CvS2: M.Bison (Vega if you prefer) PSYCHO CRUSHA!



No thread at all on one of the game’s dangerous people…in a bunch of grooves…A most of all, cause well…that custom is ow.

Question that piques my curiosity: What does Bison’s Devil Reverse (Charge d,u+P) beat out?


I think im ok with bison but ill try to help…

a basica combo i usually do is j.Hk,c.lp,c.lp.c.lp,weak scisors kick.

correct me if im wrong


The B&B everybody should know is: c.LP, c.LP, c.MK, MK Scissor Kick because you can link his custom from that.

You can also start his custom from:

  • MK Scissor Kick (or LK Scissor Kick in the corner)
  • Devil’s Reverse
  • j.MPx2


I like playing Bison in A and N. A for his custom, and N for the fact that you can connect a Mega Psycho Crusher super after doing a counter attack not to mention he rushes down pretty damn well.


did not know that. that is pretty sick.


It’s all about S-Bison…That fucker is crazy…Charge Fakes…Dodge Cancel moves…It’s all good…he’s the least played Bison in the country…And that makes him good already Besides that Just use Bison Basic…Hk cross ups…and Alotta P.Crushas when they fuck up especially against peeps with no air block…A,N.S be careful against P and K though…



A note for Bison’s custom. If you’re the one to buffer the custom (Do one “real” DP motion, then do FB motions after that) you’re better off doing the custom with LP or MP strength DPs, cause buffering can be very fast, especially if you’re good at it, so you could probably get many hits that way.

If you’re the one to do the whole DP motion (like myself), sticking to FP strength is kind of obvious. IMO, and the opinion of others, doing full DP motions is the best way to do the custom, you may not get many reps, but you’d get all the hits and all the damage from one swipe.

And yes, S-Bison is tight, mind games galore.


Best Grooves: (IMO, in this order)

  • A
  • C/N
  • K/S/P

B&B combo(s):

  • c.lpx2->[link]=>c.mk_c/ XX LK/MK Scissor Kick_HP Psycho Crusher.
  • \ / XX LK/MK Scissor Kick_HP Psycho Crusher.

Best Pokes:

  • c/s.lp
  • s/
  • c.hp
  • s/

CC’s: (A-Groove only)

  • (In Corner) B&B (w/ LK Scissor Kick)->Activate CC->s.lp_s.hp XX [Psycho Fist]x15 XX b,f,b,f+k. 10000 - 12000+ Dmg.

  • (Full/Mid-screen) B&B (w/ MK Scissor Kick)->Activate CC-> XX [HK Scissor Kick->]x2->s.hp XX [Psycho Fist]x4-9 XX b,f,b,f+k. 7000 - 9000+ Dmg.

  • (Full/Mid-screen) Activate CC->c.hp x3->>s.hp / \ [ x3]x2 \ / s.hp XX [Psycho Fist]x4-9. 8000 - 10000+ Dmg.

  • (Anti-Air) Activate CC (“blow-thru” jump-in)-> XX LP Psycho Fist-> XX [HK Scissor Kick->]xN (until corner)->s.hp XX [Psycho Fist]x4-9. 7000 - 9000+

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

P.S. I forgot, I gotta question :sweat:. How do you fight Blanka w/ this guy. The match-up is: N-Blanka vs. A-Bison. I’m A-Bison.


S-Bison can rape P and K groovers for free because they won’t be able to parry Bison’s infinite level 1 supers. It’s impossible. Chip damage galore, guard crushing, sometimes it hits, etc. The land of abusable supers. Oh, and you can’t jump out of it because it hits you.

Anyways, things from which Bison can go into custom:
double j.strongs
forward scissor kick
max distance low rh (hits while he’s recovering, like when used as a meaty)
Devil Reverse
After a headstomp, do the punch as an air to air
Link it after 2 low jabs xx activate, low forward (if you feel like showing off)

So many ways… =/


IMO, if I can, I’d rather start the custom off a tripguard loss, usually I do this, if I don’t start it off a Scissor Kick:

c.MK, c.FPx2, c.RH, sj.RH x3 (repeat twice if FAR from the corner), land, start swiping.

