked.

OK so its not thaaaaat bad. But against throw characters this is nigh useless except for at max distance. Also never use HK version. The hk version is punishable by delayed blocking supers and fast speicals…its even punishable by some normal attacks cough* cammy ducking mk *cough…

Always try to use the mk version. Your fairly safe after it besides throw reversals and delayed blocking supers.

Ducking lkX3 down up+hp…
BY FAR THE BEST…at least imo. This should hit all characters besides the smallest of the small. Also its easy as hell most the time. Not much skill involved in it really. Also when you hit with it you gain much ground and freedom from the knock down so you dash back do some foot stomps charge up meter. Sets up cross ups, and even the best dash cross ups easily. ALso if they happen to block the move has good recovery acctualy. You end up landed on the other side and you can(if you charged) down up+hk when you land or Random super after it.

Hella stupid i know but dude people fall for this. lol…Im not saying its insane like no recovery but much better then you would think.

I personaly use this one more then the other one.

also with kim make sure you can tiger knee the hishou kyaku. Its not to hard at all honestly. that is if your not in a low jump groove. Stuff like super into hishou kyakuX4 into super is pretty commen(at least when i play) not to hard and is pretty effective. ALso say you only have like 2 and half levels and you just did air super. well instead of cancleing(this is assuming you have C groove.) into just down up+hk or hp do hishou kyakuX4 you just charged up that last bit then go into air super. Thats another big use for it. Use it to charge that super. Just get that last little bit you needed.

which brings me to…


ok well lets talk about juggles in kims combos…

hishou kyaku can be reapeated up to 4X per session and 8X in awhole combo all togther. THe only time this will change is after a level 1 hou’ou hetin kyaku, you are only allowed 3 tiems after the first hit. So basicly if you wanted to get 8 you could do hishou kyakuX4 , qcf,hcb+mk, hishou kyakuX4 then air super again.

blah blah easy eh???

Some moves you can juggle after would be well i guess obivously after a hou’ou hetin kyaku.

The kuu sajin can also be juggled after the lk version has a strange little priorty about it. Ok now he kicks twice right well if he misses the first hit and only hits with the second you should be able to tack on some hishou kyakus after it. The higher versions mk and hk you should be able to hou’ou tenbuu kyaku afterwords.

which makes for some fucking nasty anti airs if you can pull it off and have the confidence to try it. Example anti air with down up+hp then qcf,hcb ub+hk(tiger knee it). that just fucking put a hurt on your opponent. lol

shit like that ya know??

got it?


The hein zan lk version you should also be able to tack on some hishou kyakus ect. You want to just hit with that part like right after the slice and you should be able to juggle after it. More tight timing but its can be done.

after a hp from switch stance you should also be able to juggle with the hishou kyaku ect.

and of course. the infinite. The infintie fucks everything up. This lets any move(ANY MOVE) juggle. Once you go into this from a level 2 cancle well. You can juggle with anything hou ou kyaku super ect. normal moves also juggle the whole thing.

like i could do qcfX2+mk, infinite command, jump fierce cancle to air super stuff like that.

anything works now.

Also just in case you wanted to know when i land the qcfX2+mk the regualr combo i would do is…

qcfX2+mk, infintie commandX3, lp, down up+hk.

This hurts you alot, does a ton of stun and is pretty easy. The infintie gets harder after awhile of doing. Not that it really does get harder it just does cuz its like a uncomfertable postion for your hands really. So after i do my damage im basicly like ok why risking doing it more with the chance of me fucking up? This ussaly dizzys anyway.(depending on were you are in the match.)

If you land infintie in middle of the screen all hope is not lost. There is a way to hit with the infintie backwords. Ive done it before unfortantly im not quite sure how ive done it. =/

ussaly in the middle of the screen all do the infintie command into the feirce out of switch stance. This also does a good deal of damage.

This isnt to say that the infinite has to be by a corner. But the corner should at least be visable.

you can try to get some more distances if you need more space to work them into the corner by doing the infintie but delaying the the release of the hk at the end. Normaly. You dont want to even see the lp from the switch stance come out. However you can delay it though so you see kim turn around just to get a slight more room to edge them to the corner.

Anyway basicly after the foot stomp from the infinite just remember anything combos i guess…

If the infinite is giveing you problems kim has easier combos from the hou’ou hetin kyaku. (again remember im assuming you are playing C groove. i did say infintie after all. =/) After the move do down down hk, then do lp, down up+hp.

easy and good damage. AND!!..the kuu sajin sets up all those nice cross ups ect.

This is the best way to use the hou’ou heitn kyaku if you are not confident in your ablities in performing this attack.

okies…thats all for now…

Final Rushdown

Thanks for the rundown, you really no your ish. I guess im still a basic kim player and my game consist of mixups and rush downs. I have problems combo in my super but after reading your post i think i saw some different ways to add it into my game.
Ok i have Two question for you, what do you mean when you refer to certain moves by Tiger kneeing, are you talking about the motion or something else. Plus what kind of controller do you play on, are you talking about the arcade or do you use a Dc pad or something else. Anyway thanks again for the strats, I guess i just need to practice more.

ok lets go for some throw set up ect and random super set ups…

OK ways to catch your opponent off gaurd with a throw is say after a cross up do ducking lk, then do a standing lp then throw.
Easy eh?? Of course you also have the gnarly roll throw. lol. also just kims dash is a pretty good throw set up. After say a poke string of ducking lk,lp,lk standing lk dash in throw is a old kim tactic that still works till this day. You could also low jump and mk or lk which would most likely miss then throw.

