CvS2: Kyosuke does not suck!

I will admit that he is not the most user friendly character to use, but for pressure play he is great.

I play in P-Groove which has it’s obvious advantages, but when you can parry any jump in, it gives Kyo a free air combo!

Also his lp Cross cutter is a nightmare for cornered opponents as it is anti air and very slow. If the opponent tries to roll through it they get thrown, if the jump they get knocked down and if it is a character with another fireball, the first cross cutter will cancell it out and the second will hit them.

My fav strats are:

Jump FP, crouch Fp, lightning upper (DP+any punch), then either his shadow kick (Fb+kick) or his super shadow kick (Fbx2+kick).

Also cLKx2 then into his shadow kick is my B&b combo or
crouching jab x2 into his lightning upper, then follow this up with his shadow kick or super shadow kick.

Kyosukes air cutter (jump Fb+any punch) is another great pressure move as it is an air fireball which people NEVER expect, granted if you do it every time you jump in they will catch on, but once or twice a match i can guarantee that they will get hit. A bonus of this move is that it also knocks them down, allowing you to apply pressure with the cross cutters.

His sRH has decent reach but low priority so i suggest only use this move for corner traps as Kyo can throw a slow cross cutter and follow it up with a sRH.

The key to Kyosuke is patience and zoning. Throw several Cross cutters to get them into the corner and then begin the corner trapping. I may just be that people are not used to playing against Kyosuke but i have found that people have a VERY tough time trying to get out of the corner against him.

Why do you think they called him KyoSUKe??

hahaha aha haa. I’m dead funny, me.

Seriously though, King - Mr Suk will start to drag his heels as soon as you use him for a length of time. As your opponents improve, he’ll be left floundering. His corner trap isn’t so scary, you’re opponents are just not used to it. Or they’re crap. I’ll bet they’re crap. yeah! crap crap crap!

His only saving grace is that he’s a very well turned out fellow. A nicely cut suit, and neatly trimmed hair. Not sure why he doesn’t get contacts if he’s going to be doing some of that fighting stuff, though. Maybe that’s why he leans forward so much when his does his cutter move - he’s squinting and trying to see if it actually hit, or if he’s about to get one of many, many pokes that will hit in between the 2 fireballs at the start of the move, exchanging favourably.

Lol, the glasses are the best part about his character, he’s FIGHTING with glasses because he wont get hit … in theory, his character is much cooler than he actually is in the game :smiley: And agreed, his suit IS badass.

Hi, King. You think as I do (Starcraft quote):slight_smile:

Ya, I’m a really big Kyosuke fan and dedicated player. I bacame a fan of him when I learnt that he sucked in Capcom vs SNK 2 and I was curious to check him out. I had him on my team from the very first day I start playing this game and I still choose him frequently. From enough experience, I learnt that he sucks pretty much compared with top tiers in the area that not everything he does will kill the opponent. However, like you said, it’s all about zoning. Once I get my hands off RPGs and studying, I will try to spend more time training my Kyosuke. Here is what I found out so far.

His best move is said to be his jab cross cutter, but I learned through experience that it is not as abusable as I though it was. The nice thing is that it instantly stuns the opponent if his/her limbs or arms come in touch with the projectile which means that if you have a jab cross cutter in front of you, Yamakazi cannot Snake Slash you because he will be hit out of the move as soon as he touched it. It also guards against stuff like Honda’s headbutt if you do it first, and if you ever happen to get hit while releasing the move, you will most likely trade hits at worst. But the BIG problem is that roll canceled moves will go right though it! Bison can Psychocrusher through your cutters, Yamakazi can slash though, and so on. It could be a good idea to roll cancel your cross cutters, but it is not longer unpassable.

Another thing about the cross cutter. Opponents can still superjump it over the jab version perfectly and nail you and fast rollers can usually clear even the jab version easily.:mad:

Anyway, I find that the jab cross cutter works wonders against S-groove. If they dodge, they still couldn’t clear the cross cutter right because it moves slowly and has a tendancy to stall a bit. They end up blocking then you can easily do another fierce XX jab cross cutter and what are they going to do? Roll cancel? Mwahahahaha!!!:smiley:

About your bread and butter combo, I just want to let people know that the roundhouse version of the shadow cut kick whiffs most crouching opponents so use the short version or forward.

