CvS2: Kyosuke does not suck!

I like kyosuke lots. He’s a very stylish character. He’s got the cool threads and glasses. :slight_smile: I found all his normal moves to be lacking in speed/priority compared to lots of characters (uhh… every other character in the game? :D). This fact makes it very hard to land combos. Sure his fireball that goes low and high, but can be super jumped over. And I know that isnt his only move, but it is one of his better moves. I tried to use him before and I too gave up on him, but I think I might pick him up again just for fun, although I know I’ll get my ass kicked… and it will basically be a 2on3 matchup. :rolleyes:

You may be able to use him well, but that does not necessarly mean he is a very good character.

yall know what these past few days i been lookin at everyones opinion about kyosuke so i went to play and compared him to other characters and realized that he is hard as hell to play with.i mean with most characters a small miscalculation in timing could get u hit a few times,but with kyosuke a small miscalculation in timing can get your energy bar damn near wiped clean out and kyosuke is a character than required excellent timing and i do mean excellent.i also noticed his roll is kinda slowand sometimes id roll thru ryus fireball completly just to come up and eat a shoryuken.damn,even his rolls timing has to be straight on the dot.kyosuke kinda reminds me of gen off of alpha 3 because he required proper timing but the timing for kyosuke is almost super not saying in anyway that he sucks im just saying if you’re a newb to this game and series then stay well away from kyosuke the “mister cool guy” because he takes alot of patience quick attack decisions because even though ispeak so greatly of him in previous posts when i first started playing with him slammed many a controller and broke alot of shit because of me constantly losing matches.and like i said before his recovery time is hideous and i still admit that even though he’s one of my main characters.u know what ima start a thread called kyosuke strengths and weaknesses

looks can be decieving

i dont’ think kyosuke is THAT bad…i use him once in a while, almost all the time in C. i don’t think his level 1 supers suck, actually I like em a lot. his lvl 1 fireball super is pretty damn good for a fireball super, since it seems to be instantaneous, so i either trade or straight out beat them if they stick out something. his other super (i dunno what it’s called), qcbx2+jab, isn’t that bad either. if u do the super and the opponent sticks out something, u’ll trade and he’ll eat the super and u can follow it up after. it won’t work if he stuck out a jab or short, but i think if it’s anything stronger then u guys will trade.

ok well i’m at work so i’ll try to write more later…although no one probly cares anyways, lol…

Another old ass thread, probably revived because buktooth made that low tier thread recently. As for the record, you kiddin me? Of course he sucks ass. When I said sweep is his best move, I didn’t mean it is abusable. I meant it’s a good move, with vertical and horizontal range. It’s a sweep, you are at a frame disadvantage, I know it, so it’s not the only thing I do.

Things you can do with him:
DF+hk launcher beats kyosuke/iori hcb+k
rc qcf+k when morrigan does her run(which actually is a fly)
A groove has a chipping cc w/qcf+pxn
launch, and jab short strong, land and throw does more than standard air combo(jab strong fierce roundhouse)

His “mixup” afaik is thunder launcher, then either jumping mp, land, launcher super again, or throw. Yeah, crappy ass mixup.

ok i dunno if the previous post was directed towards me, but anyways. i didn’t say he was good, i just said i didn’t think he was as horrible as people make him out to be. to me at least he’s better than dan…if that means anything. of course i doubt anyone will seriously use him in tourney play. ok on to the topic…

i highly doubt sweep is his best move, i dont’ even use it that much since it’s slow and there’s a shitload of recovery time, and it outweighs the advantages range or whatever.

his d/f hk sucks dick. the range is horrible, and there aren’t a lot of times where u can use it, unless you play dumbass scrubs who love to jump and roll all the time or whatnot.

his seems decent for him, but i would rather go with his st.fp or

he has decent anti air normals, and cr.hp. of course rc dp+p or qcf+k is always better, provided that you can do it consistently…

everyone probly knows most or all of his strats and combos, so i won’t post much of them here.

you probly already know this, but for kyosuke players, be careful when you do his fireball super at point blank against p and k groovers. most of the time one parry or just defend is all it takes, and u’ll be open for like a year. obviously the best range is where the fireball splits apart the most.

for his qcbx2+p super, i never use anything beyond level 1, it seems pointless.

