CvS2 low tier poll

What low tier gives you the most trouble when fighting?

Nakoruru by far…even the CPU owns my ass :fury:

yea im all focused on her, then i see some flaming bird coming on me… =/ whats that for shit

and i play yun myself, hes part of my k-groove :smiley: i know him in and out

How can u consider alot of those characters low tier?

Todo isn’t low in A-groove, and since when is Rugal low? For Yuri, it’s debatable, but some Japanese players have mastered her, and her lk. air fireballs are very safe…

I’m glad to see I’m not alone. The CPU Nakoruru pisses me off with a vengence. I can’t believe how many of those retared low slide moves it can pull off and for some reason take like a fifth of your health everytime too.

I think this thread is stupid though. Either the poster wants to start a flamewar with SNK fanboys on the 100 reason’s why rugal/todo/whatever other gay character is up there is not low tier (omg…!!!), or he just wants to feel better having his ass owned up by Yun all the time.

Actually I only got qwned by David Hem’s A-Yun ( a long time ago like my first tourny :bluu:), but other than that no low tier character has owned my ass. This poll isn’t to start a little war amoung SNK/Capcom fanboys, it’s simply what I said, what low tier character gives you trouble? Come down to a houston regional one day and I’ll own your ass. Scrubs nowadays:lame: . As for some of the characters I picked, I just needed to fill the ten spaces, I played this game enough to know who’s good in what groove and so on.

HA HA HA!!!:lol: Rugal low tier!!! He’s not even close to low tier.:lol:

I’m not an SNK fanboy lol, Todo has a 9000 damage CC…

todo and rugal and nakoruru aren’t low tier… perhaps chang isn’t either… others i would agree.

I know but I needed to fill up some spaces, I guess this poll could be “who’s not top-tier and gives you trouble”. Of course Rugal and Nak ain’t low-tier. In the U.S. Yuri is low-tier, but Japan has mastered her I guess. A good Beni is hard to fight, I’ve never fought a good Yuri or Kyosuke. Of course there are no good Kyosuke’s!:lol: I still can’t believe how little damage Kyosuke’s jrh and j.fp does. It’s like 800 points of damage, or about 2-3 jabs from M.Bison.