CvS2 : Kyo Thread



Hmm - there’s no Kyo thread here? does this mean he’s a bit of a duffer or what?

Well, regardless - I like to play him - nothing better than getting in your opponent’s face and playing guessing games with his combos.

But - any experienced Kyos out there want to share? Anything from basic stuff to advanced is cool - pressure sequences, counteracting weaknesses, how to kill bloody Hibiki, etc…

(I’m in C groove, but don’t let that make you hesitate)


I recently starte playing cvs2 again, Kyo is one of the characters that I picked up.

I’m playing him in a-groove, rc’ing his qcf kick move sets up free cc.
It is also very good on opponent wake up attacks, you really don’t want to abuse it to much though because he can be punished if blocked.

His rc qcf punch move builds good meter quickly and is good for poking.

Just some basic stuff I wanted to share to jump start this thread.


I prefer Kyo in K-groove, because 1) his supers aren’t all that hot, except at lvl 3 and 2) his roll is pretty horrible and 3) he benefits a lot with low jump because of his jumping smash.

with K you can option select after a basic blocked combo of c.jab, c.strong, qcf+jab. If the opponent attack you get free JD meter, if he doesn’t you can continue to poke.

his best poke is standing roundhouse IMO.

Best combo is c.strong -> qcf+forward, then dp+roundhouse.

you can use dp+short to advance sometimes, and it is faster than qcf + jab.


Hmm - RCing is way out of my depth for a while. I’m still catching up after SF2 Turbo.

Never even seen that combo, MCTek - I’m pretty much the only one I ever see playing Kyo (makes it tricky to learn fast!). I’ll give it a go…

Here’s a question:
Is there (long term) milage in his punch chains? The main reason I started using him is for these - I always was a fan of Fei Long.
So, I’m generally getting in close and varying which chain I go for - mainly switching the time I do the overhead, or staggering long chains of them (punch, punch, wait, punch, wait, punch, punch, blah), learning the patterns of the opponent, and sticking in a super when I think they’ll go for me (I play C groove).

But - ultimately, will I need to abondon this? Or to put it another way, does the opponent have the edge in this kind of guessing game once the learning curve bottoms out a bit?
I have to admit, I don’t use his kick specials very much at all. Mainly I’m using his j.RH or his magic elbow to get in and then just trying to stay in their face.

Hmm - another question :wink:
I noticed that if you jump in and cancel s.FP into his punch chains, the second hit in the chain doesn’t combo anymore. This is right, yeah? it’s not just that the timing tightens up or anything? Obviously the enemy realises this quick since they hold block and find themselves blocking the last bit. Initially I’d super their counter, so now they block a little longer, and I start the guessing games from there.

What about poking? I seem to find myself using s.RH all the time. But still, I’m not finding much sucess in poking games. I’m thinking maybe I need a short jump to keep the pressure up…


u should start using his kicks more. his most damaging combo is:,,qcf+hk (then do another hk), hcb+hk, or if u r in c-groove do lvl2 qcfx2mp,cancel into,qcf+hk (do another hk),hcb+hk. with the last hcb+hk u could do a dp or dp+hk instead.


Massively damaging combo near/in corner:

C-groove full meter
Combo whatever you want into qcf+lk, qcb-hcf+mp, cancel into qcf+mk, qcb-hcf+P


mctek is right, his standing fk is his best poke.

if you are in grooves with the run option, then you could use his crouching strong to poke. It has good priority. His crouching roundhouse as well covers good distance when poking.

abuse his qcf punch move, it adds as a good poke to get in close.


i just start using kyo and i’m using him in k groove can you guys post more on him strategy wise and combo wise

also does he have a move that puncish a blocked blanka ball ?


wtf i didnt even know that combo worked LOL tight shit…if it works…

and to punish blanka ball ummm…jd it then its easy to punish…you got k groove so you shoulnt have trouble doing that…

im outi



Use qcf+HP, you can finish the entire “chain” or whatever you call it. Gotta time the first hit.


caliagent said:

“his most damaging combo is:,,qcf+hk (then do another hk), hcb+hk”

ok, so the first 4 hits, no problem. But then, after the double flying kick, no way can I hit with the choke… Am I supposed to be doing it soon after the 2nd flying kick as possible, or otherwise is there a specific position the enemy has to be in for it to land?