I’ve been a kyosuke fiend since rival schools (kyosuke/hideo = super team, well mine anyway) but i must admit it is nigh impossible to say he doesn’t suck just a little bit, doesn’t keep me from playing him though

C-groove is my groove of choice so C-groove kyosuke is my kyosuke of choice,he is always my first out (no anchor spot for the poor man) I use him to build meter, mostly because while i love his supers, they arent really that spectacular, I’ll use a lvl one fireball super from time to time if im feeling a little over-pressured but thats about it

a bit of a problem i have is if i manage to score a knockdown, i try to go into rushdown kyosuke, which should never be attempted by one such as me, zone/keepaway isn’t bad but a rushing kyosuke is a dead kyosuke, or it may be that i keep going for meaty rival launcher which may work the first time maybe but after that they just block it and you end up eating supers for breakfast

these are just opinions of mine but i will keep playing kyosuke till the day i die, and more than likely kyosuke will die many many more times during this

I wouldn’t say Kyosuke sucks so much as he has the illusion of sucking resulting from being really hard to play decently. The main weird thing about him is that almost all of is normals are crappy and he ends up using specials a lot, which is not only weird for this game, but just generally dangerous. In his defense he was much better in Project Justice, and much better than that in Rival Schools… erm, there I’ve defended him.

No Kyosuke sucks, for reasons that have been listed several times.

This thread owns.

Kyosuke sucks just because. Whatever he has going for him is mediocre at best, and his competition has more that’s better. His best groove is probably A, but he doesn’t have alot going for him to set that shit up.
And most people don’t play characters to abuse the shit out of their specials for footsies, considering the recovery on all of them you’ll get punished real hard unless you use them when you’re good to go and the other guy’s open, or you do it off a canceled normal with descent range and whiff punishing ability… Tools which Kyosuke’s definitely lacking.

So to sum it up shortly, Kyosuke sucks.
You can take the best player at CvS2 and give him an R4 Kyosuke vs whatever you want, and he’ll likely loose because he sucks that bad.

Kyosuke sucks so much that he can’t possibly suck anymore, he’s gotta settle for being fucked instead.

Kyosuke suks,
That’s why.:rofl:

C is probably his best groove. Decent battery, level 3s work to his favor over his 6k damage/“good luck setting me up” CC.

Oh man, I’ve been playing CvS2 for maybe a year now, and I know Kyosuke sucks. Honestly he doesn’t really have a chance, Yuri and King have a better chance then him… If his normals were better, then he’d be playable, I guess. Doesn’t he also eat damage like a bish like Yuri? Well atleast Yuri has s.rh and her pretty good fireballs… But I have to admit, he’s one fashionable beast.

kyosuke needs run to play. or you cant do his trap.
but his trap will die agaisnt RCers.

kyosuke doesnt have many options at all… but Ive beaten a couple ppl with him back then.

now he gets killed easily now that everyone knows his patterens.

Kyosuke is the shit. And as for the groove rankings, you’re damn right.

For those thinking he sucks, you haven’t been playing him right. Sure, he may not be the best character in the game, but he’s a far cry away from sucking. His jumping Shadow Wave, jumping somersault kick, and j. HK gives him a good amount of aerial safety. I think one time I sacked a Tiger Uppercut with a jumping Shadow Wave. Also, I’ve found a Shadow Wave to be pretty effective from a small jump forward.

However…Kyosuke’s fireball super can actually be reflected back by Eagle’s dp + P…which I think results in an instant kill. Can’t remember though.

I honestly like playing him cause hes the only school rival character. Hes very unique like in his own game. sp. moves are alot better in his own game school rivals. Dont know what capcom was thinking when they ported him over to snk2 with sp. moves that are strong in his own game but in snk2 has none of effecrtiveness carried over. Wish they were more varied with cast too. Come on. one school rival. plus the alpha sprite recycling. really lazy. Would of love see the all street fighter updated with snk2 sprites. Hoping this ports over to xb Live or Psn with online play ggpo. Cause ps2 classic is a dumb way to go about. Best way to gain pvp experience. No plays it anymore here in NV. Know theyll be competitive play as far as online goes.