CvS2: Mind Games Thread

I’m starting to get much better w/ CvS2 and I’m trying to figure out ways of getting ppl to do things during a match that would make them not realize they made a mistake or would confuse them and give me an advantage. I also searched for a thread like this and nothing showed up. So please post tricks and mind games that you would use, why u would use it , and what advantages would this give u. I’ll also post things as I figure things out also.


What a waste of bandwidth. :bluu: If you’re going to post, post something constructive.

Basic mind games involve high/low pokes, pokes buffered into specials for safety, and tick -> throws. The best person I can think of for an example is Cammy since she’s a poke whore. You just alternate with stand fp, mk,, stand fk. Start short jumping to make the block high, go into XX lk Spiral Arrow. Walk up,, throw. Shit like that.

No offense intended Mummy-B. This sounds like just standard Cammy strat and not mindgames. Her speed alone can make someone whiff but…well, you know what I mean; it’s kinda built into her normal game.

I think what he’s looking for is very specific to the character. This is certainly going to be a really hard thread to get going. I would add something but, haven’t played cvs2 seriously since before Evo and the game is so slow that it’s pretty easy to watch and be defensive. Although, EVERY character has their tricks.

A common set up with short jumps would be to use the short jump to cross-up a couple of times. Then use the short jump without the cross-up and just land into the super. Everyone will eat that once in a while.

Edit:um forgot to mention that I meant with low hitting supers like tiger raid, Rolento’s, sak’s…etc.

K…there, I added:P

Really, it all depends on grooves and such. There are games you employ against P groove that wouldn’t work against any other groove…etc. This kind of thread is difficult because these mind games set ppl apart from eachother for awhile because we all come up with different ones with our characters. It’s really doubtful that ppl want to post all of their really tricky shiet. But I hope it goes well here:) Good Luck.


Thanks Apoc I was talking about specifics.
Like most basic Ryu: Throw Hadukens to make person jump, shoryuken, or roll- counter.

But im also looking for things that would leave the person confused.
ex. I was watching someone who was using N groove Gief, against an S groove Athena, the person that was using gief was Smjumping in front of and behind Athena about 3 times than he Atomic Buster supered Athena and the Guy looked confused,
also the person w/ Gief, smjumped w/ down + hp

That’s chars. individual strat. not basic, but i don’t use gief.

Sorry 4 any confusion.

Morrigan has a pretty mean/annoying corner “trap” in a Dash groove if you’re interested.

how do you beat that trap, it pisses me off. :mad:

:lol: How could that guy let Zangief get so close to jump around like that, that player should have supered or jumped straight up and kicked Zangief.

Anyway about what you’re talking it would be easy to post tricks about certain characters but you want just plain player vs player mind games, which is hard to post because in cvs2 it doesn’t exsist as much as in games like KoF. CvS2’s engine is pretty much combos and technical stuff, (unless you were talking about character tricks) KoF is all about mind games. The only mind games I could think of for you is like rattling your joystick to fakeout the opponent, also tick throwing is a mind game, so are things like low jumping but hitting low when you land. It all depends on what you’re really looking for.

What is morrigan’s corner trap? With dash grooves?

I roll back and fourth MvC2 style. Then add a weak attack if they’re close, or RC fireball if they’re far away.

Some mind games don’t actually involve the character or groove you’re using. Singing an annoying song during a longer super where appropriate (like ‘everybody was kung-fu fighting’ during yun’s air super) can sometimes throw your opponent off for the rest of the match. i won’t say it’s a guaranteed strategy, but even if it doesn’t work, you get to enjoy singing something.

For dash grooves, the ever-popular dash-throw is a decent if obvious mind game, and for run grooves, the running while you get up has it’s own effects (something along the lines of ‘the offense continues… i don’t care if you aren’t standing yet’).

Why can’t you people just post it instead of asking. Is it that much more work?

WTF are you talking about? KOF is very similar to cvs2 except it’s faster. Most tricks/mindgames that work in KOF will work in cvs2 as well.

And If you want to play a game with mindgames, go play 3s.

Man, Morrigan with dash is shitty. Doesnt her dash send her into a small small jump? Thats so annoying. anyway, Geese has great mindgames. Anytime your opponent is down, and geese is standing above him, geese has like 6 different options of knocking you back on your ass.

  1. Opp. is down, run up, opp tries wake up DP, you high counter, opp on ass.

2.Opp. is down, he doesnt want to dp, so he’ll try low jabs. You walk up, cr.jab while opp is down, then low counter when he gets up. Opp on ass.

  1. Opp is now a scared baby. he will block. opp is getting up, you fake a counter, then FK throw. Opp. on ass.

4.Opp is now a scared and angry baby. he will try something stupid. You do a meaty F+FP buffered into qcf mp in case he blocks. Opp. either eats a f+FP, tries to dp and you will trade, knocking him on his ass (dont try this if you think they will roll or dodge, they probably wont since you threw them last time.)

5.If opp has a lack of good anti airs (Chun Li) and he is down, do a small jump crossup followed by -> double repukken. He will either eat the damaging cr. MK/double repukken combo, or get high guard damage from that combo.

