CVS2 Money Match Thread

good question

Ok, im closing my money matches off. These are the people on my list.

Money Matches At Evo 2k6:
Nick T. - 2/3 5$
Flash Metroid - 2/3 20$
Doujinshi - 2/3 10$
Snaaaake - 2/3 10$
SCK - 2/3 10$
Wepeel - 2/3 5$
TGS - first to 5 10$
Hai - 2/3 3$

I’ll try to find you guys on Thurs/Fri. I’ll have the nametag name “HAK” or "Mr.Horsemeat

snaaaake? wtf?

why am i the only 20$ money match lol

sleeping on me son?

Good matches to Nick, Doujinshi, Wepeel, TGS.

what happened?

Money matches went down. but the hardass part was trying to find the actual person to play. I was only succesful playng TGS, Nick t., and Wepeel because i know them personally. Doujinshi was pounted out by my friend misterbean.

Everyone else, coulnd’t find/didnt know what they looked like.

who won them?

Oh im sorry, i didnt get the question.

Hak vs Doujinshi - 2-1 hak
Me vs Nick t. - 2-1 Hak
Me vs TGs - 5-0 Hak
Wepeel - 2-1 Hak? i dont remember. I think that was the score?

damn, nice job. thanks.

You better come next year mark.

I lost all of my money matches, and I went 0-2 at EVO. But I still had a lot of fun and it was great meeting all the people that I met at the WEPEEL cvs2 station! Nick T, how could you have not seen my station? I still haven’t met you after 4 EVOs.

Lets see who did I meet…Spencer from England, Rafael from GD (and psm), n-groover from san antonio, s-groove guy that didn’t talk at all, Bryan the guy who was “definitely next in line”, c-groove honda guy with memory card, Pablo with the camcorder, Omar with the k-hibiki, doushinji2001, BAS, Mago, Keith (i will definitely recognize you next time), LAUGH (good show man, maybe I’ll play you sometime in socal), and anyone else I didn’t mention, thank you. Lots of fun…

I also lost 60 in poker but at least I beat HAK once in a money match best to 3! Hahaha I am very proud of you man…taking Training Mode to the limits and coming from out of the nowhere known as Golden Token to achieve Top 8…I’m still humbled :karate:

lol… wepeel, I was the s-groove guy; thanks for lending me your stick when I played BAS in casual. I want a rematch too~…lol