Ok ok. Now with the pokes.

For Kyosukes pokes, I try to mix them up as much as possible. Crouching forward is an underestimated poke. Just because it isnt cancellable doesn`t mean that it sucks. It has as much range as standing fierce or standing roundhouse but it seems to stuff out a lot of stuff. If they block, the pressure game is reset so you restart your pressuke tatics.

OK. Most people know that far standing fierce cancelled into cross cutter is Kyosukes basic pressure poke. But we dont want to get predictable, don`t we?:slight_smile: Here are some other nice pressure chains:

Crouching jab X 3 cancelled into cross cutter

Crouching jab, crouching fierce cancelled into cross cutter

Crouching short X 2, crouching forward

Crouching short X 2 cancelled into cross cutter

Crouching strong, crouching strong cancelled into cross cutter

Just mix it up:)

Kyosuke also has a useful forward dash (if you want the opponent to feel sympathy for you, just do the back dash a few times and voila!). After a far standing fierce cancelled into cross cutter, immediately dash and do another standing fierce into cross cutter. Make that predictable. Why? So that now you can play mind games:) Try to follow a far standing fierce cancelled into cross cutter with a dash into crouching jab cancelled into cross cutter or a dash immediately into crouching forward. Also try dashing and doing nothing at all. Here is something that works: If you dash and immediately do a lightning upper (dp+p), you will usually catch the opponent off guard. Also, remember that the lightning upper has very deceptive recovery. if you happen to get one blocked, IMMEDIATELY follow with a shadow cut kick and see what I mean. 99% of the time, the opponent will try to punish you can go “WHAT?!!”:slight_smile:

Another thing, Kyosukes sweep is actually useful! Not abusable, but useful. It has a lot of range and a bit of start up. Only use the sweep at a far range and if you know that the opponent is not going to do jump. Probably not, cause that is the right distance for you to throw out your anti-everything cross cutter:) Experiment and find how it works for you. After nailing an opponent with it, make sure that you dont let the opponent see it coming again until the opponent doesn`t see it coming:lol:

If the opponent rolls, GRAB HIM!:evil:

Wake up Level 3 super shadow cut kick is useful while waking up when the opponent is running towards you.

Dont forget that you can also do the air slash fireball and the shadow cut kick while youre in the air!

Kyosuke has a lot of anti air options enough to keep a parry/just defend happy opponent guessing. Far standing forward, crouching fierce, and close standing fierce are all good anti air. Jab cross cutter, lightning upper, and late timed launchers are good anti-airs too. All of his supers except for final symphony remix also make good anti-airs although they work best at level 3. Shadow cut kicks works great against jumping overhead specials like Ken’s body drop, King’s Surprise Rose, and even Bison’s Head Stomp. In fact, Bison will usually begin a match with a head stomp intending to go over your opening jab cross cutter. Start with a roundhouse shadow cut kick and you’ll beat his head stomp 100% of the time. Just don’t do it twice Roll cancelled Shadow Cut Kicks make excellent anti airs.

If you are fighting a Todo (most likely in S-groove), he will most likely open with a fierce wave slash that will beat your cross cutter clean. You can start with a fierce lightning overhead (qcb+hp) to trade hits. You take a bit of damage but he takes like 500% more. You can also just roll it and smack his face. Just watch out when you are throwing out cross cutters. His level 3 wave slash super will kill out if you carelessly throw one out.

Ok, Kyosuke’s Shadow Cut Kick is a really good anti-air when it’s used early. It really works because it can hit opponents when they are still at the height of their jump before they pull out their move. It also confuses parryers especially if you mix up this with late anti-airs because it leaves them guessing.

Kyosuke’s lightning overhead is also underrated. It does really good guard bar damage and has great priority. Roll cancelling it makes this move much safer as the vulnerable part is at the beginning of the move when Kyosuke jumps and gets ready to slam down.

