CvS2: Morrigan, what's your flavor?

Since I couldn’t add my input into fenrir’s thread I’ll just have to put my shit here and hopefully others can add on. IMO best grooves for her are any with run, it drifts and it opens up many offensive opportunities such as running lp, hp, hk for drill. Many of her combos are built into her chaining normals like l.lp,,, sweep. Her combo potential is nothing shy of pure insanity:

lp, lk, mk xx soul eraser

lp, lk, close hk xx darkness illusion (my favorite one :D)

More input would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

Learn d.HP xx darkness illusion and you’ll be all set.

With so many crazy fly mixups on a knockdown, Morrigan is practically unblockable if she gets her pressure routine going. And if you have the ability to chain combo into level 3 super at will, she only becomes so much more scary. K and N Morrigan are the best IMO.

-d.LK, d.MP, d.HP xx darkness illusion
Her best combo. Any kind of flying or cross up attack is preferable at the beginning. The d.LK is so that your opponent has to block low to avoid it (which you can then go overhead with flying MK to start another combo… cheap).

If you’re point blank, you can stick a d.MK in there after the d.MP too. Be good with knowing your distances and you’ll know when to do what.

-d.LK, d.MP, d.HK
The non super version on the above. Again, start off with any flying HP, MK, cross up MK, or whatever. You’ll get a knockdown which can then lead to even more craziness.

Buktooth’s Morrigan thread is around here somewhere. Read that and you’ll be expert/cheapass in no time :).

Morrigan is also a good turtle character. s.MPXjab soulfist to trap: shadowblade or s.HK if they jump, Vector drain or c.HK if they try to roll. If you get the c.HK you are free to fly in and take control. Vector drain is actually pretty useful if you use it properly; on a knockdown, if you expect a high block just keep flying in, land, and vector drain. I use her in K-groove so I don’t know if her RCs are any good but I’m guessing that an RC s.HK is a good AA. Not sure though :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason I can’t edit… oh wellz… something I forgot to mention… flying jabXXDI or just flyXXDI; you can do these as crossups too :D. On characters with good wakeups I do the second one. It may seem like a waste of a super if they block, but in K-groove it doesn’t really matter. Morrigan with rage is a beast. If you try to run away you’ll get messed; she can tick into vector drain if they just sit there and block and her flying mixups are even more dangerous:evil: