CVS2 Low Tier Tournament - London, UK - 18/08/07

Don’t know how many UK heads read this, but it’s an international forum so i thought i may as well post this.

DATE: Saturday 18th August
LOCATION: Casino Arcade, Goodge Street
START TIME: 4.00pm

This is a low(er) tier tournament. As such characters may only be chosen from this roster.

For full details, discussion and registration go here:


kyo’s definitely one of the high tier characters, probably because none of u are good with him whatsoever

A- Eagle/Balrog/Akuma FTW!

kgroove kyo/eagle/akuma or take akuma out and put whats his name cant remember it for my life “ARE YOU OK?”


:rofl: @ kyo being low tier

mai,ryu,akuma arent “low tier” either.

here is a sure way to win this thing



screw that. pick evil ryu. :rofl:

Low tier tournament yet Kyo & Eagle are allowed. WTF???

It might be a better idea to rename it mid/low tier tournament since a lot of those characters are mid tier (Mai, Akuma, Ryu, Kim, etc).

Yeah, but to be honest, it’s not really a big deal what it’s called, the name is purely functional really.

Those characters are left in because no one really uses them in the UK. This tournament is for fun and to encourage people to pick up new characters, and just to get things happening for game really. The UK scene is brass. We have one machine in the entire country, and we’ve only had that for about a month.

In my opinion, when most of your players are weak then tiers really don’t matter. Tiers are based on players ability to exploit the potential of a character and their relationship to the game system. 90% of our players can’t do that yet.

I’m going to be running this monthly, and the roster will most likely change if certain characters are dominating. I’m sure UK heads would appreciate some knowledgable input on this, feel free to come over to Neo Empire and discuss.

there should be a low tier/low tier groove tourney.
no A,K,N grooves.

C>N kthx.

you mean an s and p groove only tournament?

And some of those low tiers are high tier for the low tier grooves

S-terry, S-Ryu, S-Athena, P-Kyo

i know right XD, and yes its true that tiers are changed ALOT by grooves.

i think that N>C any day, but thats the age old argument i care not to indulge in again XP

then u should rename it as “discover new characters and grooves cvs2 tournament”

But sounds dry lol.

Either way I’m rocking Team “Who are Ryu?” N - Dan, Ryo, Ryu (R2)

Lol, A-Kyo, Mai, Todo (2) is my team.

Not that I’ll be there, but A-groove Todo (2), Dhalsim (2). That’s all you need.