CvS2: linking normals

I find that I’m having trouble linking normals that others seem to be able to do easily, in CvS2…
one quick example is, say, for Ryu or Ken, supposedly you can link a few cr.LP(or LK) into cr.HK sweep (and appears as a combo). i can do it maybe 1 out of 10 times… that isnt the worst already, some characters, like Rock, supposedly cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MK all link together but i can only do cr.LK and cr.LP max.
is there any tricks to this, because it seems to me, pressing the buttons as fast as possible isn’t the idea, i have to time it right. any suggestions?

it seems to me CvS1 has much easier linking like this… i have no trouble at all doing like a benimaru link cr.LKx3 then cr.HK then cancel into super ball. its just the matter of pressing the cr.HK as fast as possible after cr.LK, instead of timing.

I had trouble linking too. After a bit of practice, its easy.

Just watch the animation frames carefully, you can’t push a button BEFORE their Jab/Short animation is finished, as nothing will come out after they are done jab/short…

So, when you see the INSTANT they finish their jab/short animation, hit the button to link moves! Just fire up Training mode, watch the frames, get used to the timing.

Do it over and over again, soon enough you would link lots of stuff without thinking. It’s all about timing.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

the best thing to do if you are in the arcade is to practice the special move motion over and over again till its natural. With Ken jumping in with a jab into a medium dragon punch is a 3 hit easy combo. Like crazy Dazed said, wait until the animation is done then do the special move motion real quick. The home controlls IMO are easier to use than the arcade. Practice handling the Stick and youll be fine

yeah try practicing 2in1’s like short short, super with ryu. you have to do short short then rotate the motion into super. practice stuff like that and you should be fine with the other links. as for a-groove stuff i need practice with that also. but hope what i said helps

When someone’s asking for advice on links, “uhhhh derf derf practice short short super on a pad” isn’t really all that helpful.

which links in particular are you trying to do? i’d say that the way to learn most links is to get familiar with the rhythm and the sprites. Practice, practice, practice :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest one is probably ryu’s c.lp xx super fireball or c.fp xx fireball. kyo’s also got plenty of links - is one of the easier ones…
as for linking the short into the sweep…i’d say if you can connect the short you should go for a combo into super, but hey, whatever floats your boat…

Basically, listen to the sound of the jab or the short, when it ends, immediately do the link…after a while, you get used to it, and it gets easier.

well some people links sometimes won’t connet.i had the same problem in the begining but its easy now.and some of the links for the SNK character won’t work with some people because it depends on the groove that you use and in the KOF games they don’t have the Capcom link like jump in with LP then standing P then K then SNK you be like jump in with P then P or K then do something that connets.

I can barely link normals but I have especially have trouble linking normal combo strings with special or super moves. Some of the more akward motions (dragon punch motion, 2x hcb) are hard for me to peform consistently and at will in the arcade.

After you sucessfully link normals, how fast do you have to be with the special motions in order for them to link (if they can link)?

On a side note, I’ve gotten c.LP, c.LP, c.RH to work with Ken once in a while…

If your hard attack doesn’t come out you did it too early. If it doesn’t combo you did it too late. That’s all there is to it really.

dont think about it or you’ll never hit shit
like monkey said
its all timing
Go by feel and its much eaiser

It’s usually much easier if you hold down the last button as you do the motion for the special/super.

yea, i agree with redwiz. like take for example ryu’s combo: crouching lk, crouching lp, crouching mk xx super fireball. if you hold down the mk after you do it, and then keep holding it during the double fireball motion, then it gets easier, well, easier that letting it go, but if thats your thing, learn how to tap fast.
the whole timing thing is something that is learned. sure you can sit there for hours memorizing the timing and stuff, but just keep trying it, and eventually youll nail it all the time. its just trial and error. seriously, just keep going, even though you mess up, the next time will be better. dont think about it, just do it. dont rush things. the more you rush and think, the more you hesitate and leave yourself open to be punished. i just try to go with a beat. like take rocks crouching jab x2 into crouching mk. i hate that link, but i just make up a stupid beat when im doing it, and most times it works. like thump, thump, uh, thump. thats the timing for rock’s bnb. after time, it just becomes reaction. just keep practicing and before you know it, youll have it down.

Oooooooh! It does feel easier to do it that way. Thanks for the tip redwiz. :smiley:

But like Wildfyre, EX_Matt, Monkey, and the others said, I just gotta keep doing it untill becomes second nature. I guess I spend to much time thinkin’ about the next move in the sequence.