Also in the left side of the corner remember after a knock down you can dash over there body to cross them up on the other side. So if you were to throw them in the corner you can go cross them up then perhaps throw them on the other side…

Yes this gets its own little section in tricks. Like i said the kuu sajin is great for mind games…After you hit with a kuu sajin you are free for a cross up or cross up dash ect. Or even dash back while charging some super with haki kyaku. Also some of kims best mind games come after hitting this with a tiger knee hishou kyaku then dash over there body then ethier throw or start a pattern on the other side or random super…

lets put this into a match for example…

ducking lkX3, down up +hp, tiger knee hishou kyaku, dash over body then throw on the other side.

Now the hishou kyaku isnt gonna hit but you have such a good amount of time that well basicly this is just to charge up super. lol so you hit with kuu sajin then tiger knee hishou kyaku when you land then dash over body then throw on the other side.

really really good when mixed up with random supers once you hop to the other side.

I suppose on another note if the opponent were in the corner and you did the tiger knee hishou kyaku you would hit them if they tech rolled but then again tech roll in the corner isnt the safest of things so i would expect to see it to often.

Another thing you could do is after kuu sajin sj straight up then do the hishou kyaku. Remember when you jump striaght up and do hishou kyaku(at the right distance of course. and like i said earlier this is made easier when the opponent is in the corner) in most cases your gonna cross them up with it. So if they try a dp+p they will basicly get hit from behind with the hishou kyaku. In most cases you will win or at least trade. And of course this also allows you to be charging while your coming down so in case they try to throw you when you land you can do down up+hk when you land.

Hou ou kyaku(level 2)…
Just another reason why kim is a monster in C groove and not the others. Think of this move just like the kuu sajin in case of mix ups ect. After you hit with a level 2 version at the very last hit cacnle into qcf+hk you will land at the same time, then dash to the other side and etheir poke string or throw. THis is just a exstremly good way to land a throw.

fucking really good. Of course this is also a really good alternative if well obivously you wouldnt be in the corner or the hishou kyaku woulda hit. So when your not in the corner you may not have the tiger knee type combos but you just have a great way to mix things up.

You could also put the kuu sajin and the hou ou kyaku into one big string of attacks acctualy.

lets try this…

ducking lkX3, down up+hp, qcf+k(tiger knee) , dash over body, qcb,hcf+mk, qcf+hk, dash over body, throw.

lets try some patterns…

  1. down up+hp
    –1a. tiger knee qcf+k
    ------1aa. f f(dash)
    -----------1aaa. throw
    -----------1aab. go to the poke strings i listed earlier in the section
    -----------1aac. Random Super(hou ou kyaku level 2 perferably)
    ------------------1aaca. qcf+hk*
    ---------------------------1aacaa. f f(dash)
    -------------------------------------1aacaaa. throw
    -------------------------------------1aacaab. go to 1aab.
    ---------------------------1aacab. dash back and down down+k**
    –1b. go to 1aacab
    –1c. sj straight up then qcf+hk***
    -----1ca. throw
    -----1cb. go to 1aacab
    -----1cc. down up+hk
    -----1cd. go to 1aac

this is assuming you cancle the last hit of the level 2 hou ou kyaku super.

Dashing back can also be a usefull mix up to these piticualr attack strings ect. You may have baited the reversal and now your left to your self charging super ect. This will most likely bait them to jumping in were down down+k has good enough recovery that if you see it coming you should be able to jump mk them out of the air before they hit you. You could also dash back then down down +k then dash back do it again ect. Like dash back charge super dash back charge super annoying and such. lol Instead of just dash back then do a few foot stomps. Also you could roll as a anti air in this sitution if you baited the jump in. After you expect them to jump roll then throw on the other side.

in most cases i do the down up+hk. like i said earlier i think hishou kyaku is a pretty risky move in a lot of cases so i usasly get ready to try and counter attack when they try to hit me after it. This should be the most used versions of these piticular attack strings.

This is extremly good if your a good guesser(which lets hope you are. :] ) Basicly you just are always were you wanna be. They have to outsmart you the whole time. yeah they could try to reversal but thats why you have Random super there if you guessd that. yeah they could block your poke string. But you could also throw them. :slight_smile:

well since we got alot out of the way with the little section earlier.
lets go to a few more…

well the best is definitly the roll then super. lol Just gotta know when to do it really. You shouldnt do a level 1 hou ou kyaku and nor the level 3. Always do the level 2. You just have to guess right i cant say much more then that.

The only level 1 super that kim can really random with is the hou’ou tenbu kyaku. This is most likely gonna happen when your doing poke strings and you purposely start to sorta loosen them up add a few more holes on purpose so they try to attack. Then tiger knee the move to stop the attack. The level 1 is really gonna stop just about everything. Since well obivsoubly you are in the air when you do this and they are missing you. It takes timing and isnt used all that to often(at least in my case) but it definitly works if you can guess right and pull it off.

also its nice that in most cases if you miss you just land and have a good chance of not being hit.

After a tiger knee hishou kyaku you can try a random super after that.

After hangetzan you can try random super also. This works cuz alot of times like lets say you did try a ducking lp,lp,mk qcb+mk then you standing fierce after it. Now if they blocked it the first time in most cases they would try to attack next time. thats why you random super.

After comet cruncher you could also random super. although the distance is really tricky and not always avaliable like ok im gonna have them block the move at a certain distance. Hopefully you hit with the move but if you dont theres a good chance they may try to punish.

One other one would be if you do a lets say standing roundhouse that goes into switch stance(doesnt really matter just go in switch stance) then wiff a lk from that. Then do random super. This is also a really effect random super.

all random supers are a set up.

real simple just gotta guess right. As in the thread earlier i put were all random supers have a good chance of working so were ever they are in the poke strings ect use them there.

yawn ok…thats all for now…