CvS2: Kim Infinite

cvs2 kim infinite

how do u do kims infinite in cvs2 and does anyone else has and infinite besides shin akuma.

Kyosuke on S-Groove. I’m not sure how to do it though. Maybe someone else can tell you.I’ve just seen it before.

final showdown can do the kim infinite, i think he’s making a video of it.

can somebody tell me how to do shin akumas infinite combo
and are u sure kim has one??

yep he does…

IDK how to do it exactly but you set it up with the super where he kicks up… and then do the down down kick thing… and keep changing stances… and something with holding buttons… I don’t remember :frowning:

But, yes he does have one and so does Kyosuke in C Groove… yep C groove…

shin akuma infinite is jump mp into air fireball over and over…

kim infinite is…(ethier or…)

down down hk,(hold hk) down lp(let go hk) down hK(hold hk) repeat

or down down hk(hold hk) down down lp(let go hk) hold hk repeat…

bascily to set it up though you have to do a level 2 super before it. this will let the haki kyaku juggle now.

kyosuke infinite is…

qcbX2+p, jump mp, repeat

another one is(though you will eventualy run out of super) is basicly you air combo them charge up super land hit into another air launcher somethign like that. it basicly repeats it self for like up to 5 times or something.

Joe infintie(or is it? 0_o) is hp rapidly let go hp , then rapidly hp again over and over…

ive never seen anyone infinite with it (as in the whole meter) but ive done it a few times myself(like 3 times in a row) so im sure its technuiqly possible to do it forever.

ive seen a maki infinite but not to sure as to how it worked. though then agian i couldnt do kim and kyosuke stuff at first so maybe if i practiced i might get it.

hmm thats all the infinties that i can think of right now.

woah… @@
you should be called… infinite man @


lol well you cant give me to much credit sai-rec told me how to do kim(though i suppose i do the kim one as a negative dge instead of a motion. but yeah) and kyosuke one. yeah so sai-rec gets the thanks for the most part not me.

Yeha, if XYZ’s Sample2 video didn’t have that shitty ass effect on it, Maki’s infinite would be revieled to us, but his editor needs to be shot -_____-
thanx for the Kim infinite, quick question though, is the held HK supposed to connect, or just the LP after? I can connect two of those down, down+k things, but the game won’t let you do anymore of those, so that’s obviously not going to be an infinite. Well I’m outtie, thanx for the infinites man.

well for the kim infinite basicly your goal is to get kim to basicly stay in the same animeation just about the whole time. you should never see him go for lp if so your most likley doing it to slow. he should be int he switch stance the whole time. and its a infintie trust me. lol Just practice going from side to side of the screen doing the infinite to try and get the timing. you want it to just be like boom boom booom ect ect really fast. then once you get it just try and do it after cancling form a level 2.

as for the maki one he cancled level 2 super and then basicly did something like down mp, qcf+lk+lk over and over. of course this is strange cuz well it comboed. lol rolento has longer stun or some shit yes but this is just fucked up. i dunno how it worked then again i only tried it once and was like…na all try this another day. so i dunno all try to get it some other time i suppose.

Final, didn`t you want to do a video of the kim infinite?

Yeah the video is pretty much done just gotta get it to cpu somehow.

AHh alright cool, yeah I can’t get the infinite down yet, but understand the motion you’re talking about, because LP is meant to push Kim forward and you cancel back into the down down kick thing. Very cool.
Quick question about the Kyosuke infinite, I tried it in S-groove with Red life and no max bar, and I only could get it to connect twice. And it connected really bizarre too, because I’d initiate the qcbx2 P then because you can cancel into a jump, I’d jump in with a MP, but if it connected, the opponent would be knocked back into conciousness and could block if I tried doing it again, even when I got the timing really close to the ground. So the only way I could get it to hit twice was by doing the qcbx2 P thing, then jumping over them with a MP and doing it again, then I get 11 hits and they fly hella high up, but I can’t combo it again. I’m probably doing the whole set up wrong, but sall good.
-it’ll be cool if you get that Kim video online man

Jump over them? You’re aware that it has to be done in the corner, right? The Kyosuke infinite, that is - Kim one can be mid-screen, of course.