Rinse, Repeat.

The point of a mind game is to make your opp. do something. you can never guess when it comes to mind games becuase chances are against you that you guessed wrong. Every action i listed above has something proceeding it that makes the opp. react in a certain way. When your opponent becomes your unwilling puppet, then and only then will you be playing mind games.

First of all Morrigan has one of the best dashes in the game, it’s fast and it hops over a fallen body…

As for Geese, you’d have to be psychic to use that strat… run up and counter won’t work against good players especially since you’re trying to predict what they’re going to do… You end up psyching yourself out…

Because I realize that a Morrigan lacking Run is not such a popular choice. So I wasn’t going to waste my energy unless someone was interested.

Just to let you all know, this is a very specific corner trap for P Groove, because without Short Jump you kinda lose some shit, but you can do it still… Morrigan seems slightly slower than CvS1 for some reason when I could do this really well.

Knockdown with opponent cornered. Back up a ways (distance is up to you, it depends what you want to do). lp Soul Fist on thier wake up, forces block animation. If you do this right, you don’t have to worry about any Level 3 supers except maybe Blanka’s direct lightining or Rock’s Shine Knuckle because she recovers nicely. The Soul Fist travels slowly enough to cover you coming in behind it, which you can if you want to Dash into a command throw. They can’t move or anything from this unless they counter movement if they choose to block the Soul Fist. Dash back out.

Now you’ve got them thinking. Here on out, they’re going to want out of that corner because they know if they block it you’ll fuck them. You next best bet is to see what they’ll do when you Soul Fist the next time. Chances are, they’ll Roll or Jump. hold forward and fk. If they jump, you anti air them with it immediately. If they Roll, you either nail them as they come out or you kick throw them back to the corner. You have to worry about fast rollers though, like Iori.

For here on, you can start high-lows. Soul Fist, walk up sweep. Soul Fist, walk up, the expect sweep, short jump drill (the drill cuts down real quick so it happens really fast).

It’s mainly about mixing it up. Once you get used to it you can usually predict what is going on 3 out of 5 times at least. The Dash is very important because if you’ve got Run, you can’t command throw fast enough - you’ll eat something. The Dash is quick, covers a lot of ground, and is quick to cancel into a command throw right away. The added bonus in P Groove is that if you Dash late and they put out something, you’ll Parry it as a result of of the Dash input (providing it’s a standing hit of course).

There are alot of holes in this I know. It’s as “trappy” as Yuri’s in CvS1 (hers was probably better). But it’ll take a good 1/5 or 1/4 of thier life off until they manage to get free, and then they’ll be trying to play out of the corner the rest the game fearing what will happen if they get caught up in it again.

there you have it.

Anyone who says her dash is crap is ridiculous, it means you can’t play Morrigan.

Ya, But overall, I would like just basic mind games, things that are’nt char. vs. char, but things that r specific 4 one char., like: one mind game 4 Ryu that would work against almost any char. for any groove. Stuff like that. Thanks :slight_smile:

here’s a good mind game.

c. fierce

or lvl3 super when they jump.

how about turtle that shit down.

and my favorite…

c. fierce

PS. CVS2 has no mind games.

and 3S doesn’t have Parry.

oh wait…

I play a similar trap in K, but it’s not as good without the parry. Run doesn’t have as much forward movement as dash (run goes upward more) so it doesn’t get right up to them like dash does. I do a similar sequence (lp, run, command grab) but in running grooves people like to block high against morrigan so I occasionally do a couple runXXmk (if it connects on any hit, b&b) and the third or fourth time I just land and command grab… Not as fast as the dash but it adds an extra dimension to her high-low game. Repeated smalljump shell kick totally freezes people for some reason, it’s almost like Dhalsim’s dfLK… Neways I’m getting off topic:p

I don’t mind if ppl get a little off topic as long as i learn a little from this. I didn’t even know about that Morrigan trap. Thanks:D

My Killer mind game got deleted
Fuck this place

Well, Im not sure exactly what this thread is getting at, but heres something… I guess its a ‘mind game’ in a loose sense.

OK, at the moment Im playing a team of Maki, Mai, and Ryu (R2) inC/A groove, in that order.

One of Maki’s strengths is reliable anti-air with cr.f and KKK. Now, Maki is a weird chara to play against, she has some intense mixups and runaway tactics, opponents usually try to get in close with a rushdown of somesort. I use her not only as a battery, but as a conditioning cover for Mai, whos anti-air is not so good.

Usually, it will take the opponent 4 or 5 jumpins to realise do not jump against maki… and you will notice that this actually follows on to the next round. Opponents conditioned not to jump in against the first character will tend to not jump in against the second as much as they would have.

Furthermore, the opponent usually wises up towards the end of the round and starts to jump in again… which follows on to the next round…perfect bait for Ryu (with full meter) to Shinshoryuken the jumpin!

Obviously, this wont work against a hardened player who knows the matchups inside and out, but you can get alot of subtle mileage from such conditioning against most people. It works in a whole lot of situations, invent your own!