CVS2 Money Match Thread

I’ll start one since i see that there’s none made.

All official cvs2 money matches will be made and planned in this thread.

lol go to the alex g and flash money match thread…the people there are down for money matches…

sup hak i’ll play u 2/3 for $10

Ok, 2/3 10$, you’re on.

gene lets play for Everclear or 151 shots… either way i win.

haha ok. 151 shots.

oh well, since the me + valle thread seems to have died…

somebody mm me. i’m willing to use hella chars too (see the aforementioned thread)

ummm…what happened to this thread where are all the cvs2 players at

lemme try my a-sagat against you, 5 bucks

i’m a poor bitch.

doujinshi: 2/3 $5?
wepeel: 2/3 $5?

preferably on fri (day before cvs)

misterbean: done. I think I played you last year for money too…or maybe it was someone else

i didn’t money match at all last year.

I know how to beat Gene…

give him a math test!!

dun dun dun

math = not easy bitch.

Anymore money matches? Nick T. I CHALLENGE YOU TO A MONEY MATCH.

MM 2/3 $5?

btw, i’m a GOD when it comes to execution…in training mode

i want one too

nick t. 2/3 for $10? or $20. doesn’t matter to me

ehhh why not.

Gene - 2/3 for $5 like we talked about.

Bean - Yes, 2/3 for $5


$20 sounds cool



nick t., doujinshi : 2/3 for $20?

Bean! yes of course i will take that match with ya. How ya been?

Nick T. I really wanna see your game…5 bucks or free, doesn’t matter, lets play
maybe bust out some b&b like c.short x 4, direct lightning?