My most damaging is still the good old Cs.Fp XX qcf.Fp, hcb.Fp, f.Fp

You really need to be aware of your distance when flinging out your qcf.Fp (or with Lp) - can be nice to stick a s.Rh afterwards and repeat. The qcf.Fp moves you forward a good bit, you link some hits together to push the enemy away, and keep going. As long as you use the right strength punch to move you forward you can control your distance pretty good and the qcf punches have good priority, at least.

I must say though, that with this kind of ground game I often find myself on the wrong end of a poke with superior priority (maybe playing Cammy has spoiled me in this area :wink: ). Still, I love my magic elbow (


so can you guys go into more detail about pressuring and advancing with the flaming punch moves

which version is good for advancing , comboing , lockdown

i find kyo can rush down pretty good with running jap , i want to know how i can ad the flaming punches to his rush down game too

how punishable are his flaming punch moves? how do i continue to pressure after my opponent block it , what’s the best way to get back on offence after they block the flaming punches ?

also with is his best jump-in.low jump moves (besdies the d.fp)?
which one is better jumping/lowjumpins mp or fp ?

thanks for helping out


K Kyo, raged:

j.HK, s.HK XX QCF+HK K, DP+MK, QCB HCF+P(hold), let go of P.

Around 12000 damage. Works with other Grooves, K just hits the hardest.


After the 2nd flying kick, when u land on the ground u enter the hcb+hk, and he has to be in the corner for the hcb+hk to connect. If he is not in the corner then do a dp+hk or a regular dp. Make sure u are using hk for the qcf+hk move. if u use lk it won’t work


There isnt any reason to do this combo. HCB + K does just as much damage as a fierce Oniyaki(F,D,DF + P), but without the stun damage, and a roundhouse Twightlight ride(F,D,DF + K) does more damage and stun damage then a fierce DP does in most situations.

Jump in HK, HK, QCF + HK,HK, Toward + fierce, QCF + LP, HCB + LP, LP OTG is actually the most damaging superless combo Kyo has, however it does a less stun damage then if you ended the combo with DP + K, so your better off doing this combo as a round ender, after there dizzy, or when your in a position where you know you havent done enough previous stun damage to dizzy them.

Stun damage is important. Kyo deals more damage and stun damage with superless combos then any other chr in CvS2. He can end a losing round with 2 well placed(lucky) combos that lead to a dizzy, which means game over.


C-Kyo does lots of damage due to qcf+K. Try any level 2 super xx qcf+HK,HK,dp+MK, qcb,hcf+P. For humiliation you can use qcf,qcf+LP as 100% anti-air. Note that qcf+HP has a small auto-parry window at the beginning of the move. A-Kyo has a scrubby ground CC because of his df+HK, which allows him to finish with lvl1 Final Showdown.


does this combo work , c.rk, link into qcb, hcf +p (level 3) ?

my friend told me this combo , but i’m having problem doing it , its much like the geese swweep into raging storm combo

any tip on timing ?


K-Kyo is such bullshit, according to hella people. You can usually do a low strong after a JD, and any close low strong leads to qcf + forward, forward, which sets up the juggles.

As for his most damaging combo on the corner without supers, it really is the one that Kamui said:

j.rh, s.rh, qcf + forward or rh, twds + fierce, ground punch chain. With rage, this does about as much as his level 3 super. Someone already mentioned his killer combo with a lvl 3 in the corner, but you can add a ground punch after it.

IMO, Kyo’s groove order is K/A/N/P/C/S. I put P above C because he gets so many openings to land close hits that he can constantly dizzy people and do juggles, plus he keeps low jumps. S-Kyo is really good because you get a 100% anti air while you are red and his dodge kick is really good. C-Kyo is hella overrated. N is much better because he can keep in your face all the time, plus when you corner them, bust a stock and do an alpha counter, land and do a lvl 3 super. This usually makes people go “Whoa…” and you are all like :).

Kyo’s low jab has the same frame advantage as Ryu’s. Use this for run cancelling. You can keep in their face by randomly buffering one of these or a low strong/fierce into rekkas. Ryu has better tools to keep people stuck, but he can’t get much damage off one hit without meter. Kyo can, and you MUST use that as your fear factor.


can explain how the ground punches work? which punch do you use ? and how’s the timing for the ground punches after the qcb,hcf+p level three ?


Thanks Honkeytonk for posting this. I asked for a Kyo thread too… but the moderator closed my thread and DIDNT fix the problem thanks again.