Whew! I`ve posted a lot! I hope that helps clear things up on how to play Kyosuke like a newbie. Now can anyone explain to me how to play Kyosuke like a PRO

I think that Ive posted to much. i reread everything that Ive post and I couldnt comprehend anything what Ive written:lame:

One more thing:lol: , If you stay at just the tip of the range of a crouching roundhouse, and you wiggle back and forth a bit but still kind of stay outside range. The opponent might try to start approaching you somehow. If that happens, then stay a tiny bit out of range, walk backwards a bit, then throw out a far standing fierce. The opponent should run into it and get smacked. Don`t forget to cancel into cross cutter.

The main difference between Kyosuke and most characters is that he relies heavily on his specials for zoning, pressure, and defense. Although his normals lack major priority, his specials have great priority considering most of them don’t involve him even touching the opponent. Also, the recovery times of his specials are generally a lot better than that of his normals. That said, playing Kyosuke requires that you pick the right specials for the right situations, and this can make life difficult, but aside from that, he has all the tools he needs to succeed IMO. Obviously it won’t be easy to master him, but I believe if you really like him, go for it.

KyoSUKe? That’s so lame… not to mention the U is basically silent… So you won’t find any sucking in Kyosuke unless it’s from all the chicks he pimps.

EDIT: I should also mention you’ll find that Kyosuke’s overall performance is boosted quite a bit in S-Groove oddly enough. Or at least it’s my opinion that that is his best groove. He has very excellent desperation tactics, and he makes good use of run, small jump and dodge.

Another thing that I forgot to mention. Kyosuke wins fireball wars and air fireball wars for free, thanks to his two-hit cutters. Is Geese or Ryo bothering you with their air fireballs? Just throw out a fierce crosscutter and watch your problems go away! The top cutter will cleanly eliminate the air fireball and for some reason, the opponent will always land on the bottom cutter on the way down. Don’t ask me why, it just happens like that.:slight_smile:

I think that it’s true, in order to play Kyosuke, you have to zone, use specials at the right time, and stuff. However, I think that his normals are highly underestimated because they play a big part in his game. His pokes is not limited to only standing roundhouse!!!

One point I really agree with so far, if you’re gonna use Kyosuke, do it in P-Groove…long as you know how to parry, he’ll be more useful than he’d ever be in another groove. He’s in my P-Groove team of Kyosuke/Yamazaki/Ryu. As a zoner he’s cool, but as a zoner that can parry and take a free air combo (with a lvl3 tagged on the end if you got it to spare) makes him a decent contender. I’ll admit, i’m not TOO crazy about him though, but it’s a breath of fresh air from usin Sagat all the damn time lol.

Everything in CvS2 besides playing Sagat is a breath of fresh air from using Sagat all the damn time. Nobody really likes him, they just pretend. :wink:

I personally think Kyosuke’s groove rankings are as follows:

  1. S
  2. P
  3. K
  4. C
  5. N
  6. A

Just my opinion.

Kyosuke sucks. Don’t try to deny it. But you can try to improve him.

Kyosuke’s most effective groove happens to be A groove for me. His grab move and the dp+p(esp. roll cancel) have usage in A groove.

Launcher set-ups
do launcher against “running grab” moves i.e. Kyo/Iori/Yuri hcb+k.
… that’s bout it lol I’ll find some more eventually

Kyosuke’s only good move, it’s like SF2 Chunli’s sweep. The kick goes over some attacks and you have higher chance of winning.

His sweep is far from being his best move. You can play Kyosuke better than sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep…ect. Try crouching forward instead. You’ll like the results. It’s faster, stuffs out more moves, and doesn’t guarantee your death if the opponent happens to jump. The sweep is good to catch distant opponents off guard when they are right in the middle of something but don’t abuse it.

I’ve just started to pick up Kyosuke for the hell of it. So im gonna try to gather up some quick info about this underated character. This guy have lots of variations for c-groove combos.

kyosuke’s jumping attacks do shitty ass damage, I was wondering what is kyosuke’s best jump-in attack?

Can Cammy’s spiral arrow go under Kyosuke’s cross cutter?

What are some setups for his Roundhouse launcher? It seems to be crappy for anti air.