I tried the Kyosuke infinite but cant get it!!!
the qcbx2 p doesnt juggle after the mp for me

Ok well basicly what happens for the kim one is like ok im canceling the level 2 right. and ya know how after a level 2 any move can juggle well basicly i go into the foot stomp then im in the switch stance now i cancle the lp before it comes out to the next foot stomp and then im back in the switch stance again. the game is basicly reading it as one whole move. at least. i

as for the kyosuke one the S groove one shouldnt have to be in a corner. you’ll eventualy get there of course. Basicly ok i do the qcbX2 +lp right now im gonna jump lets say when i see the combo meter at 3 or some shit so once i get in the air or leacve the ground or some shit its at its last 4th hit. So you gotta delay the jump. Then i jump and before we both hit the ground(its a timing its weird. i couldnt get it for a long time.) i hit mp then i land and well i combo with special. A easier combo to test this out would be do the qcbX2+lp super then jump mp then land and right when you land you wanna do qcf+hk. this is pretty easy to juggle with and should be a good example of like “ok this is what im trying to shoot for” i dunno its a good thing to sorta try and feel what your trying to do out. You wanna when you do this be like qcbX2+lp right but when you jump try and do qcb+mp then when you land do the qcb+lp. of course this will all happen real fast though. you wanna like cancle when you land into the move.

dun worry if its hard cuz its a pretty hard timing for me. lol ussaly all just do like jump mp then land dp+p, qcf+hk after it. =/

oh though on another note when you juggle like this connecting a qcfX2+p super is much easier then when you try from a normal air launcher.(d/f+hk) level 1 connects with out much effort at all.

As for the kim infintie in middle of the screen you dun have to be in the corner but its better to be close cuz they will eventualy get knocked to far away. You can try and make your self go a bit farther by trying to delay the last hk(or if your letting go of hk) so he steps foward a bit. But this is kinda risky cuz you dun want the lp realy to come out at all. Though if your in the middle middle the only way to do it is to hit with it from behind. however i dunno how ive done it. but ive done it a few times. You basicly hit with the foot stomp from behind.

Again though ive only done this a few times mid screen and it was a for a couple hits not to sure how i was doing it. =/

opps sorry my bad i was just playing, and kyosuke infinite should be by corner. i was just thinking cuz speaicals and the other things hit from anywere. but ok yeah im wrong for it to hit with another level 1 is much easier if your by the corner. my bad

Alright cool, yeah I was messing around with Kyosuke’s super in S-groove some more, and yeah, I’m pretty sure you can only do this infinite in C-groove, but please correct me if I’m wrong.
And about the Kim infinite, couldn’t you technically just hold the HK on the down down HK move for a second more than usual, because it makes Kim move forward, or is there something with the LP that makes him move hella forward?

Actually I’ve seen a video with Kyosuke doing the infinite in s groove but i forgot where i got it. I know it starts with a level 3 super then it continues with lv1’s

OK as for the kyosuke part no if it was only like that in C groove then you could only do it 3 times in a row and you have better combos then to just do something like that 3 times in a row. As for his C groove infinite is you do a air launcher then you air combo them then you land hit with a normal when you land then you go into the qcbX2+p super. your buliding meter the whole way through it goes for like 5 times or something to that exstent.

it was probably at… that you saw the combo. it doesnt have to be started with a level 3 but you could if you want.

about the kim infintie i dun think you understand why this is working, if i do what you said i would have to eventualy let go of hk to get out another foot stomp which well would take me out of the SWITCH STANCE LOL…you need to be in that. OK so you do the foot stomp you are in the switch stance now the only attack that is cancleable in the swtich stance is the lp and you cancle the lp before it even comes out so your in the switch stance the whole time. You gotta be in switch stance the whole infinte.