Fighting Blanka is sort of a problem, depending if it’s a turtling Blanka (I take it it is) but anyway, if he’s not activated, you could try going for a cross up, Bison’s j.RH is REALLY high priority, so if he tries to super you, you’ll beat him out, and since Bison’s got that high arc on his jump, I don’t think Blanka’s c.FP does anything, so that leaves j.FP/small jump FP, so if you’ve got meter, and you’ve figured how how to whiff your jump just short of the Fierce, land, and do the above mentioned combo. Or you could be gutsy and jump up to Blanka, know he’s gonna try to hit you with FP, activate, land first, and custom him when you land.

Be patient, don’t rush, avoid mistakes.


Thanks. But I don’t rely on trip-guard much just 'cuz my timing’s that fucked (I mean I miss it a lot). ANd if I do do that one, I usually do:

Activate CC->>c.hp x2-3->> / \ x3 \ / HK Scissir Kick…

I find this CC more relyable.

Anyways, what should I do if Blanka is charged? And no, it’s not much of a turtle Blanka. It’s more of a poke, into knock-down, into ball, into electric chip. Damn, in Homer Simpsone vioce I hate Blanka so much.

Hope that helps/Thanks again.

  • Geronimo


Well, you really gotta be careful against charged Blankas, YOU MUST NOT DO ANY SCISSOR KICKS. Try to get him to come to you, once they’re charged, they just try to hit you, no matter what. I don’t like this match up a lot. What I try to do is take advantage of Bison’s walk speed, it is rather fast. Try to trick him into mind games you can take advantage of (delaying poke patterns, IE: c.Jab, c.Jab, pause, s.LK, Scissor Kick)


Say what? I can Parry Bison’s Level 1 Knee Press Nightmare in my sleep. It’s only four hits, and Level 1’s have forever lag on them on start up. Level 3 on the other hand is something entirely different. The Level 2 is only tricky since you have to Parry the last hit low.

In any case, all you have to do is Parry the first hit of the Level 1 and DP him out of it, or Parry the first two and jab.


uumm…no :confused:

It’s quite easy to parry or JD level kick super. Both will give you enough frame advantage to throw or lvl 3 super. Hell, you could even just hit fierce and trade.


i hate charged blanka vs my bison!!!


Still, you can throw in a random low forward in between. I’m OBVIOUSLY not gonna do lvl 1 super x N. Be smart about them. But still, it works good against people who aren’t used to it.

Oh yeah, Bison’s lvl1’s have PRIORITY, and almost zip recovery. That’s why this super is abusable.


I’m not trying to start anything, but I am just saying I have played P Groove almost since CvS2 has been out in Japan, but Bison has some definately Parry-able moves. The only ones that give me trouble is usually his low mediums and naturally the weak buttons due to speed.

As far as priority goes, it’s the same as anyone else’s it may just come out faster, like Rugal’s Genocide Heaven or King’s Silent Flash that gives the appearance that it has higher priority. What DOES have stupid ass priority though is that blasted Devil’s Reverse. I hate that shit.

But overall, all Level 1’s are easily Parried as long as you have timing down for the multiple hits - when you see the chi gathering animation, you can react right after that even if you’re right in thier face. Level 2’s are much harder, and Level 3’s bascially you have to already be holding forward before the chi gathering animation even starts if you’re point blank. With the frame advantage you get along with the recovery on Knee Press Nightmare, unless you’re hitting back with like Kyosuke’s sweep, you can hit him.


I think what makes Bison’s Lvl 1 easy to parry is cause he does that laugh before he actually does the super. So if you just start parrying after the laugh, it’ll be easier.


Actually I never thought about that. You’re probably right now that I really think about it. That actually makes me laugh thinking about it.

One thing that always screwed me up with Bison is his jump game because his jump is so unorthodox. Does anyone have any good jump/short jump tactics with him?


Uh…I like to just jump up and try and bait them into doing stuff and hit RH…or if they do stuff while I’m on the way down, I’ll activate and start a custom when they land…Short jump with MK is best IMO…