Also Kyosuke’s dash is VERY quick, so dash into throw is really useful. An example is to do a meaty and dash into throw. The trick to doing this consistly is to MASH on the fierce button while Kyosuke is in the dash animation, you’ll end up throwing the opponent as soon as the dash is over. You can catch alot of people off gaurd since his dash is so quick.

The jab version of the cross cutter goes all the way down as well as up. That means that you can’t slide under it or go under it with some special moves. This also means that the fireballs seperate to leave a nice little space in the middle so that Bison can fly through clean with his psycho crusher. However, Cammy can easily RC spiraling arrow right through the cross cutter which means bad news for you.

I guess that I wasn’t the only one trying to tell people here how quick Kyosuke’s dash was. Yes, you can easily get a free throw/poke faster than the opponent can say “what?”. Cammy’s dash is also a pain which proves that she is overpowered.

What’s his ‘trap’ ? And isn’t there like a very good player in Cali who plays Kyosuke well?

kyosuke does not suck

if any of u can honestly say from experience and not just going along with what other players say that kyosuke sucks then there is definetly something wrong.kyosuke to me plays a lot like a guile and ryu fusion with plenty of combos,a move for every situation,good range,a few good pokes and even has a air combo launcher for the ultimate score in style.he has good defense,good pressure moves and great offense the only problem i see in kyosuke is the recovery time in his attacks,but thats ok though he’s just a character that needs to be played with precision and good timing and judgement.

but really to be quite honest,kyosuke is more of a masters player considering you must take advantage of every move and square opportunity,which is no problem because kyosuke can easily open opportunities for big damage with his vast arsenal of attacks.

Seriously, this thread should be “I’m kidding myself by thinking Kyosuke doesn’t suck.” :bluu:

He does shit damage, has low priority, his level 1 supers bite, and his level 3 team-up has almost no range and can be blocked. Not to mention the only character that takes more damage is Akuma, and he actually has some moves with priority! :eek:

To say Kyosuke is a “masters” character where you have to know every aspect of his moves to get him right is like saying that only someone who’s very good at the game can waste their time with him and win, when if they’re already a master they can do that with every other character in the game too with more ease and require much less effort.

So yeah, he sucks. I used to think he had potential too, but then I learned that he’s just not worth the effort.

kidding myself?yeah right

ok lets get this straight,ima a fan of kyosuke cause i been playin with him every since rival schools came because im a fan of him doesnt distort my judgement of how he plays.i actually use him now that i’ve mastered him a whole lot and like any other character you have to get the best out of what he i said before a move for every situation what more could u ask for? variety in his attacks man i could keep rantin on and on about him forever.u take a character lik athena,now even though she has shitty supers does that make her a bad character?no it if kyosukes raw strength lays in his combos then thats what u have to use because no he does not have much power in his single hits like others do and if he does take more damage than akuma a true kyosuke player wont be getting hit that much and if u do find yourself gettin ya ass wooped than you’re not using im right.

in conclusion kyosuke does not in anyway suck,like i said the only problem i see with him is his recovery time.people yall need to really try an get into kyosuke before u just shun him the way that you do.

kidding myself?yeah right

Oh, the reason why I don’t like him because they could have tried to adapt him a lot better to CVS than to try to put a Rival Schools character in a CVS engine. In Rival Schools he is awesome, I’ll admit, but CVS is a completely different game and what they did to him was far from what they could have done. His mk is easily the worst normal in the game, they could have done something better than that slop, etc. etc.

I’m not the kind to jump on Sagat or Blanka because they’re so easy/cheesy/powerful, but I did practice for a good amount of time to see if Kyosuke was worth the effort. When I have him at Ratio 2 and I win with a Ratio 1 Todo on N and then the guy’s final Ratio 1 finishes off Todo and then mops Kyosuke, that says something.

The reason why he sucks isn’t that he’s not playable, if that were true all he would have was his mk and no other buttons would exist. I’m saying that it would require an enormous amount of effort and practice to get him to the level you want to be at, and require very tight precision to pull off stuff effectively. Hell, I find I win easier with Dan than him and I just recently started playing Dan casually.

The fact of the matter is Capcom gave him the shit treatment before they threw him in here, and it’s not like he’s Morrigan where just about everything sets up a zig-zag combo.